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10 Commandments


Saint Teresa of Calcutta "Do It Anyway" Prayer Framed Print - 8 x 10 [Black]

…family, guests and co-workers. Hang it anyway.  Framed print of the powerfully practical "Paradoxical Commandments" Lovely hall decor  Great for home or office  Backdrop of Mother Teresa drawing Catholic Company exclusive Image size: 8" x 10" Frame size: 9.5" x 11.5" Easy hang grooves


White Ten Commandments Leather Wrap Bracelet [White]

…style closure. It is neatly printed with the Ten Commandments. The design makes it adjustable, so it will fit a variety of wrist sizes. Great gift idea for teens, but adults will enjoy it too! Wrap bracelet Simple leather design Features 10 Commandments Confirmation gift idea Made in Italy


Ten Commandments Parchment Plaque [Brown]

The Ten Commandments Parchment Plaque 9x12 Box Size: 10" x 13" Made in the USA


The Ten Commandments: I Obey God

Teaches children about the laws of God. Fully illustrated in color. The Ten Commandments: I Obey God Beautiful illustrations Perfect way to teach little ones about the Ten Commandments


Sterling Silver Ten Commandments Bracelet

Sterling Silver Ten Commandments Bracelet. Price subject to change based on current metal rates. High quality craftsmanship From the Stuller religious jewelry line Weight: 4.898 DWT (7.62 grams)


Ten Commandments Canvas

…or gameroom with a gift that encourages them to live their faith each day!  Decorative Ten Commandments for kids Daily reminder to follow His way! Inspiring room decor with a faithful focus Contemporary style that they will appreciate Great for kids and teens Wrapped canvas 10" (W) x 15" (L)


Teen Commandments

Teens need all the help they can get! Encourage them with this little plaque of daily reminders, based on the Ten Commandments, to guide them on their way. Resin stone-like tablets with easel backer. 7-3/4" x 4-3/4"


Ten Commandments For Kids Plaque

What a fun, delightful way to teach kids the Ten Commandments. This colorful plaque is a special piece for a child's room that helps to foster a life of gratitude, obedience, and service as it relies on the original message to Moses but in a tone and style that is easy for children to…


The Ten Commandments

…expertly and lovingly dives into the Ten Commandments, illuminating their eternal importance to the spiritual life while relating them to our modern day-to-day struggles. Monsignor Pope guides the reader through each commandment and shows how they are much more than simple…

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Catholic Prayer Book for Children [Hardcover]

…daily concerns and experiences, A “how to” for offering his or her own prayers, The basics of the Catholic Faith: the Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, sacraments, corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and more, An age-appropriate “examination of conscience,” and…


Ten Commandments Coloring & Activity Book

…through a "Pocket Prep" for the sacrament.  Ten Commandments Coloring & Activity Book Real-life situations kids can relate to Hours of fun and learning for kids Reproducible pages Great resource for parents, teachers, and home-schoolers 8 1/4" x 10 3/4"  Ages 9/11


The Commandments of God

Teaches children about the laws of God. The Commandments of God Wonderful illustrations Introduces children to the ten commandments


Ten Commandments Canvas For Girls

…by the Ten Commandments. Update her room with a gift that helps her to live her faith each day!  Artful canvas inspired by the Ten Commandments  Sweet gift for young girls and teens Christian artwork for her room Bless and inspire her with gifts of faith Wrapped canvas 10" (W) x 15" (L)


Bible Taboo

…version, Bible Taboo. An obvious clue could be strictly TABOO! To get your team to say MOSES would you say, PRINCE, EGYPT, PLAGUES, PHAROAH, or COMMANDMENT? In this game you can't because all of those words are strictly TABOO! Rattle off clues while the time counts down. You'll earn a point each…

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14kt Gold Ten Commandments Bracelet

14kt Gold Ten Commandments Bracelet. 7" chain with lobster clasp. Price subject to change based on current metal rates. High quality craftsmanship From the Stuller religious jewelry line Weight: 6.2 DWT (9.64 grams)

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Living the 10 Commandments for Children

…vision of a healthy spiritual life in step with God's plan. An excellent preparation tool for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Living the 10 Commandments for Children contains a mini-examination of conscience appropriate for children. Free bonus: On the last page of the book, the reader is referred…


I Believe: The Creed, Confession and the Ten Commandments for Little Catholics

…Creed, all the aspects of confession and the Ten Commandments (i.e., the Catholic Faith) to children. (Orig. 1953). Neumann Press vintage Catholic children’s book Carefully explains the Creed, all aspects of confession, and the Ten Commandments For children pre-school through second grade 96…


My First Catechism

Young believers will treasure My First Catechism because it teaches them important basics of the Faith--the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, and the Beatitudes as they prepare to receive Jesus for the first time in Holy Communion. A special book as they prepare for Holy Communion The basics of the…

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Catholicism for Dummies, 2nd Edition

…year, Divine Law and Moral Law, the Seven Deadly Sins, Celibacy and the Male Priesthood, cultural and social issues, prayer life, the Ten Commandments, the Pope and Church hierarchy, symbols and gestures of Catholic worship, affection for Mary, the Saints/Canonization, Catholic Traditions,…

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Great inforgraph on the 10 Commandments....

Great inforgraph on the 10 Commandments....

Great inforgraph on the 10 Commandments. For even more info click here:

How to Make a Good Confession

…steps: 1. Examine your conscience. Check out this helpful guide, 99 Questions to Complete Your Examination of Conscience , based on the Ten Commandments . Helpful tip: For those who get very nervous during confession, it might be helpful to write your sins down during your examination. 2. Be truly…

Catholic Kids Character Builder

…children. The puzzles are grouped into the following categories: Jesus and Other Role Models (including Mary and the saints), Scripture (the Ten Commandments, proverbs, etc.), Church & Christian Life, Virtues and Ideals (Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Beatitudes, Works of Mercy, Cardinal Virtues,…

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Handbook for Today's Catholic Children

…(The Seven Sacraments), The All-Stars of the Church (The Communion of Saints), The Rules of the Game (The Ten Commandments), Jesus Commands Us to Love (The Two Great Commandments), The Church Cares for You (Rules of the Church), You Care for the Church (The Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy),…

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Ten 10 Commandments Explained

…to question more about their faith, use  The 10 Commandments Explained  to help them understand the basic beliefs held by the Catholic Church. This guide examines each commandment and shows children the purpose of the commandments, assisting them as they begin to go beyond the surface,…

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