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Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind

Author David Currie grew up convinced that one day all true Christians will suddenly be snatched up to heaven. The unfortunate souls left behind by this "rapture" will endure seven horrible years of tribulation, at the end of which Christ will return to earth for a glorious thousand-year…

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How to Do Apologetics: Making the Case for Our Faith

…to do apologetics well PLUS: Patrick Madrid’s recommended books & CDs, and a glossary of key apologetics terms! Patrick Madrid shows how YOU “can demonstrate confidently and effectively that Catholic teaching is reasonable, consistent, and compelling.” How to Do Apologetics:


Catholicism and Fundamentalism

What is in this book that has led so many Protestants to convert to Catholicism? What truths are revealed that has caused so many lapsed Catholics to return home? Find out for yourself when you read Catholicism and Fundamentalism. Learn the answers to questions like these: Where do Protestants find…

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Apologetics Verse Finder

Organizes over 500 verses showing the biblical basis for more than 50 Catholic doctrines - all in two pages! The amazing "Bible cheat sheet" helps you answer the majority of non-Catholic objections. Fold it in half, put in your Bible and never be unprepared again. (1 sheet laminated,…


The One Minute Apologist - Essential Catholic Replies to Over Sixty Protestant Claims

If you’re looking for solid Catholic answers to common Protestant challenges, but don’t have lots of time, then reach for The One-Minute Apologist. Here renowned Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong (author of A Biblical Defense of Catholicism and The Catholic Verses) has assembled over…


Beginning Apologetics Super Set

…Verse Finder Beginning Apologetics 1 Beginning Apologetics 1 - Study Guide Beginning Apologetics 2 Beginning Apologetics 2.5 Beginning Apologetics 3 Beginning Apologetics 4 Beginning Apologetics 5 Beginning Apologetics 6 Beginning Apologetics 7 Beginning Apologetics 8 Beginning Apologetics 9


Where is THAT in the Bible?

When non-Catholics start quoting Bible verses to "prove" that Catholic teachings aren’t biblical, reach for this powerful Bible-based explanation and defense of the Catholic Faith! Where Is That in the Bible? shows you how to deflate standard objections to Catholicism — and how…


Scripture Alone?

Here are the classic reasons why the Protestant dogma of Sola Scriptura - "Scripture Alone" - is absolutely wrong, is unscriptural, man-made and prevents Protestants from ever having a firm doctrinal foundation. The book shows that: Christ gave us Tradition and the teaching authority of His Church;…

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Reasons to Believe: How to Understand, Explain, and Defend the Catholic Faith

…Come: On Christ the King, the Son of David 14. When the Reign Comes: The Church is the Kingdom 15. The Catholic Lifetime Readings Plan: An Apologetic Exhortation “Often we are asked to give an account of the hope that is in us, to explain our Catholic faith. In Reasons to Believe, Scott…


Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - New Testament [Softcover]

…Study Bible New Testament is outstanding for private devotion, personal study and Bible study groups. It is excellent for evangelization and apologetics as well!” — Stephen Ray, Host of The Footprints of God series; Author of Upon This Rock “Once a generation a truly unique Bible…


Versiculos para la Apologetica

Le ayuda a organizar más de 500 versículos y muestra las bases bíblicas para más de 50 doctrinas Católicas - ¡todo en sólo dos páginas! Esta admirable "hojeada rápida" le ayuda a contestar a mayoría de las objeciones…


What Catholics Are Free to Believe or Not

Fatima, relics, miracles, and more: about these and scores of other claims of the Catholic Faith, most people are simply wrong...including many Catholics! They're mistaken about what the Church really requires believers to accept, and unclear about just what She's left to the discretion of…


Handbook of Catholic Apologetics: Reasoned Answers to Questions of Faith

…how Catholicism is the fullness of the Christian faith. An expanded, Catholic edition of the popular book Handbook of Christian Apologetics, Handbook of Catholic Apologetics is full of the wisdom and wit, clarity and insight of philosophers Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli. This is an informative and…


Deathbed Conversions: Finding Faith at the Finish Line

Is a last minute conversion really a loophole? Far from being the easy-way-out, a deathbed conversion is almost always the culmination of years spent resisting God’s patient call. Each of these journeys to redemption will deepen your faith as you see the Father’s gentle, persistent, and…


A Pocket Guide to Catholic Apologetics

…and practices, A Pocket Guide to Catholic Apologetics lists more than 40 apologetics themes in an easy-to-locate format. Designed as a pocket-size companion guide to the best-selling Where is That in the Bible? , A Pocket Guide to Catholic Apologetics also explains how to best use Scripture when…


Seven Lies About Catholic History

The world reviles the Catholic Church's doctrines, mocks her moral teachings and invents lies about her history. In every age, but especially in our modern day, historians and political powers have distorted the facts about her past (or just made up novel falsehoods from scratch) to make the…


The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants

Martin Luther ignited the Protestant Reformation by tacking ninety-five anti-Catholic theses to a church door in Germany. Now Dave Armstrong counters with ninety-five pro-Catholic passages from an authority far greater than Luther: the Bible itself. Protestants (and even many Catholics) will be…


Christianity and Islam: Are We at War? (CD)

Fr. Pacwa explores the causes behind the recent tensions between Muslims and Christians, delving into the history of Islam and offering a brief glimpse into the life of Mohammed and the authorship of the Koran. With a keen insight into the different movements and sects within Islam, Fr. Pacwa offers…


Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Human Life: Third Edition

What the Church teaches — and why — on issues of euthanasia, in vitro fertilization, genetic counseling, assisted suicide, living wills, persistent vegetative state, organ transplants, and more.   “In this revision of his already classic text, William May shows us…

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Faith Charts: The Bible at a Glance

This is a 6-panel, laminated, "cheat sheet" for the Bible: what it is, who wrote it, how to read it, the books of the Bible, where to find..., and more! An irreplaceable resource for all ages and all stages of familiarity with Scripture. The full size of the Faith Chart is 25 3/8" X…

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The Catholic Drinkie's Guide to Homebrewed Evangelism

A priest, a blogger, and a homebrewer walk into a bar... If you want to know what happens next, then this book may be just what you've been looking for! Blogger Sarah Vabulas, better known as the Catholic Drinkie, shares her story of what happened to bring her passion for the Church and her…


Signs of Life: 40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

Bestselling author Scott Hahn guides readers through the Catholic Church's rites, customs, and traditional prayers. From the rosary to the use of Holy Water -- from infant Baptism to praying with icons -- Dr. Hahn helps you to discover the deep biblical and historical roots of each practice.…

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150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know

It's no secret that although Catholics are exposed to a great deal of Scripture as it is proclaimed and preached at Mass, many simply don't read the Bible on their own. Consequently, most Catholics are at a loss to know where to locate specific Bible verses when the need arises. This book…


Swear To God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments

Scott Hahn believes that families, nations and even the Church are held together by the power of personal commitments. He declares that when we really want to change our lives we mark the transition by the taking of an oath. That's what people do on their wedding day, on the day they become…

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