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Basics Of Catholic Living Book Set

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Basics of Catholic Living

…the basics well, God will fill you with the graces you need to persevere. That's why we've compiled this simple but powerful set of books in our  Basics of Catholic Living Set . This is essential reading for any library. Indeed, you'll find yourself returning to these books time…


The Proverbs Explained & A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (2 Book Set)

Catholicism  Pages: 320 ISBN: 9781928832959 Format: Paperback Author: Dave Armstrong Pages: 320 Language: English Proverbs Explained: A Blueprint for Christian Living The message of Proverbs is simple, yet difficult to live out A Biblical Defense of Catholicism  This book shows Catholicism

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Stations of the Cross for Children [Book]

set includes 15 posters to match the Stations of the Cross for Children book. Measures 17” x 11” The companion Leader's Guide includes reflection points for each station as well as questions to encourage the children to discuss Jesus' journey in relation to their own lives.


The Sign of the Cross & The Catholic Controversy Book Set

…inches ISBN: 978-1933184975 The Catholic Controversy Author:  St. Frances de Sales 413 pages Softcover 5½ x 8½ inches ISBN: 9780895553874 Two book set The Sign of The Cross Learn the origin and powerful significance of the sign of the cross The Catholic Controversy A collection of…

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The Creed & Understanding "Our Father" (2 Book Set)

…Softcover Language:  English Pages:  146 2 Book Set The Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages A powerful lesson on the importance of the Creed Understanding "Our Father": Biblical Reflections on the Lord's Prayer A book helping to plumb the depths of the beautiful prayer Jesus…

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Baltimore Catechism No. 1

…teaching tool as they prepare children and catechumens to receive the Sacraments and lead authentic Catholic lives. Students will find this an uncomplicated and friendly guide to authentic Catholicism. This is the original edition of the Baltimore Catechism, with updated typesetting, a fresh new…


The Imitation of Christ & The Essential Lenten Handbook (2 Book Set)

…devotional program, this all-in-one resource is an invaluable reference and the quintessential compact guidebook to all of the basic Lenten practices of Catholicism.  This book covers a wide range of topics, including: A short history of Lent Traditional Lenten hymns The penitential nature of…


Fire From Above & The Basic Book of Catholic Prayer (2 Book Set)

…Softcover Language:  English Pages:  231 The Basic Book of Catholic Prayer:  8.3 x 5.6 inches ISBN:  9781928832041 Author:  Fr. Lawrence Lovasik Format:  Softcover Language:  English Pages:  224 2 Book Set Fire From Above: Christian Contemplation and Mystical…

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Handbook for Today's Catholic

…etc) Living the Faith in the Spirit of Vatican II (Scripture, LIturgy, Ministry, etc) See also: Handbook for Today's Catholic Family Handbook for Today's Catholic Teen Handbook for Today's Catholic Children Theology for Today's Catholic Handbook for Today's Catholic Complete Set


Hungry Souls & Purgatory: Explained by Lives and Legends of Saints (2 Book Set)

…Explained by Lives and Legends of  The Saints •    ISBN: 9780895558312 •    Author: Fr. F. X. Schouppe S.J. •    Format: Softcover •    Pages: 427 •    Language: English   2 Book Set Hungry…


Lay Saints Series (4 Book Set)

…husbands, wives, parents, or youth. Some lived in marital bliss with never a quarrel; others suffered greatly at the hands of their spouse, and many became saints while still at a tender young age. Each of these saints has qualities to be emulated in living as a member of a family, whether patience…


Catholicism for Dummies, 2nd Edition & Catholicism Pure and Simple (2 Book Set)

…inches 264 pages Softcover Catholicism Pure and Simple 7 x 9 inches 414 pages  Softcover Two book set Catholicism for Dummies, 2nd Edition A well-written, easy to understand book on the Catholic faith Catholicism Pure and Simple A step-by-step journey of the basics of the Catholic faith

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Lay Saints: Models of Family Life & The Noble and the Humble (2 Book Set)

…husbands, wives, parents, or youth. Some lived in marital bliss with never a quarrel; others suffered greatly at the hands of their spouse, and many became saints while still at a tender young age. Each of these saints has qualities to be emulated in living as a member of a family, whether patience…


Rocket Ships and God & TheReality of God (2 Book Set)

…x 8¼ inches 113 pages Softcover The Reality of God 5½ x 8½ inches 192 pages Hardcover  Also Available Separately Two book set Rocket Ships and God Explains how science heightens our ability to prove the existence of God The Reality of God Most compelling evidence and…


An Exorcist Explains the Demonic & Manual for Spiritual Warfare (2 Book Set)

…exorcist in Rome, comes this powerful, eye-opening book on the deadly antics of Satan and his fallen angels, as well as spiritual remedies for each. These pages provide a basic orientation in the dark phenomenology, succinctly explaining Catholic doctrine on the fallen angels and the innumerable…


Look It Up! - Over 600 Definitions for Catholic Kids and Their Parents and Teachers

This dictionary explains important words of the Catholic faith. Set up in a kid-friendly format, Look It Up! incorporates clip art and pronunciation aids to promote learning. This book is perfect for kids ages 10—14 and their parents and teachers, looking for quick responses to those difficult…


Unbelief: Its Causes and Cures & Answering Atheism (2 Book Set)

…Language: English Pages: 128  Answering Atheism  ISBN: 9781938983436 Author: Trent Horn Pages: 336 Format: Softcover     2 Book Set Unbelief: Its Causes and Cures  Lays out the spiritual causes of unbelief, and shows the antidotes necessary to remedy each of those failings…

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A Priest Answers 27 Questions You Never Thought To Ask & Answering the Questions of Jesus (2 Book Set)

…the answer? And not just any answer — a Catholic answer! With wit and enthusiasm, Fr. Michael Kerper — a popular Catholic priest in New England — tackles over two dozen such questions in this fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable book. He tackles each question head-on, relying on…


Spiritual Guidelines for Souls Seeking God & Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love (2 Book Set)

…what you must allow Christ to do — in order to come to know Him as you should. In chapters written for souls hungry to improve their spiritual lives, Fr. Maturin shows you how to move beyond the conquest of particular vices and develop true friendship with Christ. You’ll learn not merely…


The Holy Spirit, Fire of Divine Love

…in the life of a Christian. He illustrates that the Holy Spirit desires to live in us so that we can love God and others with God's own love. As the Holy Spirit descended upon the early Church at Pentecost to set the world ablaze with the fire of divine love, so He wants to do with us. God,…


The One-Minute Aquinas & Memorize the Faith!

…and His Church. Indeed, Dr. Vost will teach you to remember virtually anything, but he devotes most of his book to showing you how to improve your memory of Catholic truths so you can live the Faith better.   Dimensions & Specifications The One-Minute Aquinas Author: Kevin Vost Psy.…


Journey of Faith for Teens Leader Guide

Journey of Faith for Teens introduces teens to the Catholic faith in a way that’s relevant to where they are in their own lives, using an engaging pastoral style. Based on the ever-popular and long-running adult Christian initiation program from Liguori Publications, the program addresses…


Cultivating Virtue: Self-Mastery With the Saints

…Virtue  imparts the true spirit of the Catholic Faith. This book takes 12 Christian virtues—one for each month, with a reading for each day of the year—and shows you how to master each one. Featuring episodes and sayings from the lives of the Saints, it covers Perfection, Humility,…


Life is Precious Unit Study

Using scientifically accurate, yet kid-friendly coloring pages and traditionally published picture books, Life Is Precious  is a unit study for parents and their children illustrating the basic facts of human development in the womb. In consultation with a former biologist, as well as veteran…

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