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The Mass Explained

…meaning of the Mass, examines the role to which baptized Catholics are called in its celebration, and helps readers to discover the meaning of its words, songs, gestures, and actions.   The Mass Explained Beautifully illustrated Clear and deeply helpful Wonderful gift idea for new Catholics

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The Biblical Roots of the Mass & The Incredible Catholic Mass (2 Book Set)

…truly Catholic story while leading Catholics to understand the Mass as indispensable to achieving the Church’s divinely ordained mandate The Incredible Catholic Mass The Incredible Catholic Mass is truly an incredible book about the most incredible reality in our midst--the Catholic Mass! No…

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The Mass Book for Children

mass. Includes the order of the mass, but does not contain complete text for every prayer. The Mass Book for Children will have your kids following the mass with excitement and joy in their hearts. Entertaining and educational, The Mass Book for Children is perfect for the home or classroom. Mass


Celebrating the Mass: A Guide for Understanding and Loving the Mass More Deeply

…love the Mass more deeply. The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls the Eucharist "the heart and summit of the Church's life" (1407). Certainly we are called to participate as fully and enthusiastically as possible. Along with the official texts of the Ordinary of the Mass are Father…

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Order of the Mass

This handy, pocket-sized book includes Prayers for the Mass and Receiving Holy Communion. Approved text in accordance with the New Liturgy.  Order of the Mass Small, easily transportable size Features a large print Wonderful addition to your Catholic library 3.5 x 5.5 inches

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Teach Me About the Mass

Teach Me About the Mass is a truly remarkable activity book for young Catholics, one of the few to carry with it both an Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat, its lessons are faithful to the Catholic Church. Each page provides children with the opportunity to actively learn about the Mass through coloring,…

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St. Joseph Sunday Missal: Complete Edition in Accordance with the Roman Missal

This complete and permanent Saint Joseph Sunday Missal from Catholic Book Publishing is a comprehensive, all-inclusive Missal that provides everything necessary to fully participate in each Sunday, Sunday vigil, and Holy Day Mass. The Saint Joseph Sunday Missal contains the Lectionary readings and…


Daily Roman Missal Third Edition

…beautiful with a deep burgundy padded bonded leather cover and 6 ribbon markers, is both a tool and a treasure for any Catholic who wishes to learn about, love, and live the Mass more fully.The Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition presents the liturgical year's worth of Sacred Scripture, allowing…

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Given For You Mass Book

The Given for You First Communion Mass Book includes the Order of the Mass, the story of Jesus, favorite Catholic prayers, the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross and more.  Mass book Visually beautiful Perfect First Communion gift Featuring a padded hardcover 5.5" (H) x 4"…

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The How-To Book of the Mass

…traditions of the Catholic Church, but also the how. All in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format. In this complete guide to the celebration of the Eucharist you get: Step-by-step guidelines to walk you through the Mass Biblical background of the prayers of the Mass Insights from the Tradition…

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Latin Mass Children's Missal

This beautiful little  Latin Mass Children's Missal  contains the Mass, Gospel stories for all Sundays and Feastdays, Daily Prayers, Prayers for Confession, Prayers for Holy Communion, The Stations of the Cross, explanation of the Holy Rosary along with all fifteen mysteries—with…

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The Incredible Catholic Mass: An Explanation of the Mass

…to Mass will never be the same again, once you appreciate the significance of every Mass (as explained by this book). Every Catholic needs to read this! The Incredible Catholic Mass: An Explanation of the Mass A stunning, life-changing book Learn what you have never known about the Mass Written…


Catholic Kids Mass and Liturgical Puzzle Book

…to puzzles about the Mass in general, there are puzzles about Mass responses, the parts of the Mass, sacred furnishings, the liturgical seasons, and major holy days.  Catholic Kids Mass and Liturgical Puzzle Book A puzzle book that reinforces the pinnacle of our Catholic faith A wide variety of…

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Holy Heroes: The Prayers of the Mass/Best Loved Catholic Prayers

…at child's-eye level! A reversible book!!! Two great books in one Perfect for the First Communicant or the child who wants to follow along in Mass Beautiful, traditional prayers Made as the companion to Glory Stories vol 8 "Best-Loved Catholic Prayers." 48-pages 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches


Catholic Parent Know-How: "Why Do We Have to Go to Mass?"

…insist that there is no need to go to Mass because he or she can talk to God just as well at home. How you respond will have a lasting impact on the spiritual life of your family. The purpose of Catholic Parent Know-How: "Why Do We Have to Go to Mass?" is to help you answer this question…


The Latin Mass Explained

Everything needed to understand and appreciate the Traditional Latin Mass.  Catholics are waiting for this book! It explains what happens at the Latin Mass and why it happens, prayer by prayer. Why Latin, silence, bells, specific colors, etc.---and how we participate. Ties in beautifully with…

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Meditations Before Mass

Catholics just like you. Practical, straightforward, yet full of wisdom,  Meditations Before Mass  will help you to quiet your soul, concentrate your mind, and grow more receptive to grace.    Meditations Before Mass Learn to overcome distraction and restlessness during Mass The…


Personalized Paperblanks Mass Journal

…your heart.  This personalized Mass journal makes a great gift for any Mass-goer, or for those receiving First Communion, Confirmation, or going through RCIA.    © Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Personalized blank Mass journal Write down your inspired…

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The Mass Coloring Book

A fun and creative way for children to learn about the parts of the Mass.


Mass for Children

A simple explanation of the Mass for children. Illustrated in full color.


The Wonders of the Mass

…and ignorance of Catholics regarding the Mass." Quotes Saints, plus Our Lord Himself in revelations to various Saints. Filled with incomparable insights on the glories of the Mass. The Wonders of the Mass A beautiful, eye-opening read Discover new joy at Mass and love for it Perfect…


The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass

This book describes the great spiritual power of the Mass, how it holds back the wrath of God, its wonderful eternal and temporal benefits and several excellent ways to pray at Mass. Hidden Treasure is the prototype book on the Mass for all other books on the same subject; others basically repeat…

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Celebrating Mass - St. Joseph's Tab Book

Celebrating Mass by popular Catholic Book Publishing author Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy is a short board book to introduce young children to the Mass. The tabs help children pick out elements in each of the spreads, making this book an interactive experience. Celebrating Mass from Catholic Book…


The Biblical Roots of the Mass

…The Biblical Roots of the Mass  challenges Protestants to see the Bible as a truly Catholic story while leading Catholics to understand the Mass as indispensable to achieving the Church’s divinely ordained mandate. The Biblical Roots of the Mass Learn how the Mass is deeply rooted in the…

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