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Catholicism Dvd


Catholicism Series DVD Set

…Love: Prayer and the Life of the Spirit 10. World Without End: The Last Things See also: Catholicism Series (Book) Catholicism Series Study Guide Catholicism Series Leader's Kit   Catholicism Series DVD Set By the renowned Bishop Robert Barron A life-changing, eye-opening series Endlessly…



…own life and experiences. The study guide commentary and questions were written by Catholic author and Ignatius Press Blog Editor, Carl Olson, under the guidance and approval of Fr. Robert Barron. See also: CATHOLICISM (Book) CATHOLICISM Leader's Kit CATHOLICISM 10 CD Set CATHOLICISM 5 DVD Set


Our Father's Plan: Salvation History From Genesis to the Catholic Church [DVD]

…You too are in for a real treat as these two great teachers help you discover the beauty of God’s Word.   Our Father's Plan: Salvation History From Genesis to the Catholic Church From the renowned authors Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins A fascinating bible study Uplifting and inspiring


Catholic Answers - Defending Your Faith DVD

…TO COUNTER STANDARD OBJECTIONS TO CATHOLICISM The most common charge non-Catholic Christians make against the Catholic Church is that the tenets of Catholicism are man-made and unbiblical. Can you refute these serious charges? In his new hour-long DVD, Catholic Answers’ Director of Apologetics…

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My Catholic ABCs (DVD)

How do I give my child an early education? How can I teach her the Catholic Faith? Where do I start? Begin with  My Catholic ABC’s ! My Catholic ABC’s engages your child’s attention and offers you hours of learning potential. Written and animated for children ages six months…

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Dante's Inferno: Catholic Courses [DVD]

…sin, and awaken in your heart a longing for divine love. A great poem with Catholic theology and deep spiritual vision A renowned professor will walk you through Dante's comedy Learn why Pope Benedict XV called Dante his "spiritual food" 8 Lectures (Approx. 30 minutes each) DVD Also available in CD

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Catholic Courses: The Hobbit [DVD]

…lessons to our own lives. Catholic Courses: The Hobbit Not just a simple children's story Deeply meaningful and wonderfully Catholic See characters grow in maturity, wisdom, compassion, self-sacrifice, and wisdom 8 Lecture titles Each is approx. 30 minutes in length DVD Also available in CD #5003362

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Catholics in the Public Square: Catholic Courses [DVD]

…all, one of the Fathers was a Catholic named Charles Carroll. Professor Birzer provides an in-depth look at Carroll's role in the foundation of the United States of America in a dynamic treatment spanning two lectures. Keeping the Faith Alive Religion, and Catholicism in particular, continued to…

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Modern Media:Facing the Dangers, Opportunities, and Responsibilities: Catholic Courses [DVD]

…as part of the New Evangelization and use the media to spread the Gospel throughout the world. How much Media do you and your family consume? How can we protect ourselves? Does ALL media take us in a direction away from God? 4 lectures (Approx. 30 minutes each) DVD Also available in CD #5003376


No Turning Back: Confessions of a Catholic Priest [DVD]

…Washington, D.C., he was ordained to the sacred priesthood in 2003.   Available as a DVD (Item #4001151) a CD (Item #5003208) or a book (Item #1033429)   No Turning Back: Confessions of a Catholic Priest The unbelievable true story of Father Calloway From drugs, crime, and the Japanese…

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Dante's Purgatory:Catholic Courses [DVD]

…on his journey up the mountain. Join Dante, Virgil, and Professor Esolen to continue the journey begun in the Inferno which will culminate in the ineffable beauty of Paradise.   Dimensions & Specifications 8 Lectures (Approx. 30 minutes in length) DVD Also available in CD #5003365  

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The Hidden Meaning of the Lord of the Rings: Catholic Courses [DVD]

…for yourself the truth written into  The Lord of the Rings  with Professor Joseph Pearce. Tolkien at his finest and his most "Catholic"? Infusing fiction with theology Temptation for power, personal gain, and unlawful control 8 Lectures (Approx. 30 minutes each) DVD Also available in CD

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My Catholic Family - Saint Faustina (DVD)

…their children Alex and Sarah come to a greater understanding of the importance of learning about the lives of the saints. Featured saint: St. Faustina - The life of St. Faustina and the devotion to the Divine Mercy are explored. Suggested for ages 6-10. 1 DVD. 30 mins. English and Spanish audio.

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Seven Myths About the Catholic Church and Science:A Refutation of Popular Errors:Catholic Courses [DVD]

In  Seven Myths about the Catholic Church and Science , Dr. Benjamin Wiker dispels the most common and persistent confusions about the relationship between the Faith and scientific inquiry. All too often, this relationship is presented - in the popular media and even in history books - as if it…

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What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Mary (DVD)

…Virginity, Immaculate Conception, and her Bodily Assumption into Heaven, this DVD is ideal for private study or Catholic Bible studies of all sizes. What Every Catholic Needs to Know About Mary (DVD) How Mary remained a virgin before and after the birth of Christ Why Mary is called…

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What Every Catholic Needs to Know About the Bible (DVD)

DVD to be perfect for adult inquiry classes, RCIA, Confirmation and Catholic Bible study groups. With this inspiring and enlightening presentation, you’ll have a powerful and painless way to share the essential truths about the Bible and its relationship to the Catholic Church with Catholic

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Reclaiming Feminism: The Church's Traditions and Teachings on the Dignity of Women:Catholic Courses [DVD]

…fictions, and timeless truth about the love of Christ and his Church for all women.     Is the Catholic Church an oppressor? What is necessary for a woman to have true freedom? Has the world sold women a bill of goods? 4 Lectures (Approx. 30 min. each) DVD Also available in CD#5003375

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Catholic Heroes Of The Faith- The Story of Saint Perpetua (DVD)

…true-life heroes of the Catholic Faith. This episode of Catholic Heroes of the Faith will inspire children to stand up for their faith as well as appreciate the faithful saints that have gone before us. For more information on the series, go to DVD Features: English…

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Catholicism Series Leader's Kit

DVD, a valuable reference took for any group leader. Faith Clips contains 50 most frequently-asked questions on the Catholic Faith and a clear,concise, video response from Father Barron on each one. See also: Catholicism (Book) Catholicism Series Study Guide Catholicism Series 5 DVD Set Catholicism

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VCAT Sacraments DVD

The latest release from Outside da Box! This fantastic DVD contains the following 12 short films, great for youth ministry, religious education, and Catholic school programs and classrooms: 1. The Seven Sacraments 2. On the Road to Emmaus 3. Initiation 4. Holy Water 5. We Adore 6.It's NOT…


Mother Teresa - DVD

…unedited, original full-length 177 minute film never before seen on DVD.  Mother Teresa The true life story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta First time on DVD Includes 16 page Collector’s Companion Booklet 177 minutes DVD English with Spanish subtitles option available ISBN 9781586179373

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Joan of Arc DVD

…Patrick Harris. Special Features include: "Making Of" film segment; Detailed Cast & Crew Information; Lengthy Production Notes; 16-page Collector's Booklet Joan of Arc [DVD] Leelee Sobieski in the epic story of Saint Joan of Arc Beautiful, highly-praised film 180 minutes

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The Last Things DVD

…used throughout the film, and commentary is provided by four priests:  Fr Andrew Pinsent, Fr Jeremy Davies, Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Beruz Rafat. Contemplating mortality The reality of death Catholic teaching on Purgatory Powerful music Beautiful artwork and imagery 32 minute running time 1 DVD

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For Greater Glory - DVD

…Santiago Cabrera in an all-star cast. This film is rated: R Length: 150 minutes This DVD contains the following language options: English and dubbed Spanish with Spanish subtitles This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories). …

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