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Childrens Mass Kit

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Children's Mass Kit

Children will learn, celebrate, and remember how Jesus celebrated the first Mass at the Last Supper with this colorful pop-out Mass kit. Celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass & Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament using the 14 sturdy, colorful cardboard pieces representing sacramentals used by…

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Little Catholics Book Set

Mass Book for Children not only teaches young children the parts of the Mass but also shows them why joining in the joyful gathering is an experience of love. The Mass Book for Children takes your children through every rite of the mass with clear step-by-step explanations and instructions. The Mass

Wee Believers My Mass Kit

Wee Believers My Mass Kit

…The Wee Believers My Mass Kit is a fun and cute way to get your children learning about the Catholic faith--especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the source and summit of the Catholic faith. This children's toy Mass kit contains all the items…

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