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Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach

…to forgive." - Cardinal Donald Wuerl , from the Introduction Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach A practical guide to understanding what forgiveness really means Scripture and stories that illustrate the process of forgiveness Tips for avoiding common pitfalls on the road to forgiveness A ten-step…


From Resentment to Forgiveness: A Gateway to Happiness

…disputes, social problems, even conflicts between nations. This short book confronts this problem, studies it, and offers solutions to resolve it. From Resentment to Forgiveness: A Gateway to Happiness A short, profound book Discover that forgiveness IS possible Offers practical advice and solutions

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Hints of Heaven: The Parables of Christ & What They Mean For You

…has given you? The Net : Many will be sifted out. How to be sure you're among the souls He keeps The Unmerciful Servant : Not only must you forgive, you must convert the offender. Are you a channel for God's grace? Laborers in the Vineyard: Are you letting selfishness and pride get in the…

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Prayer to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina - Prayer Card

…spiritual blessings, and for peace for body and mind. Because of your friendship with the Lord, He heals those you ask to be healed, and forgives those you forgive. Through your visible wounds of the Cross, which you bore for 50 years, you were chosen in our time to glorify the crucified Jesus.…


The Cross and the Beatitudes: Lessons on Love and Forgiveness

forgive them" to "Into Thy hands I commend my spirit," The Cross and the Beatitudes pleads for a return to the foundational teachings of Jesus that alone can sustain our spirits and lead us to a Christian way of life. The Cross and the Beatitudes: Lessons on Love and Forgiveness From…


Fire From Above: Christian Contemplation and Mystical Wisdom

…is busy How the proper use of sacramentals can render the heart more vulnerable to God’s saving power while protecting it from evil How forgiveness and bearing hardships are means for spiritual maturity The indispensible role of Our Lady in the life of faith Read these pages, and you’ll…


Prodigal Son by Murillo w/ Gold Frame

…dramatic painting is apparent in this monumental depiction of the familiar parable of the prodigal son, an allegory of repentance and divine forgiveness. With players and props effectively placed to underscore the drama, it is reminiscent of a well-staged theater piece. Murillo's model was the life…


Experience Grace in Abundance: Ten Strategies For Your Spiritual Life

…fervor and ardent love, and how to enhance your experience of the Eucharist. Johnnette also teaches you how to love as God loves, how to forgive as God forgives, and how you can begin acquiring the most important virtues necessary for attaining heaven. When you read this life-transforming book,…

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Real Mercy: Mary, Forgiveness, and Trust

…active in our lives. Exploring the themes of Our Blessed Mother, familial forgiveness, and essential trust in God, we are given a comprehensive understanding of our need to accept and bestow mercy. Real Mercy: Mary, Forgiveness, and Trust By the author of Interior Freedom Beautiful, simple, profound…


Handmade St. Thomas More Statue [Brown]

…is one of the most tender and heart-rending accounts of injustice in all of literature, especially since More was so determinedly cheerful and forgiving: as he was attempting to move up the scaffold, he said to his guard: “I pray you, master lieutenant, see me safe up, and as for my coming…

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How to Make an Examination of Conscience

Receiving forgiveness in this sacrament is a real tangible way to experience God's power and love. God shows us His power in the forgiveness of sins. An examination of conscience helps us reorient our life toward God, who is love, and to correct the actions, habits, attitudes and motives that…


Lord, Have Mercy: The Healing Power of Confession

Jesus told his first clergy, "If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sin of any, they are retained." In Lord, Have Mercy Scott Hahn explores the sacrament of Reconciliation and shows why it is the key to spiritual growth, particularly in these times of intense…

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First Reconciliation Pocket Token

…token features the words, "Be kind to one another, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you." Reverse side includes the words, "Forgiveness heals and renews." Double-sided pocket token. Made in USA. Forgiveness heals and renews A pocket token for one's first…


God's Healing Mercy

…"Do we believe that Jesus can heal us and bring us back from the dead?"-Pope Francis Healing, in a word, is resurrection. "He forgives all your inequities, He heals all your diseases, He redeems your life from the pit, He crowns you with steadfast love and mercy" (Ps 103:3-4).…


Forgiving Christ Statue 10''

Forgiving Christ Statue, Lightly Hand-Painted Cold Cast Bronze, 10". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 6'' (W) x 2.5'' (D) x 10'' (H)

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First Penance Pin

This pewter First Penance pin makes a memorable gift for first confession and reads Forgiveness Heals & Renews . Made in USA.


First Reconciliation Student Prayer Card - Spanish (Pack 10)

…(Spanish) Loving and forgiving God, your light and forgiveness always surround me. Thank you for the people you have given me, who show me how to live, who teach me about thoughtfulness and generosity, who forgive me, like you do. Each time I experience your forgiveness, especially in the Sacrament…

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Forgiven:Coloring and Activity Book

…Details Have fun while reinforcing the principles taught on the Brother Francis "Forgiven!" DVD. This coloring & activity book explores the gift of God's forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.   Specifications 16 high-quality coloring pages. Printed in the USA.

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Brother Francis: Forgiven DVD

In this lively presentation, Brother Francis reminds old and young alike about the great gift of God's forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Entertaining and instructive, "Brother Francis: Forgiven!" is a joyous way to help children understand God's love through…


Christmas Wreath Story Pin

…holy wreath pin is a story all its own. The crown shape symbolizes the crown of thorns, the red berries represent the Blood of Christ shed for forgiveness for sin, and the endless circle reminds one of eternal life in Him. Wear this Christmas accessory and share the love and mercy of Jesus with…

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Pope Francis Jubilee of Mercy Mug [White]

"It will be a holy year of mercy. " Pope Francis dedicated 2016 an official year of mercy and forgiveness for all, and this commemorative coffee mug is a daily reminder that will bring gentle assurance of the mercy of God right to your home or office.   Ceramic Coffee Mug Catholic…

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The Sheep That No One Could Find

…story for children ages three and older. When paired with Richard Cowdrey’s brightly colored illustrations, the tale of repentance and forgiveness is brought to life. Amidst a flock of a hundred sheep, one small lamb is convinced that the world beyond his Good Shepherd’s pastures is…


Angel Food For Boys & Girls - Set of 4

…(i.e., the Catholic Faith) to children. (Orig. 1953). Neumann Press vintage Catholic children’s book Written with Christ like charm by Father Brennan Some subjects covered include Commandments, conscience, love of God, forgiveness of sins and humility. Hardcover cloth Set of 4 books

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The Return Prodigal Son Leather Canvas Print

…the original painting that is housed at the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. The image shows the lost son on his knees begging his father for forgiveness and the father standing over the son embracing him while servants and the other son look on. This is an exceptional quality Catholic image on a…

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