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Fr Jacques Philippe

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The Way of Trust and Love

…many today will rediscover—or find for the first time—the relevance of “the little way,” in all seasons of life. Fr. Jacques Philippe is well-known for his books on prayer and spirituality. A member of the Community of the Beatitudes, he regularly preaches retreats in France…


Real Mercy: Mary, Forgiveness, and Trust

…topics that are covered by Fr. Jacques Philippe in this new collection of homilies which delve into the breadth and depth of God’s transcendent mercy. With his extraordinary insight into the workings of the human relationship with the Living God, Fr. Philippe helps us to discover how…


Fire & Light

In a series of short essays linked by his examination into key areas of spiritual growth, Fr. Jacques Philippe develops themes relating to prayer, the Holy Eucharist, and man's constant struggle for contentment amid the stresses of everyday life. These essays examine topcs such as: Why look for…

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Thirsting for Prayer

…first and most urgent one we should respond to."  Many have already benefited from Fr. Jacques’ best-selling book on prayer,  Time for God . In  Thirsting for Prayer  Fr. Jacques revisits some of the themes covered in that book and develops new insights that are both…

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