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My Confraternity Library

…the day and a gentle call to grow closer to God. The My Confraternity Library  includes: My Daily Bread My Daily Life My Meditation on the Gospel My Meditations on Saint Paul My Imitation of Christ My Way of Life My Confraternity Library (Boxed set of 6) Conveniently-sized devotionals that…


Holy Days and Gospel Reflections

…desire to live in the embrace of the One who forever reaches out to us in love and mercy, and is always ready to welcome us home. Excellent for individual meditation or as a resource for group discussion. Holy Days and Gospel Reflections by Magnificat Collection of reflections Easy-to-read style


Day by Day with Pope Francis: Perpetual Desk Calendar

…day. Pope Francis has fascinated the world by his compassion and his down-to-earth style of preaching the gospel. This calendar on your desk or night table will give you the chance to meditate on his words and internalize his message each day. Day by Day with Pope Francis – Perpetual Stand Up…

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Winning the Battle Against Sin: Hope-Filled Lessons from the Bible

…putting it to death on the cross and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill us and transform us. Fr. Pacwa provides guidelines for meditating on important passages in the Gospels to understand how Jesus dealt with sinners and to help us examine our consciences. He also shows readers how to use the psalms…


The Pocket Gospels and Psalms

…the Gospels and even to carry a small version with us, so we can take moments during the day to grow closer to Christ. This new pocket-sized collection of all four Gospels is an easy way to answer that call, and as a special bonus it includes the Psalms to aid in daily prayer and meditation. The…

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The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II (CDs)

…CD, this version of the Rosary is based on Pope John Paul II's specific requests in On the Most Holy Rosary (Rosarium Virginis Mariae) . The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II is the ideal gift for Catholics on the go. Praying the Rosary on the way to or from work can make the daily commute a…


On the Passion of Christ

…our main concern to meditate on the life of Jesus Christ. It is impossible to imitate Christ without first knowing him, and the best way of getting to know him is by meditating on his life as it is described in the four Gospels.”  Thus, in this wonderful meditation book, perfect for Lent,…

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The Better Part: A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

…resource to serve as a daily meditation companion. Part I is an incredibly practical explanation of how to Christian meditation (along with a cheat-sheet!). Part II contains material to use during your meditations. The resource is a Bible study on the four Gospels, a survey of saints' writings,…


In Conversation With God: Vol. 2 - Lent and Eastertide

A series of outstanding meditations that follows the Church's liturgical calendar. Each day's meditation is divided into three parts and is five or six pages long. The subjects relate to themes from the Mass readings for that day or the liturgical season. This work helps the reader deepen…


Manual for Spiritual Warfare & Winning the Battle Against Sin (2 Book Set)

…putting it to death on the cross and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill us and transform us. Fr. Pacwa provides guidelines for meditating on important passages in the Gospels to understand how Jesus dealt with sinners and to help us examine our consciences. He also shows readers how to use the psalms…


Sacred Reading: The 2017 Guide to Daily Prayer

…Reading: The 2017 Guide to Daily Prayer  guides you through the Church’s daily gospel readings, as well as readings for solemnities and feast days, asking you to know that God is present; read the gospel; notice what you think and feel; pray for yourself and others; listen to Jesus; and…


Sacred Reading for Advent and Christmas 2017

…God’s Word, prayerfully respond, and explore ways the gospel reading can be applied to your daily life. Sacred Reading for Advent and Christmas 2017 is inspired by Ignatian spirituality and guides you through the Church's daily gospel readings as well as readings for solemnities and…

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Complete Still Waters Rosary-CD

…confusion of the day and take time to truly meditate on the mysteries of the rosary. The complete Still Waters rosary-CD is a compilation of each CD of the Gospel Rosary, edited to fit onto a single CD. The Still Waters rosary CD features a short meditation on each mystery of the rosary set against…


What Jesus Saw From the Cross & Praying With Mother Angelica (2 Book Set)

…find yourself engaged in a personal retreat, an interior pilgrimage, and a profound meditation on the love and sufferings of Jesus on the Cross.   Praying with Mother Ang elica Mother Angelica’s meditations combine the spiritual insights of a master with the warmth of a loving mother. Her…


The How-To Book of the Bible

…complete guide you will also receive: Examples of the Bible's pervasive presence within the Church Step-by-step guidelines on reading, meditating, praying, contemplating, and applying the Bible, both by yourself and with others Discover how to:  Distinguish between Catholic, Protestant,…


The Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring Book

…the rosary’s truths. Like the medieval monks who understood their artistic decoration of the gospels as a form of prayer and praise, you’ll find yourself caught up in meditative wonder as you prayerfully color Mitsui’s images. The artist specializes in hand-drawn ink illustrations…


Saint Mary Magdalene: Prophetess of Eucharistic Love

…of Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament. In the Gospels there are few people who understand love for Jesus as well as Mary Magdalene, which is the reason she is a prophetess of eucharistic love. This work is an extended meditation on the life of Saint Mary Magdalene, known as the "Apostle…


The Office of Compline- Night Prayer

…Compline. The Foreword by Archbishop Raymond Burke explains the rich spiritual tradition of prayer at the close of day, and provides an inspiring meditation on the texts and meaning of the Office of Compline.  The scriptures give only one command concerning the frequency of prayer:  pray…

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Life Everlasting: The Mystery and the Promise

…death and resurrection of Jesus for answers. Walk with Monsignor J. Brian Bransfield as he follows the threads that run through our lives and the gospels, deciphering the very clues that shed light on this unsettling question. "When our loved ones die, we look at the world differently. We look…

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The Most Holy Rosary (CDs)

…believe it has changed the entire course of human events more than once. It is the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Deeply Profound Meditation Now, you can enter into this deeply contemplative Christian prayer along with one of the most influential converts of our time as renowned…

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What Jesus Saw From The Cross [Softcover]

…A. G. Sertillanges, a priest who lived in Jerusalem, this acclaimed devotional classic gives you vivid and dramatic details not included in the Gospel: With Jesus, you'll be jostled by crowds as you enter Jerusalem, choke on the dust of the narrow streets, experience the exotic oriental smells…

Meditations for Holy Week: Thursday

Meditations for Holy Week: Thursday

…(Matthew 26:26-28). As we reflect on today's Gospel, let us ask for the grace we need to believe, in ever-deepening ways, Christ's real presence in the Eucharist, and to approach the altar with reverence and awe. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] GOSPEL READING FOR THURSDAY OF HOLY WEEK Jesus Washes…

Meditations for Holy Week: Saturday

Meditations for Holy Week: Saturday

…in your prayers those who are entering the Church this night. As we reflect on today's Gospel, let us rejoice and give thanks to God for the great wonders of Salvation History. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] GOSPEL READING FOR HOLY SATURDAY The Resurrection of Jesus But on the first day of the week, at…

Meditations for Holy Week: Monday

Meditations for Holy Week: Monday

…Lazarus from the dead, let us ask Jesus to raise us above any obstacles that prevent us from drawing nearer to Him. [adbutler zone_id="207190"] GOSPEL READING FOR MONDAY OF HOLY WEEK Mary Anoints Jesus Six days before the Passover Jesus came to Bethany, the home of Lazarus, whom he had raised from…

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