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Holy Trinity Cross


Holy Trinity Crucifix

…powerful visual of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, this crucifix depicts God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, all supporting one another. A beautiful crucifix to display as a reminder of this central profession of Christian faith.  Blessed Trinity wall crucifix A special piece…


Trinity Cross Necklace with Prayer Card

…and the Holy Spirit are all depicted in this unique Holy Trinity pewter cross. Featured on a longer length 24" chain for a stunning display of the love and undivided union of the three-persons of the Most Blessed Trinity. Includes a laminated prayer card.  Pewter Holy Trinity cross Longer…


Four-Way Holy Spirit Medal [Silver]

Sterling silver Four-Way Medal, approximately .75"H, with dove on red-enameled center. Comes on 18" rhodium chain with clasp. Miraculous Medal, Scapular Medal, St. Joseph and St. Christopher. The words “I am a Catholic; please call a priest” are inscribed on the back.…


St. Francis/St. Anthony Cross Necklace, Sterling Silver [Silver]

The saints serve as holy reminders of steadfast faith, sacrifice, and love. This very special sterling silver necklace features both Saint Francis and Saint Anthony on a 4-way style pendant which has an old world look and sculpted feel.  The delicate 18” chain adds a sweet touch of…

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First Communion Crayon Crosses Tee -White with Primary Colors [Large]

This First Communion shirt is a wonderful way to incorporate the message of First Holy Communion into your child's daily life.  Presented in a colorful splash are the three crosses, symbolic of the scene at Calvary.  Underneath... "Do This In Memory of Me". Comfortable fit…

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Cross of the Trinity

…of the Trinity Cross: The upper portion of the Trinity Cross is a representation of the Old Testament’s story of the visitation of three angels, or the Trinity, to Abraham. The left wing of the cross depicts the baptism of the Holy Child, and the right wing of the cross shows the Holy Trinity


Christ Crucified Icon Cross

This pressed wood cross features a beautiful colored image of the Holy Trinity with Christ crucified. Elaborate artwork with gold detail. Great for classroom or a small gift for a Sacramental occasion. Made in Italy. Christ Crucified Icon Cross Pressed wood board Decorative floral border Made in…


Jerusalem Cross Sterling Pendant

…accents lend timeless beauty to this finely crafted sterling silver Jerusalem Cross. Featured on a classic stainless steel chain for a beautiful display of faith.  Product of the Holy Land Sterling silver Jerusalem Cross Elegant design Everyday beauty Brilliant blue accents Made in Bethlehem…


First Communion Holy Water Bottle [Pink]

…glass holy water bottle is a thoughtful gift to commemorate their reception of the Blessed Sacrament as they celebrate First Holy Communion. It's something symbolic, unique, and totally timeless. Sandblasted details within the chalice and host design include a damask pattern, budded cross, and…


Sterling Silver Four-Way Medal on 24 inch chain [Silver]

…Sterling Silver 4-Way Medal features the Miraculous Medal, Scapular Medal, St. Joseph and St. Christopher medals, as well as a dove representing the Holy Spirit at the center. On the back is the Miraculous Medal image as well as the words, "I am a Catholic Call a Priest." An ideal gift…


Stations of the Cross Chaplet

…Father and God the Holy Spirit along with the crucified Christ, thus representing the Holy Trinity. The Way of the Cross is a wonderful prayer and meditation on the Passion of Christ that is ideal for a Friday penitential practice, especially during Lent. This Stations of the Cross Rosary comes is…


101 Suprising Facts About the Vatican & Pope Francis Rosary Set

…papal cross chosen by Pope Francis. The center features our beloved Pope on one side and Peter’s basilica on the reverse. The crucifix is a replica of Pope Francis’s Papal Cross. The Good Shepherd is carrying the lost sheet, with his flock following behind. The Dove represents the Holy

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Four-Way Holy Spirit Medal

…gift for any occasion. Made of sterling silver, the popular four-way medal cross has a Holy Spirit dove against a red enameled backdrop, making it an ideal Confirmation gift. The four images included on this cross are: a Sacred Heart Medal at the top, Miraculous Medal on the bottom, St. Joseph…


Trinity Metal Wall Cross - 4 inch

Cross has great design with its multi-dimentional layering. In the center of the cross is the descending Holy Spirit dove, the traditional symbol of this Sacrament, layered over three joined rings symbolizing the Trinity. The triple-rounded edges of the cross also represent the Trinity. This Trinity

Baby Rosary in Vintage Treasure Box

…with a small heart with cross design and a tiny decorative clasp and handle.  Rosary: Circumference-18” Crucifix-1” Centerpiece-1/2” Treasure Box: 1 ½” x 1” x ¾” A real treasure For a sweet baby For shower, birth, or Baptism A holy keepsake


First Communion Tee - White with Pastel Colors [Small]

This First Communion t- shirt is a wonderful way to incorporate the message of First Holy Communion into your child's daily life.  Presented in a colorful splash are the three crosses, symbolic of the scene at Calvary.  Underneath... "Do This In Memory of Me". Comfortable fit…


Trinity White Scapular

The Trinity Scapular was given to a holy priest, St. John de Matha in 1190 at his first mass. He was honored with a vision of an Angel clad in a robe of snowy whiteness. On his chest shimmered a cross of blue (traverse) & crimson (vertical). This has become known as the Trinity Cross. The angel…

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Personalized Holy Matrimony Silver Cross Ornament [Silver]

…classically-styled ornament is a thoughtful way to celebrate such a special occasion. The cross features the last name of the couple and their wedding date, as well as a small heart and the words "Holy Matrimony." Simple and elegant, with a beautiful silver finish. Personalization: Enter…

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Holy Matrimony Wedding Rings & Cross Bible

…design of the Catholic Company, this wedding Bible is a thoughtful gift for any couple celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. This bible, with the artful wedding rings and cross design will be a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Attractive border and smooth surface.  With its…

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Personalized Holy Water Bottle with Cross and Initials

…use holy water and the Church urges us to use it. A simple but meaningful budded cross appears at the top, above your initials.  Holy water bottle Monogram with simple cross Personalization included Glass bottle Plastic top Etched initials and cross 3.25" (H) x 1.75" (L) x 0.8" (W) Holy Water…

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Personalized "Be Transformed" First Holy Communion Cross for Girls [Multi-Colored]

…Sacrament of their First Holy Communion. Personalized with their name, this solid wood cross with a warm cherry finish will look great in any bedroom and will soon become a point of pride for any young girl! A faith-filled, cheerful, and personal keepsake, this cross is a truly special First…


Personalized "Be Transformed" First Holy Communion Cross for Boys [Multi-Colored]

…Transformed" with this cool hanging wall cross created for boys, by boys! This awesome transformer robot with chalice design is a daily reminder of the Sacrament of their First Communion. Personalized with their name, this solid wood cross with a warm cherry finish will look great in any…


Personalized Memorial Holy Water Bottle

Decoratively framed, this Memorial Holy Water Bottle features a cross at the center.  A wonderful way to remember a loved one who has left us. Holy Water Bottle Ideal Gift for a Memorial Personalization included Glass bottle Plastic top 5" (H) x 2" (L) x 1.2" (W) Holy Water not included


Personalized Holy Spirit Confirmation Bible

…and is a splendid choice for any special occasion. This Bible, with its clean, contemporary lines, features the dove as an enduring symbol of the Holy Spirit. Personalized with the name and date of your loved one's Confirmation, this is a gift that will be cherished for a lifetime, and can be…

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