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Kitchen Madonna

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Kitchen Madonna - White

…on earth. Ideal for kitchen counters and China cabinets, this beautiful Marian statue is a meaningful piece of art for any Catholic home. A unique reproduction of a wood-carved statue proudly made in the USA. Find a special place in your kitchen for the Kitchen Madonna.  - The key represents…


Kitchen Madonna Statue 11.5" [Brown]

…her heavenly glory, it is important to remember her as our earthly mother, for she was a wife and homemaker while she was on earth. Ideal for kitchen counters and china cabinets. This beautiful display of Catholic art is a reproduction of a wood-carved statue and is proudly made in the U.S.A.…

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Madonna & Child Blue Mug [Blue]

…coffee or tea, this Marian-blue mug displays an artistic mother-and-child heart design. Can be personalized for the lovely person in your life. Madonna & Child coffee mug Beautiful gift for mothers Marian blue coloring A Catholic Company exlusive Personalization available 15 ounce capacity 4"…

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Sistine Madonna Decorative Glass Plate

Madonna fine art glass plate features art by Raphael. It has a metallic backing. These plates are presented by the Vatican Observatory Foundation and include the VOF medallion. A lovely accessory that will add a special touch to any space. Select a special rosary for a lovely gift selection. Madonna

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Raphael's Cherubs Mug [Multi-Colored]

…Sistine Madonna sit two of the most widely recognized cherubs in history. Often pictured alone, these "putti" angels, known for thier childlike and plump features, were part of Raphael's last work. Enjoy this iconic work of art at home or in the office. Sistine Madonna Cherubs Iconic…

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Da Vinci Ave Maria Mug [Multi-Colored]

One side of this mug has an image of an angel's face from a painting by Leonard Da Vinci called Virgin of the Rocks , or Madonna of the Rocks . The original image portrays Mary, the Child Jesus, the infant John the Baptist, and an angel. The four figures are surrounded by a rocky setting--hence…

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A Story of Great Mercy: St. Maria Goretti & Alessandro Serenelli

A Story of Great Mercy: St. Maria Goretti & Alessandro Serenelli

…himself was given to drinking, swearing, and callous behavior. He had impure thoughts toward Maria, and when he would find her alone in the kitchen, which the two families shared, he would speak to her crudely and make sexual advances.  Maria, in her great love for God, abhorred his behavior,…

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