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Prayer And Meditation Books


Thirsting for God: Daily Meditations

…in your eyes, attitude, the way you walk, the way you listen, and your whole being.”— Mother Teresa, Thirsting for God: Daily Meditations Thirsting for God: Daily Meditations A simple, joyful book Beautiful and inspiring guidance Loving words from Mother Teresa 5.5 x 7.5 inches


Strength in Simplicity & Time for God (2 Book Set)

Strength in Simplicity : At last — a spiritual book for Catholics who have to devote more time to making dinner and picking up the kids than to meditation and prayer! Essential (and easy) reading for busy Catholics,  Strength in Simplicity  shows you how to grow closer to God in the…

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Meditations on the Christ: Model of All Holiness

…as—directed by these pages—you open yourself to the One whose whole being will resound in your heart and will nourish your soul. Meditations on the Christ: Model of All Holiness A life-changing read Gain a deeper understanding of the logic of Jesus’ ministry   Probe the…

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My Confraternity Library

…the day and a gentle call to grow closer to God. The My Confraternity Library  includes: My Daily Bread My Daily Life My Meditation on the Gospel My Meditations on Saint Paul My Imitation of Christ My Way of Life My Confraternity Library (Boxed set of 6) Conveniently-sized devotionals that…


St. Faustina Prayer Book for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

…you’ll find a wealth of spiritual tools including devotions, meditations, novenas, and prayers, coupled with the wisdom of St. Faustina that you can use to join in this soul-changing mission. St. Faustina Prayer Book for the Holy Souls in Purgatory By beloved author Susan Tassone A treasury…


The Color of Creation: Journaling Coloring Book

Now Catholics can pray, meditate, and reflect on God’s mercy – while bringing inspiring pictures and quotes alive with color!  This journaling coloring book will inspire you to be still in God's presence, and to quietly reflect on His blessings in your life. Write down what…

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Catholic Pocket Prayer Book

…Marian Prayers Saints and Holy Ones Angels Mass Eucharistic Adoration Prayers throughout the Day Prayers throughout the Year Everyday Prayers Prayers for the Church and the World Sacred Scripture Basics of the Catholic Faith Notes (Sources for texts) Index Acknowledgments Catholic Pocket Prayer Book

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Mother Mary: A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation

…coloring book for adults is not only a simple path to making something beautiful, it has a spiritual element as well. Reflect on thirty names of the Blessed Mother such as  Morning Star, Mother of Sorrows,  and  Our Lady of Light.  Each page includes a prayer or meditation, and a…


Meditations On Mary & Prayers and Heavenly Promises (2 Book Set)

…English Prayers and Heavenly Promises    4 x 6.25  inches ISBN:  9781618902351 Author:  Compiled by Joan Carroll Cruz Format:  Softcover Language:  English Pages:  160 2 Book Set Meditations On Mary Beautiful, inspiring meditations Prayers and Heavenly…


Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary (CD & Book)

…Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary is a beautiful 6" x 9" 48-page full color book which includes a totally sung rosary on CD. The book contains scripture verses for each Hail Mary, sheet music for the sung prayers, and beautiful icons, paintings and stained glass windows to aid in your meditation.

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Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: A Living Novena (A Guided Meditation from the Holy Land)

…Fenelon helps readers explore the “knots” or impossible situations in their own lives in order to find peace. Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: A Living Novena (A Guided Meditation from the Holy Land) Pope Francis's favorite deovotion A beautiful, inspiring read Ideal for continuous prayer


Fulton Sheen's Wartime Prayer Book

…live in a world at war, that through our prayerful lives God may grant us victory and give to the world His peace and justice." -- from the Introduction   This prayer book is made up of reflections which it is hoped will provoke us to meditation and communion with God, so that we will not…

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Father Peyton's Rosary Prayer Book

…complete prayer book of inspiring meditations on the mysteries of the Rosary available today. Fr. Peyton gives gives 230 meditations on the twenty mysteries of the Rosary, with each set of five meditations having its own theme.  Includes the Luminous Mysteries, the Rosary prayers, and many…


Meditations Before Mass & Everyday Meditations (2 Book Set)

…English Everyday Meditations:   ISBN:  9781933184968 Language:  English Author:  John Henry Newman Format:  Softcover Pages:  192 2 Book Set Meditations Before Mass Learn to overcome distraction and restlessness during Mass Everyday Meditations Meditations to help you…


Meditations on Mary & Everyday Meditations (2 Book Set)

…Language: English Everyday Meditations 192 pages Softcover ISBN: 9781933184968 Language: English   2 book set Meditations on Mary Deepen your love and devotion to the Blessed Mother, who loves you Everyday Meditations by John Henry Newman Meditations to help you discern God's…


Meditations for Advent & Meditations Before Mass (2 Book Set)

…O. Blum 192 Pages ISBN: 9781933184876 Meditations Before Mass Author: Romano Guardini 208 Pages Softcover ISBN: 9781622821662 2 Book Set Meditations for Advent Daily Meditations for Keeping Christ in Christmas Meditations Before Mass Overcoming distractions and restlessness…


Meditations for Lent & Meditations Before Mass (2 Book Set)

…Language:  English Meditations Before Mass   208 pages Softcover ISBN:  9781622821662 Format:  Softcover Pages:  208 Author:  Romano Guardini Language:  English Topic:  The Sacraments 2 book set Meditations for Lent Features daily meditations starting with Ash…


Prayers and Meditations

…English and Spanish editions. Prayers and Meditations Special commemorative edition for World Meeting of Families Includes Pope Francis' Five-Finger Prayer Guide A pocket-sized prayer book that will make praying together as a family easy Includes basic prayers and prayers for families 4 3/8 x 6 1/8…


The St. Teresa of Avila Prayer Book

…of Avila articulated for all of us the wondrous interior landscape of prayer. Journey with her through a week of prayer and meditation. Pray the psalms and confessions Saint Teresa prayed. Use her words for meditation, and become acquainted with the wisdom of the saints who made such an impact…

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Vision of Fatima & Meditations on Mary (2 Book Set)

…apparitions. There is no more fascinating and insightful book than this first-hand account of the Dominican priest who worked under the direction of a poor Portuguese nun who saw and spoke to Our Lady. Meditations on Mary: Spiritual meditation is the surest way to grow in holiness, and Our Lady is…


Windows Into Christ Coloring Book

…contemplative way through Windows Into Christ: A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation , featuring 50 of the cathedral's 176 renowned stained-glass windows.  Since the 1100s, Catholic faithful have traveled to Chartres to pray and meditate through and with the beauty of its windows-and…


Everyday Meditations

…wisdom which seeks your will by prayer and meditation. . . . Give me the discernment to know your voice from the voice of strangers, to rest upon it, and to seek it in the first place ." This was Newman's greatest desire. It awakened in him ceaseless prayer, countless good works, a profound…


Our Lady's Garden Coloring Book

books for publishers worldwide. Our Lady's Garden Coloring Book: A Coloring Book for Prayer and Meditation 39 beautiful illustrations sure to spark creativity A coloring book that will appeal to most ages A portable, non-perishable, inexpensive way to relax and be mindful Texts that include prayers

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The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections

…and prayers that meet busy moms right where they are. As a mother, it gives me quick reflections and prayers that help me re-center my day on Jesus and Mary." Leah Darrow Catholic speaker and author of  Reclaim Your Beauty   The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily…

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