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Rosary Prayer Book Latin

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Handbook of Prayers, 7th Edition

This beautiful prayer book is compact enough to carry everywhere and comprehensive enough to give you inspiration and uplift in almost every conceivable situation! It contains the complete Latin and English texts of nearly six hundred prayers, including basic prayers, prayers for different times of…


Queen of Apostles

Prayer Book  is a treasury that is meant to last. Includes:   Daily Prayers  Prayers to the Holy Trinity  Eucharistic Devotions  Prayers to Our Lady  Prayers to the Angels  Prayers to the Saints  Prayers from Scripture  Seasonal Prayers  Latin

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Latin Mass Children's Missal

This beautiful little  Latin Mass Children's Missal  contains the Mass, Gospel stories for all Sundays and Feastdays, Daily Prayers, Prayers for Confession, Prayers for Holy Communion, The Stations of the Cross, explanation of the Holy Rosary along with all fifteen mysteries—with…

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Favorite Prayers to Our Lady

…How to pray the Rosary, how to practice the First Saturday Devotion, Rosary meditations of St. L. De Montfort, Seven Sorrows of Our Lady, Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Christmas Prayer, the powerful Thirty Days Prayer, Fatima Prayers, the Rosary in Latin,


Information about the Rosary

Book of Psalms in the Bible, which has 150 psalms. When prayed completely, the original rosary (Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries) has 150 "Hail Mary" prayers. The word "Rosary" comes from the Latin word rosarium , which means a garland or bouquet of roses. Each of the prayers of the rosary

My "God Incident" with Our Lady of Perpetual Help

My "God Incident" with Our Lady of Perpetual Help

…the rosary. I tried to join this wonderful prayer group; I didn't see their faces, but their presence inspired me with calm and kindness. Because I speak Spanish, understanding their Italian was easy for me. I was praying with them, and by the seventh Hail Mary I found myself reciting the rosary in…

The Story Behind the Making of the Official Fatima Statue

The Story Behind the Making of the Official Fatima Statue

…“She appeared as the Immaculate Heart in June only,” she said; then getting her Rosary out of a pocket of her habit, she draped it over the palm of her right hand and joined her hands in the attitude of prayer, continuing, “In June she appeared at first as in the other apparitions, then she…

Nine Ways to Celebrate the Month of Mary

Nine Ways to Celebrate the Month of Mary

…(the Hail Holy Queen in Latin). The below video is an excellent guide to learning to sing the Salve Regina for those who didn't grow up knowing it. It is an incredibly beautiful melody, and supernaturally consoling. Then you can sing this prayer after finishing your rosary instead of reciting it;…

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