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Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

…Blessed Sacrament."  —  St. Alphonsus Ligouri This book was conceived and written by the great St. Alphonsus Liguori to help us grow in the knowledge and love of God and in appreciation for what He has done for us. Designed to be prayed in front the Blessed Sacrament each day…


Hallowed Be This House & St. Benedict Home Blessing Set

…what you're looking for! It features a wonderful book that will transform the way you view your home together with a beautiful and powerful sacramental: the St. Benedict Home Blessing.   Hallowed Be This House: Finding Signs of Heaven in Your Home Thomas Howard shows us that every room of…


Basics of Catholic Living

There are a handful of simple habits that have been practiced by every saint. Although holiness may seem out of reach, the easiest way to jumpstart your spiritual journey is to begin implementing these habits in your own life today. In the spiritual life, if you learn to practice the basics well,…


Brother Francis: The Sacraments Coloring & Activity Book

…"The Sacraments" DVD! This wonderful coloring and activity book features charming pictures for children to color as they learn about the Sacraments. It's the perfect way to teach our littles ones the fundamental aspects of their Catholic faith! Brother Francis: The Sacraments Coloring…

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Sacraments Keepsake Box [Multi-Colored]

…honors the sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. Keep photos, jewelry, and other mementos inside. The box top reads, "These are my special keepsakes, for each one represents those times of love and faith when I received the sacraments." Sacrament keepsake box…


The Seven Sacraments

Acquaints children with the Sacraments. Illustrated in full color. The Seven Sacraments Beautifully illustrated Perfect way to teach children about the sacraments Simple and helpful


Tell Me About the Catholic Faith: From the Bible to the Sacraments

…Me about the Catholic Faith. The whole Catholic world is presented in various parts: the Bible, the history of the Church, and the beliefs and sacraments of Catholics. This is a book of exceptional educational and inspirational quality. It includes the best Bible stories from both the Old and New…


Catholic Prayers, Prayers and Heavenly Promises, & Visits to the Blessed Sacrament (3 Book Set)

…dozens more! Visits to the Blessed Sacrament: This book was conceived and written by the great St. Alphonsus Liguori to help us grow in the knowledge and love of God and in appreciation for what He has done for us. Designed to be prayed in front the Blessed Sacrament each day over the course of a…

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Certificate of Confirmation (50 Pack) [Multi-Colored]

This Certificate of Confirmation features a traditional image along with a space for personalizing that special day with a name, date and church location. Confirmation certificate Italian design Package of 50 Great for parishes Measures - 8 x 10 Box of 50 - with Envelopes Occasion: Confirmation

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The Penny Catechism

…Bishops of England and Wales for use in their dioceses, it is an official catechism of the Catholic Church. Topics covered include: God, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, the Precepts of the Church, grace, virtue, sins, and so forth. The Penny Catechism is excellent both as a basic class text…


Swear To God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments

…the Sacraments to the traditional teaching of the Fathers of the Church, you'll discover new insights into the Sacraments that will inspire, enlighten and inform you as never before - even if you're a lifelong Catholic! You'll learn how the Catholic understanding of a Sacrament is based…

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Rosary Necklace [Blue]

This beautiful rosary will serve as a visual reminder of one's love and devotion to Christ and His Blessed Mother, but more importantly the sacramental is a valuable instrument in our daily prayer life as the rosary necklaces help keep our thoughts on the Blessed Mother throughout the day and…


Our Lady of Guadalupe Story Mug [Green]

Rich in coloring and bold in design, this mug tells the story of Juan Diego and Our Lady. Beautiful sacramentals such as rosaries, medals, and crosses all honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe appear on the playful background. Handwash strongly recommended to preserve color and detail.    ©…

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R.C.I.A Wall Cross

…This cross makes a dear keepsake for those entering the Catholic Church upon completion of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). Sacramental Cross Keepsake Features images representing the Sacraments Hand-painted Ready to hang 6.5 x 4.5 inches Hand-painted resin Ready to hang

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Confirmation Prayer Mini Plaque

Share a special Confirmation prayer as they receive the sacrament with this artful plaque. Fun, vibrant design features a dove along with the heartfelt words "May the Father always watch over you, May the Son ever bless you, and may the Spirit ever guide you."  Confirmation…


Holy Heroes-Inside the Sacrament:The Holy Eucharist:DVD

The Holy Heroes Adventure Guides take you inside the Bible, back in time, and behind the scenes to teach you all about the Holy Eucharist! If you have kids aged 5 - 12, you'll really like this DVD! Kids love the humor, and adults love the rich catechetical content Tackling the nuts and bolts of…


Confirmation Gift Bag

The Confirmation gift bag includes: Pure Faith - A Prayer Book for Teens Confirmation Cross with Fruits of the Spirit Confirmed in Christ bookmark These items come attractively packaged in a white organza bag, making this a perfect gift for for a special teen being Confirmed. Items included in the…


Our Lady Blessed Sacrament Mary 67" [Realistic Color Finish]

…Although the statue itself could endure the elements of the weather, the painted finish could crack and peel in time. Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Statue Antique Stone or Realistic Color Finish Made with Fiberglass Resin Large Statue 25Wx23Dx67H Weight - 58 LBS Made in USA Returns and…


Disputation of the Eucharist (Raphael) 16x20

This large image by Raphael is packed full of imagery about the Body of Christ. A level of Clouds separate heaven from earth, Christ is seated on a throne in heaven with the Father above him and the Holy Spirit descending below Him. A monstrance with the real presence on the altar being adored. Mary…

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Brother Francis: The Sacraments [DVD]

…enlightening and fun episode, "The Sacraments," children will learn the fundamentals of the seven sacraments and the blessings given to us through them. Brother Francis: The Sacraments [DVD] Great tool for children to learn the fundamentals of the 7 Sacraments Beautiful and joyful lessons…


Fire From Above & The Basic Book of Catholic Prayer (2 Book Set)

…to practice the essential forms of Catholic prayer. You’ll discover how the Church’s sacraments fortify your prayer — and how prayer, in turn, enhances your reception of the sacraments. You’ll find out how to bring to your own prayers the qualities that make prayer effective.…

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Home Blessings - St. Benedict with Color Image

…guide," as St. Benedict admonishes us. Home Blessing of St. Benedict Unique sacramental for the home or car Features St. Benedict medals Spanish prayer card Great for doorknobs This item is not blessed Measures approx. 18" (L) Spanish blessing card For sacramental use, have blessed by a priest


An Exorcist Explains the Demonic: The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels

…Do the sins of ancestors influence our life? How are spiritual evils contracted? What is the state of souls in purgatory? What is the role of sacramentals in fighting off temptation? When should exorcisms and prayers of healing be performed? What happens during an exorcism? What you should do when…


Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

"Here, then," says St. Alphonsus, "is our heaven on earth--the Most Blessed Sacrament." This book was conceived and written to help us grow in the knowledge and love of God and in appreciation for what He has done for us. For each of the 31 days of the month, St. Alphonsus…

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