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Saint Biography


Saints and Their Stories

This Sumptuously illustrated collection of biographies introduces young readers, ages 7 - 10, to eighteen popular saints. Historical and biographical information is enriched by cultural and artistic traditions and even a few legends. Saints and Their Stories includes: St. Ann St. Augustine St.…


The Life of St. Gemma Galgani

…hidden things, prophetess, spouse of Christ, zealot for souls and devotee of the Poor Souls in Purgatory. She died at only 25. Her mother was also saintly, and it is beautiful to see how she helped cultivate this lily of purity. See how Gemma made great sacrifices painful to human nature from her…

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The Autobiography of St. Teresa Of Avila

Famous Carmelite classic in a wonderful traditional translation. Her spiritual struggles, vision of her potential place in Hell, mystical graces--yet she remained very down to earth. One of the most admirable women of all time! Nice large print. The Autobiography of St. Teresa Of Avila The…


Lives of the Saints 2-Volume Boxed Set

…two-volume set of the ever-popular "Lives of the Saints." They contain a series of lives of saintly men and women for each day of the year. Volume I is a handy, popular, modern, beautifully illustrated version with short, inspiring biographies for each day of the year. It includes large…


Pier Giorgio Frassati: A Hero for Our Times

In this definitive biography, Cristina Siccardi situates the appealing figure of young Pier Giorgio Frassati in early 20th century Turin, Italy. In the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Italy where the memory of Savoy is still alive there are two contrasting forms of enterprise: one of older stamp,…

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The Life of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

This is considered to be the best biography of The Saint of the Sacred Heart Devotion. The whole story of the revelations, plus the definitive story of her life. Portrays St. Margaret Mary as a redoubtable soul, ready to give all for Jesus. And what an example she is! It is largely due to St.…


Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul & The Life of Faustina Kowalska (2 Book Set)

…Softcover Pages:  280 Language:  English Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul  Beloved spiritual work The Life of Faustina Kowalska: The Authorized Biography In this authorized biography you will read of the many people who influenced her spiritual…


St. Maria Goretti - In Garments All Red

…the anonymity of death.  St. Maria Goretti - In Garments All Red The beautiful, true story of the 12-year-old girl who in 1902 died a martyr to preserve her purity Written in a clear matter-of-fact style A famous, popular, classic biography with the power to inspire 5½ x 8½ inches


Saint Monica - Model of Christian Mothers

The famous persevering mother whose prayers, patience and good example at last obtained the conversion of her son -- the great St. Augustine -- plus of her pagan husband and mother-in-law. A magnificent story of prayer finally answered! Suitable for teens and older.

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Elizabeth of the Trinity: A Life of Praise to God

Available in English for the first time, this short book is a powerful introduction to the spiritual wisdom of one of the Church’s newest saints: Elizabeth of the Trinity.   There was nothing extraordinary in Elizabeth of the Trinity’s life. There were no ecstasies. She didn’t…


St. Catherine Laboure of the Miraculous Medal

…and Catherine's own village. What he has produced here is a definitive life of the Saint which is at once highly readable and inspiring. Emerging from his work is the fact that Catherine Laboure was no accidental saint - that, to launch the Miraculous Medal devotion, Heaven chose its seer well. The…

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Butler's Lives of the Saints

saints. The index offers the list of saints from the complete edition, and includes all new canonizations and new dates, making it eh most up-to-date listing of saints available. Butler's Lives of the Saints remains a remarkable reference source and, through its comprehensive biographies, a…


Mother Teresa: An Authorized Biography (Revised and Updated)

…the greatest saints in Christian history." Kathryn Spink is the author of several book on the work of Mother Teresa and her co-workers, as well as other inspiring contemporary figures, including Brother Roger of Taize and Bede Griffiths. Mother Teresa: An Authorized Biography (Revised and…


The Confessions of Saint Augustine

…masterpiece beyond classification." It is a spiritual autobiography that transcends time and place. It is the matchless account of a great saint struggling to overcome sin and embrace the Will of God. It is The Confessions of St. Augustine. Exotic Yet Familiar In The Confessions , St. Augustine…


The Grunt Padre

This is the definitive biography of Fr. Vincent Robert Capodanno, a chaplain for the Marine Corps during the Vietnam war. Greatly beloved by so many who served under his spiritual care, Fr. Capodanno died on the field of battle giving the last rites to the US soldiers he served so well. He was just…

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For God & Country & Joan of Arc (2 Book Set)

…remarkably accurate biography of the life and mission of Joan of Arc told by one of this country's greatest storytellers. The very fact that Mark Twain wrote this book and wrote it the way he did is a powerful testimony to the attractive power of the Catholic Church's saints. This is a book…


Saint Joan of Arc Story Mug [Multi-Colored]

…age of 19. St. Joan of Arc was later exonerated, and canonized nearly 500 years after her death. This gorgeous mug features a brief biography of this beatiful saint as well as a prayer for her intercession.    © Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Story of Joan of Arc…


Saints for Young Readers for Every Day - Vol. I (January - June)

biographies engage young readers Entries include suggestions on how children can apply each saint's story to their own everyday lives Alphabetical index of saints Charming black-and-white illustrations Includes many newly beatified and canonized blesseds and saints. Ages 9-13. See also: Saints For…

A wonderful biography of a strong native american with unwavering faith. Saint Kateri #catholic

A wonderful biography of a strong native american with unwavering faith. Saint Kateri #catholic

A wonderful biography of a strong native american with unwavering faith. Saint Kateri #catholic

Junipero Serra: A Short Biography

…portrait of this fascinating man—our newest saint—and the times he lived in. He explores the multifaceted history of Christian missionary work in the Americas and the way our history has its roots deep in the virtue and vice of this movement. Learn about our new saint Brief biography

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Diary and Biography of St. Faustina Set

…includes the softcover version of the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska and the companion book The Life of Faustina Kowalska - The Authorized Biography. Each title also sold separately: Life of Faustina Kowalska - The Authorized Biography Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska - Divine Mercy in…


The Life of Faustina Kowalska: The Authorized Biography

…to reading the diary itself, this book is an inspiring and reliable introduction to this remarkable twentieth-century saint. The Life of Faustina Kowalska: The Authorized Biography Authorized biography The beautiful, humble life of a Polish nun Important reading for anyone devotee of Divine Mercy


Saint Philomena

…favors and miracles being granted that she was raised to sainthood by Pope Gregory XVI -- becoming the only person recognized by the Church as a saint solely on the basis of her powerful intercession, since nothing historically is known of her except her name and the evidence of her martyrdom. A…

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St. Kateri Tekakwitha, a Model Saint for Our Times

St. Kateri Tekakwitha, a Model Saint for Our Times

…Jesus without denying who we are. Saint Kateri, Protectress of Canada and the first native American saint, we entrust to you the renewal of the faith in the first nations and in all of North America! May God bless the first nations!” St. Kateri is the patron saint of ecology and the environment,…

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