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A Special Place for Santa Book

…reconcile Jesus and Santa Claus in their thinking? This narrative blends imagination and historical facts in a delightful way that brings Santa Claus - St. Nicholas - to his knees before the living Christ. Introduction by Pat Boone.      A Special Place for Santa Share the true…


Fontanini Kneeling Santa Figure [Red]

Kneeling Santa praying at Baby Jesus' crib has charmed families for a long time. This touching figurine will keep that charm alive for years to come! Handmade in Italy by the renowned Fontanini team, this Kneeling Santa statue is a thoughtful reminder to keep your focus on the Christ Child, for…


Kneeling Santa Under the Star Figure

Santa humbly kneels in adoration of the Newborn King in this thoughtful kneeling Santa figure. A beautiful reminder of the gift of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. Kneeling Santa nativity figure Thoughtful accessory for your home Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas Resin Measures:…


Kneeling Santa Musical Figure [Multi-Colored]

The Kneeling Santa collection beautifully blends the religious and secular aspects of Christmas, depicting Santa gazing at the Christ child, brought to his knees in a moment of true reverence. The figures are surrounded by a rustic landscape while a flock of lambs looks on. Even more special is that…


Kneeling Santa Musical Figurine

Santa leads the way in reminding us of the true reason for the season as he kneels in adoration before the Christ Child, with an innocent lamb at his side. This musical figurine will delight both children and adults. Crafted from a resin-stone blend and strikingly colored in gold, red, and white, it…

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Standing Kneeling Santa Christmas Tree Figure

…A  Kneeling Santa Christmas figurine is a great visual that all things, especially the Christmas season, are Christ-centered. This Kneeling Santa figure is a bit different from other Kneeling Santa depictions in that instead of bowing before the manger in homage, Santa is delightfully cradling…


Kneeling Santa Figure 8" [Multi-Colored]

The Kneeling Santa collection beautifully blends the religious and secular aspects of Christmas. The Kneeling Santa figures depict Santa gazing at the Christ child, brought to his knees in a moment of true reverence. Adoration of the King Kneeling Santa figure A special keepsake for Christmas…


Kneeling Santa Ornament

…favorite in our "Kneeling Santa" collection. These decorative collectibles are an attractive way to blend the tradition of Santa with the truth of Christ, and keep Christ the center of Christmas. The ornament measures 2.5". Kneeling Santa Unique keepsake ornament Beautiful,…


Kneeling Santa Musical "Silent Night" Snowglobe

…best gift that we will ever receive. This Kneeling Santa is enclosed in a glass glitterdome on a vintage-style resin base. White snow-like glitter twirls around when snowglobe is shaken. Plays “Silent Night."  Kneeling Santa glitterdome Reverent design A classic keepsake for…


Kneeling Santa Night Light

…children understand the true meaning of Christmas. It is a night light that will charm both young and old alike. Kneeling Santa Night Light Part of the beloved Kneeling Santa collection Plugs into wall Perfect child’s gift Beautifully designed 6” (H) 3.25” (W) On/Off Switch…


Bowing Santa Grotto Ornament

The Kneeling Santa is a popular depiction of Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, kneeling before the infant Jesus as He lies in the manger.  With the popular Kneeling Santa imagery, families no longer have to be torn between celebrating a Christmas with Santa or a Christmas with the baby Jesus;…


Kneeling Santa Verse Ornament

Inside the stable, Santa kneels in reverence beside the infant Jesus. Keeping watch is a little lamb, resting at Santa's knee. At the bottom of the ornament is the Bible verse: "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. Philippians 2:10". Kneeling Santa ornament A family…


Kneeling Santa Musical Glitterdome

We are reminded of the greatest gift for all mankind as Santa humbly kneels in adoration of the Newborn King. This Kneeling Santa musical "snowglobe" is a lovely reflection of why we should pause and bend a knee at the cradle of Christ. Plays the melody: "O Come All Ye Faithful."…


Kneeling Santa Figure 12"

The Kneeling Santa collection beautifully blends the religious and secular aspects of Christmas. The Kneeling Santa figurines depict Santa gazing at the Christ child, with Santa hat removed in respect, and brought to his knees in a moment of true reverence. Among all the Kneeling Santa figurines to…

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Kneeling Santa Figure 13"

…Kneeling Santa collection beautifully blends the religious and secular aspects of Christmas. Kneeling Santa figure depicts Santa gazing at the Christ child, brought to his knees in a moment of true reverence. A life-like lamb looks on and reminds us of the humble stable setting. Kneeling Santa


Saint Nicholas Caroler Statue

…Turkey, circa 280, St. Nicholas was a Christian bishop who helped the needy. The story gradually transformed into the legendary character called Santa Claus, who brings Christmas presents to children around the world. This charming collectible statue brings St. Nicholas to life with intricate…

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Oración a Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe - Paquetes de 100

…del paganismo en Méjico, te suplicamos que intercedas en la conversión del mundo actual de su neo paganismo a la única, Santa, Católica y Apostólica Iglesia de tu hijo Divino, Jesucristo, comenzando en las Américas y continuando al mundo entero. De…


St. Nicholas: The Real Story DVD

Everybody knows the story of Santa Claus, the red–suited elf who lives at the North Pole and distributes gifts to good children every Christmas eve. But is there any historical evidence on which this jolly old character is based? Was there a real Santa Claus? To answer that question, host Mark…

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Kneeling Santa Musical Snowglobe

…storm within? This enchanting Kneeling Santa glitterdome is also musical, playing the tune “Silent Night.” The resin base, with its smooth, wood-sanded appearance, is adorned with pinecone-studded wreaths and garlands. Part of the beloved Kneeling Santa collection, this glitterdome is a…


Diario de Santa Maria Faustina Kowalska - Divina Misericordia en mi Alma (Diary of St. Faustina in Spanish) [Compact Version]

…eres la secretaria de Mi misericordia. Te he escogido para este cargo en ésta y en la vida futura." Sor Faustina, que murió en 1938, fue declarada Santa por el Papa Juan Pablo II el 30 de abril del 2000, quien la ha considerato como la gran Apóstol de La Divina Misericordia en nuestro tiempo, cuyo…


Folk Art Saint Nicholas Print [Black]

…of Saint Nicholas. The fitted print displays a compelling reminder of the character and the actions that made the man in the sleigh not just santa, but a saint. An easy-to-hang update to your seasonal decor, and a great Yuletide gift for family and friends.  Bring a unique faith presence…


Kneeling Santa Slim Profile 24”

…humble Santa is striking and reminds us of the humility with which the King of Kings entered the world.  On our knees we should all remember the Christ Child and pay homage to the innocent Babe that brought us joy and hope when He entered the world in a stable at Bethlehem. This kneeling Santa

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Kneeling Santa with Sleeping Babe

…Christmas traditions. Santa bends lovingly over the Christ Child, and reminds us that even Father Christmas must keep his eyes on the real reason for the season! Kneeling Santa resin statue Combines the best of both liturgical and secular Christmas Reminds children that even Santa Claus see Jesus as…

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Santa Ana 6mm Hematite Rosary

Silver Finish Rosary features 6mm Hematite beads. The centerpiece features a Santa Ana medal.. Bliss Manufacturing Rosary Hand-Made in the U.S.A. 6mm Czech fire polished glass beads Crucifix Dimensions: 1 3/4 x 1 Lead free bright pewter crucifix and center Rhodium plated wire guaranteed to not…

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