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Scriptural Rosary


A Scriptural Rosary

…praying the rosary. Great for adults and kids.      A Scriptural Rosary Author: Marianne Lorraine Trouvé Rediscover the rosary in the light of Scripture Includes the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries Contains explanation of how to say the Rosary 3¾ x 6…


Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary Booklet

…II explains, when we use scripture to help us contemplate and "remember" with Mary the great mysteries of her Son, we are not merely "recalling information but allowing God to speak" (RVM, #30). Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary  Beautiful Scriptural meditations Deepen your…


Manual for Eucharistic Adoration

…provides these essential resources: Teaching about the Eucharist from Scripture and Church documents Scripture verses for adoration, wisdom and inspiration from saints especially devoted to our Eucharistic Lord Prayers, Rosary meditations, reflections and hymns   Mother Teresa once said:…


My Complete Rosary Prayerbook

Includes the Rosary Story, How to Pray the Rosary, the Prayers of the Rosary, illustrated meditations on all 20 Mysteries, a Scriptural Rosary and a summary of Pope John Paul II's letter on the Rosary!


The Rosary with Pope Francis

…booklet offers meditations by Pope Francis on the twenty mysteries of the Rosary and the life of Jesus and Mary. Immerse yourself in the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary with scripture passages and easy-to-understand reflections from our Holy Father. Each mystery…


Total Consecration Through the Mysteries of the Rosary

…of the Rosary and the words of Scripture? Do so, and you’ll quickly come to appreciate as never before the beautiful prayer that is the Rosary as well as Jesus and Mary, whom you will soon know better and love more.   Total Consecration Through the Mysteries of the Rosary Why not…

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Scriptural Rosary For Children

This new book uses Scripture to help children to reflect on the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary. Beautiful illustrations complement the Scripture passages. Scriptural Rosary For Children Beautifully illustrated Helps children to pray the rosary prayerfully Excellent teaching tool


Pray the Rosary (Expanded Edition)

This new and expanded version of the ever-popular Pray the Rosary provides the traditional shorter devotion as well as a longer devotion, which includes Scriptural texts that give a fuller context within which to pray the Mysteries of our Blessed Mother and her Son. The Additional or Alternative…


Praying the Rosary: A Journey Through Scripture and Art

Stunning portrayals of each mystery of the rosary by master artists make this book delightfully unique and add new perspectives to each familiar Scripture story. The author invites us to place ourselves in each scene, imagining the people, places, sights, sounds, and emotions present at each event.…


Praying the Rosary

…history of the rosary An explanation of how and why we pray the rosary The history of the Hail Mary Prayers of the Rosary Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary Visual depiction of the rosary and the prayers associated with each bead Full color illustrations for each of the mysteries Scriptural passage…


Baltimore Catechism No. 2

…faithful.  With an easy to read question and answer format, the Catechism combines solid Catholic doctrinal teaching with meaningful exposure to Scripture and practical application.  The revival of interest in the Baltimore Catechism reflects Catholics growing realization that a clear,…


Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare

rosary in a whole new way, battling with Mary as you pray the 20 mysteries. Each mystery is aligned with a particular evil, helping you focus on everything from abortion, murder, and genocide, to materialism, illness, and disease, to pollution, corruption, and abuse of the poor. Through Scripture,


Saints Who Battled Satan & Manual for Spiritual Warfare (2 Book Set)

…essential resources: - Teaching about spiritual warfare from Scripture and Church documents - Scripture verses for battle - Wisdom and inspiration from saints who fought Satan - Prayers for protection, deliverance, and victory - Rosary meditations, hymns, and other devotions for spiritual…


Pray the Rosary With the Psalms (DVD)

…admonition to, "Rediscover the Rosary in light of Scripture, in harmony with the Liturgy, and in the context of your daily lives." What You'll Discover: On-screen verses from all 150 Psalms for each Hail Mary of the traditional 15 decade Rosary A Scriptural method to pray the Pope's new "Luminous…

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Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary (CDs)

Solves the #1 struggle with the Rosary... staying focused on the mystery. This new 2-CD set from Vinny Flynn & Still Waters features dramatic readings from scripture, but instead of a reading before each decade, there is a brief reading before each Hail Mary to help you stay focused on each of the…


The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II (CDs)

…all twenty mysteries of the Rosary along with dramatic scripture readings recited by Vinny Flynn, set to the moving melodies of the musical group, Still Waters. While Pope John Paul II does not actually recite the rosary on this CD, this version of the Rosary is based on Pope John Paul II's…

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Baltimore Catechism No. 1

…Mass and Communion The Right Manner of Confessing The Rosary The Stations of the Cross Hymns Baltimore Catechism No. 1 Excellent resource to find the church's teachings on a specific topic Combines solid Catholic doctrinal teaching with meaningful exposure to scripture 5½ x 8½ inches

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Pope Francis Wood Rosary

rosary has small 6mm round, brown wood beads. At the center is a color image of Pope Francis as he appeared on the balcony at St. Peter's the night he was announced. A silver San Damiano cross is used for the crucifix as a connection with Saint Francis of Assisi. The reverse side has Scripture


Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary (CD & Book)

The Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary is a beautiful 6" x 9" 48-page full color book which includes a totally sung rosary on CD. The book contains scripture verses for each Hail Mary, sheet music for the sung prayers, and beautiful icons, paintings and stained glass windows to aid…

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The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II (CDs)

The Gospel Rosary of JPII (CDs) is a 4 CD set that encompass the mysteries of the Rosary, dramatic scripture readings along with melodies of Still Waters. The Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul the Second is based on the specific request of JPII in "On the Most Holy Rosary (Rosarium Virginis Mariae).…

How to Pray the Rosary

…the Rosary is a great guide to the Rosary, it will instruct and inspire Catholics in praying the Rosary helping them meditate on each set of the mysteries including the Luminous Mysteries. How to Pray the Rosary contains Scripture passages for each mystery, a step-by-step guide to saying the Rosary,

The Holy Land Rosary (DVD)

…with Jesuit scripture scholar, Father Mitch Pacwa. In the Holy Land Rosary, Father Pacwa leads the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous Mysteries from the places in the Holy Land where the events actually occurred, providing the numerous relevant scriptural references. Don't…

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The Holy Land Rosary (DVD)

…of the historic places in the Holy Land where the events took place, each rosary mystery will be that much more real to you, especially with the numerous scriptural references Fr. Pacwa includes. The Holy Land Rosary DVD runs for 37 minutes, a perfect length of time for prayer and meditation,…

Embossed Metal Rejoice Rosary Box

…The timeless design is perfect for a rosary or other small keepsake. Features scripture from Philippians 4:4, "Rejoice in the Lord always" for a thoughtful message of faith. A thoughtful gift for the Sacrament of Confirmation when you include a rosary or Catholic medal.  Attractive…

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