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St Augustine


Confessions of St. Augustine

…Ph.D., this Confessions of St. Augustine is published in a prayer book format, offering a more participatory reading and prayer experience based on St. Augustine's confessions of his youthful errors. With a red vinyl cover, this classic Confessions of St. Augustine will make a tremendous…


I Burned For Your Peace: Augustine's Confessions Unpacked

…of God."  — Michael Augros , Ph.D., Author, Who Designed the Designer? I Burned For Your Peace: Augustine's Confessions Unpacked A new book by renowned author and speaker Peter Kreeft The ultimate guide for understanding Saint Augustine's Confessions Accessible and thought-provoking


The Confessions of Saint Augustine

…matchless account of a great saint struggling to overcome sin and embrace the Will of God. It is The Confessions of St. Augustine. Exotic Yet Familiar In The Confessions , St. Augustine addresses with great eloquence and passion the enduring spiritual questions that have stirred the minds and hearts…


City of God (Unabridged)

…it came into being. St. Augustine's masterpiece is an interpretation of history in terms of the struggle between good and evil: the City of God in conflict with the City of the Devil.  St. Augustine is often regarded as the most influential Christian thinker after St. Paul, and this book is…

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Confessions of St. Augustine

"Our hearts are restless until they rest in you." The first autobiography ever written, and one of the most profound testaments of faith, ever.   Confessions of St. Augustine The enduring classic A conversion story that has impacted history Beautiful edition of a beloved work


Augustine Day by Day: Minute Meditations For Every Day

…  Augustine Day by Day: Minute Meditations For Every Day Candid reflections on the challenges to living a life of faith Includes meditations for each day of the year Excellent book for those who want to follow the steps of Christ through the interpretation of St. Augustine Personalization…

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St. Monica & St. Augustine Mother/Son Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…and features St. Monica on one side and St. Augustine on the other. The relationship between St. Augustine, one of the greatest Christian thinkers, and his mother, St. Monica, was a long, loving tussle finally resolved in harmony. Monica, always a Christian, raised Augustine in the faith,…

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Sterling Silver St. Augustine Medal [Silver]

This sterling silver medal of St. Augustine is round with the image of St. Augustine in the center and engraved with St. Augustine … Pray for Us. Medal comes on approximately 20 inch long chain and the medal measures 3/4 inch in diameter. This item comes gift boxed.

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St. Augustine: A Voice for All Generations-DVD

St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is a preeminent Doctor of the Church and the patron of the Augustinian order. His works, including The City of God, On the Trinity, and The Confessions , have had an inestimable impact on the Church and, by extension, on Western Civilization at large. Yet, where did…

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St. Augustine Quote Jerusalem Stone Paperweight

St. Augustine "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee." laser engraved paperweight Our inspirational paperweights measure 1.5" high and 3.5" wide. They are carved from beautiful Jerusalem Stone quarried in the Holy Land and handcrafted in the USA.…

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St. Augustine "Patience Wisdom" Watercolor Framed Print [Black]

…this "patience is the companion of wisdom" St. Augustine watercolor framed print is a quiet, expressive accent for any room. Brighten up your space with accessories that speak to the heart and soul.  Fresh, vibrant St. Augustine quote print Inspiring words for any room in your home…


Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind

…cited: Julius Africanus • St. Athanasius • St. Augustine • Pope Benedict XV • Andreas of Cappadocia • St. Clement of Alexandria • G. K. Chesterton • St. John Chrysostom • St. Clement of Rome • St. Cyril of Jerusalem • St. Epiphanius of Salamis •…

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Saint Monica and the Power of Persistent Prayer

…writings of Saint Augustine, and prayers adapted from the liturgy and other ancient sources. Don't give up. Persistence in prayer can change everything-for you, your children, and maybe even the world.   For all parents and grandparents Devotion includes 18 meditations St. Monica our…

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In Conversation With God - Vol. 7 - Special Feasts, July - December

…Carmel St. Mary Magdalene St. James Saints Joachim and Anne St. Martha St. Ignatius of Loyola August: St. Alphonsus Liguori St. John Vianney Our Lady of the Snows The Transfiguration St. Dominic The Assumption of Our Lady St. Pius X Our Lady, Queen and Mother St. Bartholomew St. Monica St. Augustine


St. Augustine Of Hippo Red July Rosary Bracelet 6mm

Silver Finish Rosary Bracelet features 6mm red Czech Fire Polished glass beads. The Crucifix measures 5/8 x 1/4. The charm features a St. Augustine of Hippo medal. Lead free bright pewter crucifix and center. Rhodium plated wire guaranteed to not tarnish. Ruby is the birthstone color for July. Made…


Adult 7" Oval Rhodium Plated Bangle Bracelet with St. Augustine Medal Charm [Silver]

7" Oval Rhodium Plated Eye Hook Bangle Bracelet with a Sterling Silver St. Augustine medal charm . Saint Augustine is the patron saint of Theologians/Sore Eyes. Patronage: Theologians/Sore Eyes Rhodium plated bangle with Sterling Silver charm Size: Bangle 7" ,Charm: 1/2 x 1/4" Hand-Made in the…


Sterling Silver St. Augustine of Hippo Pendant w/ Chain [Silver]

Sterling Silver St. Augustine of Hippo Pendant on an 18" Sterling Silver Lite Curb Chain. Size: 3/4 x 1/2. Patronage: Brewers/Theologians.

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14kt Gold Filled St. Augustine of Hippo Pendant w/ chain [Gold]

14kt Gold Filled St. Augustine of Hippo Pendant on a 24" Stainless Gold Heavy Curb Chain with clasp. 14 Karat Gold Filled. The look and feel of solid 14 Karat Gold at a fraction of the price. Size: 1 x 3/4. Patronage: Brewers/Theologians. Made in the USA.

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Book of Saints (Part 3)

…Saints, illustrated in full color. Contents St Francis de Sales St Thomas Aquinas St Isidore St John the Baptist St Benedict St Clare St Bernard St Augustine St Charles Borromeo St Frances Cabrini St Elizabeth St Cecilia St Francis Xavier St John of the Cross St Catherine Labouré Our Lady, Queen of…

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"To Sing Is To Pray Twice" - St Augustine Framed Print [White]

"To sing is to pray twice."  --Saint Augustine You'll love this number- a print that sings an individual tune. St. Augustine's prescient words are set to a colorful G-clef, for a unique and thoughtful ode to the talented voice in your life that also reminds them that those…


Sterling Silver St. Augustine Pendant [Silver]

Sterling Silver St. Augustine Pendant on a Sterling Silver Lite Curb, 18" Chain with clasp. Size: 3/4 x 1/2 inches, Patronage: Theologians/Sore Eyes patronage: Theologians/Sore Eyes Size: 3/4 x 1/2 18" Sterling Silver Lite Curb Chain with Clasp Hand-Made in the U.S.A. Guaranteed to not tarnish


To Sing is to Pray Twice Short Sleeve T-Shirt [Medium]

…that when we sing from the heart, we sing with love. Inspired by the words of St. Augustine. Classic, comfortable Catholic tshirt with a meaningful message to share with the world.  Artful Saint Augustine t-shirt Classic, comfortable white short-sleeve  A Catholic Company exclusive…

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The Sign of the Cross & The Catholic Controversy Book Set

…have said about it, including St. Ambrose, St. Augustine, St. Basil, St. Clement, St. Cyril, St. Cyprian, St. Dionysius, St. Efraim, St. Eugenius, St. Gregory of Tours, St. Hilarion, Saint Hippolytus, St. Ignatius of Antioch, St. James, St. Jerome, St. John Chrysostom, St. Lawrence, and many others.…


"Patience" Watercolor Canvas Market Tote [Natural]

Natural canvas features soft watercolor blooms and a beautiful quote from St. Augustine. A practical and pretty tote for weekends away or a trip to your favorite bookstore. The purposeful print offers hopeful words for daily living. Because you can never have too many totes, thse are great for…

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