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St Joseph Icon

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Church of Christ Icon - Under Glass w/ Gold Frame

…featured in the icon are the Crucifixion with the Virgin Mary, St John the Beloved, Joseph of Aramathea, the Centurion who accepted Christ, the twelve Apostles, Symbols of the Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders, Christ in the Seat of Judgment, and the Communion of Saints. This ornate Icon is embellished…

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St. Joseph's #feastday is in 9 days! Tod...

St. Joseph's #feastday is in 9 days! Tod...

St. Joseph's #feastday is in 9 days! Today is the traditional day to begin a novena asking for his intercession. Is St. Joseph your patron saint? He might be! Check here: Glorious St. Joseph, you came to share in the sublime…

Theotokos Vladimir Icon, 4 x 6

…righteous Joseph,  painted three icons of the Theotokos. When the Most Pure One looked at them, she said: "Henceforth, all generations shall call Me blessed. The grace of both My Son and Me shall be with this icon."  One of these Icons is now known as the 'Vladimir' icon.


Novena Prayer to St. Joseph

…of Mary, icon of the Father's love. To you, who protected the Mother of God and her Son from deadly danger, I offer my intentions (make your request here). Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory Be... Amen. Novena taken from Novenas for the Church Year by Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P. St. Joseph ;as the…

San Damiano Cross 10"

…is the Cross beneath which St. Francis was praying when he received his commission from the Lord to rebuild the Church. The original San Damiano Cross now hangs in Santa Chiara Church (St. Clare Church) in Assisi, Italy.  San Damiano Cross From the popular Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection…


Misericordia "Mercy" Crucifix

…mercy in Latin) crucifix features St. Francis at the top; the Blessed Virgin on the left; St. John the Beloved on the right; and St. Anthony of Padua at the base of the cross. An attractive wall crucifix from the popular Joseph's Studio.  Attractive icon style "mercy" cross Designed after…

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Today is the #feastday of St. Luke the E...

Today is the #feastday of St. Luke the E...

…Marian icon in the Eternal City. According to tradition, "after the Crucifixion, when Our Lady moved to the home of St. John, she took with her a few personal belongings, among which was a table built by the Redeemer in the workshop of St. Joseph. When pious virgins of Jerusalem prevailed upon St.

Ognissanti Standing Crucifix

…art history in your home.  On each end of the crucifix is an icon: The Virgin Mary on the left, John the Evangelist on the right, and Christ the Pantocrator at the top. A beautiful and unique crucifix from the popular Joseph Studio collection.  Affordable art for your home Brilliant colors…

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The Holy Family, the Holy Trinity, and You!

The Holy Family, the Holy Trinity, and You!

…mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  God is the creator of powerful angelic beings, yet He gave Himself a human father as a guardian and protector, St. Joseph.  That God throughout the ages invites humans into His grand story and uses them to accomplish His will is simply profound. Surely we can marvel…

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