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Christ's Story Pocket Stones, 5pc

stone set. Each double sided carved stone represents a part of the story of Christ’s life. Use them to give physical expression to the aspiration of growing closer to Jesus through prayer. A beautiful reminder of Christ’s unending love for us.   Christ’s Story pocket stones

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Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone: True Stories of Divine Wonders, Miracles and Messages

…hand in history's most magnificent miracles. In brisk, easy to read accounts, Ficocelli relates these amazing (and true!) stories.  Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone  explains why God performs miracles and what our disposition should be toward them. Some miracles are quiet and simple, some…

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The House of the Virgin Mary: The Miraculous Story of Its Journey from Nazareth to a Hillside in Italy

…and benefits the Church promises will be yours. The House of the Virgin Mary: The Miraculous Story of Its Journey from Nazareth to a Hillside in Italy Discover the story of the house Our Lady lived in Read about the miraculous transport of her holy dwelling An inspiring, little-known story 


Mary & Martha Statue

…cast stone statue features Mary and Martha who complement one another beautifully as sisters and friends often do. A truly special piece for those in your circle of friends and family.  Artfully crafted Mary & Martha small statue Artisan design to be admired for the beautiful story it…


Handmade St. Rita of Cascia Statue [Brown]

…is this story that, in part, made Rita the patron of those who pursue difficult goals. A second story tells that when Rita was born, a swarm of bees appeared, some flying in and out of her mouth, none hurting her. The bees and their honey are symbols of purity and sanctity. A third story holds that…


The Love That Made Mother Teresa Book and Rosary Bracelet (Set)

Part biography and part spiritual reading, the pages of this book will bring to light little-known stories from Mother Teresa’s life that will help you to grow in your love of God. Perfectly paired with our Catholic Company Exclusive, Mother Teresa Rosary Bracelet, this set will warm your…


Mother Teresa "Change the World" Passport Stamp Blanket

…can tell an intriguing story while wrapping you in comfort? Smooth jersey on one side, cozy fleece on the other, this sweatshirt classic is lightweight and easy to store. Features wrap-around Mother Teresa quote, "I alone cannot change the world. But I can cast a stone across the waters to…

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Handmade St. Anne Statue [Brown]

…an ancient symbol of listening patiently for the word of God. The book in her hand represents the Old Testament, where Anne found the story of Hannah, a hopeful story much like her own. This one of a kind figure is completely hand made by Hank Schlau and hand painted by his wife Karen Schlau. Made…


Handmade St. Cecilia Statue [Brown]

…Handmade in the U.S.A. Details Cecilia was a fourth-century martyr. Her association with music and musicians stems from a story about her wedding feast. The story tells that Cecilia did not want to get married but was forced to by her parents and others who had power over her. At the celebration,…


Collector Series Statue - Blessed Virgin Mary [Multi-Colored]

…& Protectors collectible statues series, this 3.5" statue of the Blessed Mother comes attractively gift-boxed, with the Blessed Mother Story on back of box, and Prayer Card enclosed. Perfect for teaching young about the lives of the Saints! Blessed Mother statue Perfect gift for young…

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Handmade St. Catherine of Alexandria Statue [Brown]

story of Catherine of Alexandria (ca 4th century) has a long and rich history. The essentials are that at 18 she had a vision so powerful that she converted to Christianity. During the persecution of Maximus, Catherine, still a young woman, offered to debate the leading pagan philosophers. The story


Holy Family with Magi Nativity Set 10”

Share the story of Christ’s birth with this large-scale nativity set. A stunning focal point for your home, the traditionally-styled figures will add beauty and meaning to your seasonal decorations. Beautifully colored and exquisitely detailed, with serene and adoring faces. The Magi join the…


Classic Style Nativity Set - 9 Piece

This classic nativity set features all the main people and animals you remember from reading the nativity story in the Gospels. The sturdy stone-resin figures and rich colors draw the viewer into the scene. Perfect for any shelf or table in your home. Classic style 9-piece nativity set Sturdy…

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Handmade St. Jerome Statue [Brown]

…with a lion. The story is that a lion one day limped into the monastery where Jerome was at work. Other monks fled. Jerome, lion-like himself, stayed calm. The lion handed Jerome its paw. Jerome withdrew a thorn. For the rest of its life, the lion protected the scholar. This story is the reason that…

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St. Francis Figure 9.75" [Multi-Colored]

…speaking to the animals... even a time when he quieted a flock of noisy birds that were interrupting a religious ceremony! Perhaps the most famous story is when he tamed the wolf that was terrorizing the townspeople of Gubbio. St. Francis’ love for all animals of God’s creation is…


St. Anthony Statue, 37"

Anthony of Padua (1195-1231), a disciple and friend of St. Francis of Assisi, became known as the finder of lost things from a simple story from his own life. A Franciscan novice took Anthony's Psalter without his permission. Anthony prayed for its return. The novice had a frightening apparition…


Noah's Ark Musical Figure

The story of Noah's ark is a beloved theme for children, and adults love it, too! This sweetly-designed figurine features the ark chock-full of cheerful animals looking out over a rolling sea. Even better, this is a musical figure that plays the tune to the song "Talk to the Animals."…

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Handmade Chi Rho Cross Figure

…combines the first two Greek characters in Christ’s name - Chi and Rho. It is associated with good fortune and hope largely because of a story about the emperor Constantine: the night before the Battle of Milvian Bridge (in 312), Constantine dreamed of the symbol and heard a voice say,…

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Handmade St. Dorothy Figure

…garden”). St. Dorothy (d. ca. 304) was, according to legend, martyred in Cappadocia, in modern-day Turkey, under the Diocletian persecution. Her story is this: after her arrest for being a Christian, the Roman magistrate said he would spare her if she worshiped the Roman gods; Dorothy refused;…

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Handmade St. Dymphna Figure

…Belgium. The father pursued them to Gheel with soldiers; there, in a rage, he ordered the soldiers to kill both the priest and his daughter. The story continues that a group of troubled souls and epileptics witnessed the scene and were miraculously cured. Building on that tradition, a sanitarium…

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Handmade St. Roch Plaque

…brought back to wholeness by the dog and his gifts, he and the dog returned to Rome, where they worked to heal others and comfort the dying. The story demonstrates both the bond between humans and dogs and the power of each to heal and rejuvenate the other. At the top of this image of St. Roch is…

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Handmade St. Roch Statue [Brown]

…brought back to wholeness by the dog and his gifts, he and the dog returned to Rome, where they worked to heal others and comfort the dying. The story demonstrates both the bond between humans and dogs and the power of each to heal and rejuvenate the other. At the top of this image of St. Roch is…

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Handmade St. Therese Statue [Brown]

…nun who died in obscurity in her convent at the age of 24. She became known to the world after her death when her spiritual autobiography (The Story of a Soul) was published. The book became hugely popular in part because Thérèse, in contrast to the then-dominant Catholic practice,…

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St. Francis Garden Statue

Many stories surround the life of Francis of Assisi and his love of nature and the animals. He lived his life devoted to Christ, and believed that nature itself was a mirror of God. No wonder that his image is the most popular statuary around our homes and gardens. This St. Francis statue has a base…

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