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Symbols Book


The Book of the Gospels

…of the cross that introduces the Classic Edition Lectionary of which our Gospel book is a component. Each symbol on the cover has special meaning: The cross's four medallions represent the four evangelists; the symbols in the lower right and left corners represent the people of God; and those in…

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Why Do Catholics Do That? A Guide to the Teachings and Practices of the Catholic Church

…to better understand the rituals and symbols of the Catholic faith. Topics discussed include: How the Church Makes Laws The Hard-Fought Genesis of the New Testament The Cycle of Redemption A Short Guide to the Meaning and Structure of the Mass Decoding Symbols of Scripture and the Sacraments The…

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Symbols of Lent (25 Pack)

Everyone knows that there is a season called Lent. But do we recall what each of those once-a-year Lenten rituals and symbols are about? This handy leaflet reminds us of the basics for celebrating Lent fully. It covers the history and meaning of ashes, the "40 days," purple vestments,…

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Assorted Symbols Personalized Prayer Card (Priced Per Card)

This assortment of prayer cards comes with four separate images with religious symbols. The wording includes: "May they rest in peace", "In His Will is Our Peace", "Peace" or "I Am the truth and the life". Made in the USA. Cards are micro-perforated.


My Baptism Remembrance Book

…popular scrapbooking elements found in baby books, this remembrance book preserves important life moments for the special child in your life to look back upon as he or she becomes curious about life as a Catholic child. This illustrated remembrance book contains: Fill-in-the-blanks for recording…

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The Lent-Easter Book

Lenten symbols such as ashes received on Ash Wednesday and the palms on Palm Sunday call attention in a singular way to this most important of the Church seasons: Lent-Easter.  The Lent-Easter Book  is the answer for teachers and parents who want to make these seasons powerful renewals of…

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Book of Kells Pink Spiral Pendant

Inspired by the Book of Kells, this stunning gold plated spiral pendant celebrates the brilliant coloring and intricate patterns found in the illustrious Book of Kells. A stunning showcase that reveals your rich heritage and faith through creative symbols. From the Solvar Collection. Book of Kells…

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Catholicism for Dummies, 2nd Edition & Catholicism Pure and Simple (2 Book Set)

…8½ inches 264 pages Softcover Catholicism Pure and Simple 7 x 9 inches 414 pages  Softcover Two book set Catholicism for Dummies, 2nd Edition A well-written, easy to understand book on the Catholic faith Catholicism Pure and Simple A step-by-step journey of the basics of the Catholic…

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Ignatius Catholic Study Bible -The First, Second, and Third Letters of St. John and the Revelation to John 2nd Edition [1]

…called the Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse (from the Greek, meaning “unveiling”). Written in highly symbolic style, the Revelation to John is perhaps the most difficult book of the Bible to understand. Scholars have long debated whether the book is concerned mainly with a symbolic


Handmade St. Dymphna Figure

…transition from Dymphna’s tragedy to healing. In her left hand Dymphna holds a book, a symbol of wisdom, one of the cures of mental and emotional distress. In her right hand she holds a butterfly, the ancient symbol of Psyche and of the soul and mind, the attributes that St. Dymphna is reputed…

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Handmade St. Anne Statue [Brown]

…women hoping to become pregnant because her long patience was rewarded. The shell above Anne’s head is an ancient symbol of listening patiently for the word of God. The book in her hand represents the Old Testament, where Anne found the story of Hannah, a hopeful story much like her own. This…


Pewter Confirmation Bookmark

…Spirit always guide you." It is made of genuine Pewter and includes a burgundy ribbon. This small bookmark comes carded on a burgundy velour card. Features artfully engraved symbols of the sacrament An ideal gift to commemorate a special Confirmation day Genuine pewter 3½" x ¾"


For A Special Boy Pewter Communion Bookmark

…you pray and He is sure to bless you on Your First Communion Day" The bookmark is engraved with grapevines, a host, and a chalice. First Communion Bookmark Features artfully engraved symbols of the sacrament An ideal gift for a boy to commemorate his special day Measures ¾" x 3½"


We Have A Table For Four Ready (DVD)

Only a few miles from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall - symbols of the American dream - stretches the Kensington district of Philadelphia. In the shadow of these historic symbols of opportunity and prosperity live men, women and children invisible to tourists and most of their neighbors,…

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Can You Find Jesus?

…figures together, your youngster will learn about Jesus and many of the things he did. In addition, ten symbols associated with the life of Jesus are hidden in each picture throughout the book. The creators of Can You Find Jesus? hope that you and your child will find pleasure in it--and be able to…


The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook

…range of topics including: Morning and evening prayer services A short history of Advent The preparatory nature of Advent Traditional hymns and symbols of Christmas Traditional Christmas practices A Christmas novena Daily Christmas meditations Family meal prayers for the holiday season A glossary…

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Ave Maria Market Tote [Natural]

One of our most beloved Marian symbols now graces this fun canvas tote in shades of teal and blue. Load up with your favorite Catholic books, market finds, or essentials for the beach. Let your love of Mary shine!  © Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Versatile…

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Miraculous Medal Tote [Natural]

One of our most beloved Marian symbols inspired by the Miraculous Medal now graces this fun canvas tote. Load up with your favorite Catholic books, market finds, or essentials for the beach. Let your love of Mary shine!  © Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Practical tote…

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The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics

…look at the Mass and allow you to meet Jesus as transformed by His gift of life. The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics Where do we see symbols of the Eucharist in the Old Testament? How do the Old Testament sacrifices prefigure Christ's sacrifice? What did Jesus mean when he said "Do this…

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Personal Deacon Journal

This genuine leather personal journal with the deacon stole cross symbol is the perfect gift for someone new to the diaconate or a long-time favorite in your parish. The convenient design helps with daily organization with the elastic band closure, interior plastic sleeve that holds a picture or…


Pope Francis

…BBC, NPR and France 24. Pope Francis A book that is the culmination of years of research and planning across multiple languages and sources The events and analysis of Pope Benedict's resignation A discussion of the Pope Francis' coat of arms and other symbols of the papacy A comprehensive discussion…


Guadalupe Mysteries: Deciphering the Code

…people. They interview the various experts on the image and reveal its symbolic messages, those of the past and those speaking to us today. Guadalupe Mysteries: Deciphering the Code Beautifully illustrated coffee table book Familiarize yourself with history of Our Lady of Guadalupe Learn the…


Catholicism for Dummies, 2nd Edition

Maybe you have heard about it from friends or seen it in the bookstore. Maybe you have wondered: "Can a book with this title possibly be good for the Church?"  Catholicism For Dummies  presents a rich tapestry and history of the Catholic faith—from devotions to doctrines.…


Religion of the Plain Man

…short book . . . was aimed at those adherents to the Church of England who were disquieted by the increasingly obvious cracks in the foundation of that church. So he returns to the foundations of the Church Universal—most importantly, to the need for unity and for a shepherd to both symbolize

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