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Wooden Beads


Mahogany Red Wooden Decade Rosary

This decade rosary is made of generously-sized wooden beads. Smooth to the touch and finely crafted, it is a wonderful rosary for anyone, and its small size allows it to be easily carried in one hand or slipped over a thumb. Has wooden cross with engraved corpus. Corded wood decade rosary Rich,…


Pieta Corded Rosary

…inspired by Michelangelo's interpretation of Christ after His crucifixion. Brown wooden beads are paired with small cross beads for a simple yet powerful devotional for your prayer life.  Unique Pieta corded rosary Small cross prayer beads Colorful centerpiece 7mm brown beads 24" (L) Corded

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6X8MM Black Wood Rosary [Black]

This rosary measures 24" long. The beads are a 6 x 8mm black wood with a silver oxidized crucifix and center. Gift box included.


Rose Petal Rosary Box w/Rose Scented Rosary

This “sweet” rose petal rosary is designed with detailed rose-shaped Our Father beads. The rose-scented Hail Mary beads are made of wood, and nicely sized at 6mm. And to make this rosary even more enticing, it comes in a beautiful metal rose-shaped box. A Miraculous Medal is attached at…

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SS 6X8MM Brown Wood Rosary [Brown]

This rosary measures 24" long. The beads are a 6 x 8mm brown wood with a sterling silver crucifix and center. Gift box included.


Slide Rosary Bracelet

…dark stained beads that slide as to keep your place in prayer. Perfect style for anyone. A great look for teens and men. Rosary slide bracelet Convenient prayer accessory Wooden beads and cross Thoughtful gift for anyone Simple, yet reverent design Bracelet: 7.5" (L) Wooden beads Lobster clasp


Brown Cord Rosary Bracelet [Silver]

…decade rosary bracelet is a great way to pray the rosary on the go.  Each tan wooden bead features small crosses etched all around it.  This corded one decade rosary bracelet with decorative wooden beads is perfectly adjustible for large or small wrists, and slips off the wrist with…


Jesus Beads [Brown]

A strand of 100 wooden beads, the Jesus Beads are a devotional tool honoring the name of Jesus and imploring the mercy of God. Marked with a wooden Jerusalem cross, the beads may be tucked in a stamped black pouch (included) for protected transport and storage. The beads and cross are handcrafted…

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Wooden World Mission Rosary

…Holy Father as we pray for Christians and missionary work of the Church around the world. Each continent is represented by the multi-colored beads. Boxed with prayer card. Wooden World Mission rosary Colorful design Smooth oval beads Boxed with card Wooden oval beads Multi-colored Boxed Prayer card


Wooden Kiddie Rosary

This wooden kiddie rosary is the perfect way to introduce your children to the rosary at a young age. It is made for little hands with oversize wooden beads. The colorful beads are fun and attractive, ideal for teaching little ones how to pray the rosary prayers.  Also makes a great take-a-long…


Wooden Rosary Ring with Crucifix

…ring rosary will be a constant reminder to pray! Attractive wooden beads host a traditionally-styled wooden crucifix at center. Single decade rosary.  Wooden rosary Simple, compact ring design Attractive crucifix centerpiece Finger single decade rosary Wood beads One decade Stretch design

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My First Wooden Kiddie Rosary

The wooden kiddie rosary is the perfect way to introduce your children to the rosary at a young age. The wooden kiddie rosary features large, brightly painted wooden beads, making it easy for little hands to hold on to and attractive to young children. The wooden kiddie rosary is completely…


Franciscan Tau Cross Wooden Rosary [Brown]

…a durable corded design with smooth wooden beads. The crucifix is carved in the distinct shape known as the Tau cross, which is Franciscan. Perfect for anyone who has a devotion to St. Francis of Assisi, or who just needs a wonderful wooden rosary! Wood bead rosary Distinctive Tau cross Simple,…

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Images of Faith Wooden Stretch Bracelet

…little oval windows reveal images of faith in this wooden stretch bracelet. A great accessory with an everlasting style.  Story of Faith stretch bracelet Mary & Jesus colorful charms Personal and meaningful accessory for her Wooden beads  2.5" diameter Stretch bracelet Wood beads

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St. Benedict One Decade Wooden Rosary

beads (decade beads) as way to keep focused on each mystery and move the ten beads (Hail Mary beads) to keep track of each prayer. Perfectly sized for slipping into a pocket or purse. Features a traditional bronzed colored saint medal.  St.Benedict single decade rosary Brazilian wooden beads


Colorful Wooden Our Lady of Fatima Bracelet

…anniversary bracelet Colorful wooden stretch bracelet with Fatima medal  Great accessory for commemorating Mary's apparition in Fatima, Portugal Vibrant, versatile Marian design is perfect for layering or wearing alone  Wooden beads Silver oxidized medal Wooden cross: .75" (L) x .75" (W)…


St. Joseph Wood Bead Rosary

…Company Etched, wooden beads Reflects the humility and holiness of St. Joseph Thoughtful gift for men Designed and handmade exclusively at The Catholic Company Very lightweight and easy to travel with Etched 10mm olive wood Our Father beads  Etched 8mm brown wood decade beads  Crucifix: 2"…


Carved Wood Bead Wall Rosary

…with finely-carved wood beads and features a generously proportioned crucifix that is nearly eight inches in length. It's a call to prayer and a presentation of the peace of Christ all in one! Wall rosary Inspiring, prayerful home decor Handmade Beautifully carved beads Total length: 5 ft (62")…

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Navy Blue Wood Bead Rosary [Blue]

…of generously-sized wooden beads with a metal crucifix, centerpiece, and links. Smooth to the touch and finely crafted, it is a wonderful rosary for anyone, but its size makes it a particularly great choice for a man.  Wood bead rosary Rich, navy blue color Larger size 21.5" (L) 9mm wood beads


Saint Benedict Brown Wood Bead Rosary

This Saint Benedict Rosary features hand finished 6mm Round brown wood beads on 18.5" Silver Linked Chain. Includes Metal centerpiece with traditional Saint Benedict symbol engraved, along with a silver Saint Benedict crucifix with black trim. Rosary imported from Italy.


Saint Benedict Black Wood Bead Rosary [Black]

This beautiful Saint Benedict Rosary features hand finished 7mm Squared black wood beads on 20" Silver linked chain. Includes metal centerpiece with traditional Saint Benedict symbol engraved, along with a silver Saint Benedict cross with black trim. Rosary imported from Italy.

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Wood Bead Way of the Cross Rosary

This impressive rosary/chaplet is designed to guide one in meditating on the Stations of the Cross. The smooth wood beads are complemented by beautiful metal depictions of each station, and the unique cross features a reverent image of the Head of Christ.    Pray the Stations of the Cross…


Olive Wood Carved Bead Rosary with Holy Land Soil

…carved beads as well as a reverently-designed, two-tone crucifix. Its centerpiece contains soil from the Holy Land, giving it special significance. Olive wood rosary Handmade in the Holy Land Beautiful carved beads Contains Holy Land soil Two-toned crucifix 22.4” (L) Carved olive wood beads

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Round Wood Bead Our Lady of Fatima Wall Rosary

…wood beads and a reverent crucifix. Look at the centerpiece: it features a lovely image of Our Lady of Fatima, appearing to the three children as they watch the sheep. Inspire your family and friends with this unique piece of wall art! Our Lady of Fatima wall rosary Smooth, round beads Stunning…

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