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Catechism of the Catholic Church - OSV

…also includes an extensive glossary and analytical index to make it even more "user friendly." Unlike the catechism you may have used as a child, the official Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition, doesn't have a question-and-answer format. Designed for lay use, it can…


Catechism of the Catholic Church

…English version of the Catechism is a handy compact size and is a complete and updated edition which contains modifications from the Editio Typica - the official Latin version of the Catechism. See also:  The Catechism of the Catholic Church - Spanish Edition Catechism of the Catholic Church An…


YOUCAT: Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church

YOUCAT is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, which was launched on World Youth Day, 2011. Developed with the help of young Catholics and written for high-school age people and young adults, YOUCAT is an accessible, contemporary expression of the Catholic Faith. The appealing graphic…


United States Catholic Catechism for Adults [Book]

"The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults is an adaptation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and it is presented to Catholics of the United States who are members of both Latin and Eastern Churches...This text follows the Catechism's arrangement of content: "The…


Catechism and Compendium Set

Catechism of the Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI gives the Church the "food" that it seeks in the 598 questions and answers in the Compendium, Catechism of the Catholic Church . This volume offers a quick synopsis of the essential contents of the Faith as promulgated in the Catechism of…


The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition

Four centuries in the making, a monumental undertaking and a magnificent achievement, the first definitive Catholic Catechism since the Council of Trent in 1566 details the doctrine, dogma, and the basic tenets of the Church. This is a hard cover book that measures approximately 7.5 inches tall by…


My Little Catechism

…Yourself". A catechism makes the Word of God ring within us to change our lives. The Word of God is no ordinary word. Saint John tells us that Jesus is the Word, which means the Word in person! Everything that God has to say to us, he says by giving us his Son, Jesus. This catechism helps us…


St. Joseph Revised Baltimore Catechism (Grades 3-4-5)

…doctrine is expressed. This Catechism, explained by Rev. Bennet Kelley, C.P., combines modern outlook and language with a solid time-tested exposition of the teaching of the Church. Click here to view sample pages. (PDF)   The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism (No. 1) Grades 3-4-5 Author:…


Catholicism for Dummies, 2nd Edition

…a "Cheat Sheet" with the Twelve Articles of Catholic Faith and common Catholic prayers.  Catholicism For Dummies  is not a catechism or religious textbook, but a casual, down-to-earth introduction for Catholics and non-Catholics. It gives common-sense explanations of Catholic…


Catholic Answers NABRE Bible (Burgundy)

…Traditions?  Clear and concise explanations of the Catholic Church’s teachings on critical issues are derived from Bible text and Catechism references; with double the supplemental content found in the original The Catholic Answer Bible. Features 88 of the most common questions Catholics…


Baltimore Catechism Complete Set

…the Baltimore Catechism, with updated typesetting, a fresh new cover, larger format, quality binding and the same trusted content. This set includes all Four of the Baltimore Catechisms: Baltimore Catechism No. 1 Baltimore Catechism No. 2 Baltimore Catechism No. 3 Baltimore Catechism No. 4 Items…


Pocket Catholic Dictionary

…2,000 clear and concise definitions of the Catholic Church's teachings on faith, worship, morals, theology, history, and spirituality. See also: A Pocket Catechism For Kids Catholic Pocket Prayer Book New Testament - Pocket Size Pocket Catholic Catechism What Catholics Believe - A Pocket Catechism


The Catechism of the Council of Trent

…Borromeo and recognized as the most authoritative Catholic catechism. Leo XIII recommended two books--the Summa and this Catechism--for all seminarians! Pope Benedict XVIth, as a Cardinal, called it the most important Catholic Catechism. Originally designed to supply parish priest with an official…


Baltimore Catechism No. 1

…the fourth volume which is the Explanation or Teacher's Guide: Baltimore Catechism No. 4 . See also: Baltimore Catechism No. 2 Baltimore Catechism No. 3 Baltimore Catechism Complete Set Contents Of Baltimore Catechism No. 1 include: Lesson First: On the End of Man Lesson Second: On God and His…


Father McBride's Teen Catechism

…Father McBride's Teen Catechism is to open up the Catechism to our teen-age members. This book is not a substitute for the Catechism, but is an introduction. It will help young readers acquire a sense of the meaning, the inner coherence, and the direction the Catechism offers for becoming a…


Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - New Testament [Hardcover]

…truly unique Bible tool is given to the Church. The Ignatius Study Bible is a gift for our generation. This is the most important book since the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Every parish study group and every student of Sacred Scripture should own and use this Bible.” — David Currie…


St. Joseph New American Catechism: Illustrated No. 1 (Grades 3-4-5)

…Bible. Special Features: Large Type Illustrations Question-and-Answer Method Many Helps Economical Click here to view sample pages. (PDF)   St. Joseph New American Catechism: Illustrated No. 1  Ideal for grades 3, 4, and 5 Excellent teaching tool Important way to learn the basics of faith


Study Guide for the U.S. Adult Catholic Catechism

…the outline of chapters of United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, so that you can easily move between both books. The United States Catholic Catechism for Adults is composed of 36 chapters that follow the arrangement of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Creed, Sacraments, Moral Life,…

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Day by Day with the Catechism

A perfect book to help make the Catechism of the Catholic Church more easily understandable and applicable to everyday experience. These minute meditations for every day of the year feature a text from the Catechism, a reflection upon some aspect of the text, and a prayer to act upon it. Includes…


What Catholics Believe: A Pocket Catechism

Catholics of a certain age fondly remember the Baltimore Catechism, the gold standard question-and-answer catechism that provided an entire generation of Catholics with easy-to-understand-and-memorize answers to the basic truths of the Catholic Church. Now, noted authors Mike Aquilna and Fr. Kris D.…

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The Didache Bible

The Didache Bible  presents extensive commentaries, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for each of the books of the Holy Bible. It also includes numerous apologetical inserts to assist the reader in understanding the Church's teachings on current issues. It uses the …

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Jesus Beads [Brown]

…Prayer of the Heart, which invokes the Holy Name of Jesus and implores His divine mercy. (You can read about the "Jesus Prayer" in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraphs 2665-2669.) Olive wood Jesus beads Attractive case with Jerusalem Cross Traditional devotional tool Nicely…

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…and "Questions for Application." The "Questions for Understanding" incorporate references from Scripture and from the Catechism of the Catholic Church to build on topics featured in the series. The "Questions for Application" help you reflect on how Father…

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Pocket Catechism: Essential Catholic Teachings

…full color, will give to parents, children, teachers—in fact, all who are really seeking truths—the right answers about the essentials of the Catholic faith. Pocket Catechism: Essential Catholic Teachings For people of all ages Clear, simple explanations A book every family should have

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