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Saint Gianna Molla - Wife, Mother, Doctor

…she refused a hysterectomy that would have aborted the child, and opted for a riskier surgery in an attempt to save the baby. Herself a medical doctor, Molla did give birth to the child, but succumbed to an infection. An Italian woman who loved skiing, playing piano, attending concerts at the Milan…

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Gold St. Luke the Apostle / Doctor Medal - 14KT [Gold]

A thoughtful gift or to be worn in remembrance. This 14kt Gold St. Luke the Apostle / Doctor Medal is crafted by hand in the U.S.A. Expertly die cast and guaranteed for life. St. Luke The Apostle is the patron saint of Physicians and Painters. Size: 3/4 x 1/2 Chain not included Hand-Made in the…


Sterling Silver St. Luke the Apostle / Doctor Pendant w/ Chain [Silver]

A unique and traditionally styled selection. This Sterling Silver St. Luke the Apostle / Doctor Pend is handcrafted in the U.S.A. by artisans. Rich in detail and guaranteed for life. St. Luke The Apostle is the patron saint of Physicians and Painters. Size: 3/4 x 1/2 18" Sterling Silver Lite Curb…


Gold Filled St. Luke the Apostle / Doctor Pendant w/ Chain [Gold]

A unique and meaningful piece. This 14kt Gold Filled St. Luke the Apostle / Doctor Pendant is handmade by artisans in the U.S.A. 14 Karat Gold Filled. The look and feel of solid 14 Karat Gold at a fraction of the price. Rich in detail and guaranteed for life. St. Luke The Apostle is the patron saint…

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Saint Gianna Beretta Molla - The Gift of Life

…joy was brought into Gianna's life with "special gifts" from Jesus, the birth of her children, Pierluigi, Mariolina and Lauretta. Gianna found great joy in living her vocation as a wife, mother, and doctor. Convinced that all life is God's gift, Gianna treasured her husband and children above all…

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Sterling Silver Sts. Cosmas & Damian/Doctors Pendant w/ Chain [Silver]

A unique and traditionally styled selection. This Sterling Silver Sts. Cosmas & Damian/Doctors Penda is handcrafted in the U.S.A. by artisans. Rich in detail and guaranteed for life. Sts. Cosmas & Damian is the patron saint of Surgeons and Barbers. Size: 3/4 x 1/2 18" Sterling Silver Lite Curb Chain…

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Introduction to the Devout Life (Audio Book)

…living the devout life that God calls all of us to. This book is incredibly palatable, not only because St. Francis De Sales is a Doctor of the Church and a writer gifted with clarity, but also in that hearing the words of the saint one is captivated and inspired. While listening, you will think…


Mary Undoer of Knots - Good Catholic Digital Content Series [Gift Subscription]

…our God-given helper, the series will show you how to cooperate with her graces by practicing spiritual disciplines recommended by the saints and doctors of the Catholic Church. Purchase Mary Undoer of Knots - Good Catholic Digital Content Series to begin a journey that will teach you how to trust…


The Glories of Mary

The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, has assembled here the very finest information about Our Lady, taken from the many writing of the Saints, other holy authors, and from Sacred Scripture. The Glories of Mary is five complete books in one volume. The first book explains the words…

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Union With God: Learning From St. Teresa of Avila (CDs)

…and doctor of the universal church. Order Ralph Martin's excellent four-CD series Union with God - Learning from Teresa of Avila and open your eyes to her path of greater holiness and deeper relationship with God. In this series you will also learn: The goal of the mystics and doctors of the…

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The Confessions of Saint Augustine

…moving story in his own words. You'll experience the often exotic story of a young man of ancient times who would become one of the greatest doctors of the Latin Church, but you'll also discover a story as familiar as our own struggles with sin and temptation today. First-hand Account…


City of God (Unabridged)

No book except the Bible itself had a greater influence on the Middle Ages than City of God. Since medieval Europe was the cradle of today's Western civilization, this work by consequence is vital for an understanding of our world and how it came into being. St. Augustine's masterpiece is an…

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Aquinas's Shorter Summa

From the Church’s greatest theologian — the essentials of Catholic doctrine clearly and succinctly presented. Two years before he died, St. Thomas Aquinas — probably the greatest teacher the Church has ever known — was asked by his assistant, Brother Reginald, to write a…


The Catholic Controversy: A Defense of the Faith by St. Francis de Sales

This book is a collection of pamphlets written by St. Francis de Sales as a young priest (age 27 to 29) struggling to reach people who would not listen to him: the 72,000 Calvinists of the French Chablais region, who had lost the Faith sixty years before. The task looked hopeless, yet in four years…


Summa Theologica (Five-Volume Set)

One of the world's most renowned masterpieces, the Summa Theologica , as the title indicates, is a summing up of all that can be known about God and humanity's relations with God. It is divided into three parts dealing with God, man, and the God-man respectively. It consists of 38 tracts,…

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Hell and Its Torments

A sermon on Hell as part of "The Four Last Things." Novel and vigorous; inspires a person to do whatever is necessary not to go there. Brief and powerful. Hell and Its Torments A clear teaching on the reality of hell Sobering and educational

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The Way of Perfection

Millions have read and benefited from this book since it was first written nearly 500 years ago. The most accessible translation of this book by the great St. Teresa of Avila,  The Way of Perfection  includes her rich theological insight as well as her infectious humor and…


30 Days with Saint Therese

Saint Therese of Lisieux is known as a saint, mystic, and Doctor of the Church, and is one of the most venerated saints of the Church. Her simple, yet remarkably profound Little Way is a wonderful devotion for all Christians. Now, take the wisdom and holiness of Saint Therese wherever you go. In 30…

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The Way of Prayer: A Commentary on Saint Teresa's Way of Perfection

…Teresa, in her  Way of Perfection , first teaches the necessary dispositions for prayer before teaching the different kinds of prayer. Named a Doctor of the Church by Pope Paul VI in 1970, Teresa united not only prayer and the apostolate, but contemplation and the apostolate, for contemplation…

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Fire Within

…of Fr. Dubay's many years of study and experience in spiritual direction and in it he synthesizes the teachings on prayer of the two great doctors of the Church on prayer--St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila--and the teaching of Sacred Scripture. But the teaching that Fr. Dubay…

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The Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of the Little Flower

One of the all-time favorite Catholic books, in which St. Therese teaches her "Little Way" of Spiritual Childhood. This outstanding book has sold many millions of copies worldwide and was instrumental in bringing down the "shower of roses" which St. Therese promised to send from…


The Way of Perfection

A famous classic that teaches a simple form of mental prayer by which to attain great spiritual progress in a short time. Explains the Our Father phrase by phrase, plus much more! Says God rewards our efforts far beyond what we deserve! The Way of Perfection By the beloved Saint Teresa of Avila A…


The Interior Castle

The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila presents a remarkable description of the entire spiritual life from the first release from mortal sin into Sanctifying Grace through the Mystical Marriage of the soul with Christ as a journey through what she called The Interior Castle. She sees the soul as…

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I Believe in Love: A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux

The key to happiness from one who found it in joyful abundance: St. Thérèse of Lisieux. This spiritual classic has long been beloved by Catholics for its wondrous distillation of the teaching of St. Thérèse of Lisieux into a reader-friendly set of meditations. It’s…

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