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  1. 6 Weeks With The Bible

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Real Men Pray the Rosary

…Rosary Challenge. “The Rosary is for old ladies and funerals.” Or is it? In David N. Calvillo’s debut book, he reveals how each week, thousands of men of all ages and backgrounds join together in the Real Men Pray the Rosary movement and are seeing the fruit of this spiritual…


Gaze Upon Jesus: Experiencing Christ’s Childhood through the Eyes of Women

…the God who sent his Son to show us his loving Father’s heart.   Gaze Upon Jesus: Experiencing Christ’s Childhood through the Eyes of Women Week by week , you will dig deep into each of the scriptural vignettes of Jesus' early life and grow in your own faith. Measures: 6" x 8.9"


My Book of Prayers - Revised

…daytime, nighttime, anytime! Includes all four mysteries of the rosary and an explanation, with a simple diagram, of how it is prayed. Also features prayers for the liturgical year—Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter-Pentecost. Includes the Stations of the Cross for children.


Seeing As the Pope Sees: A Story from Rome

…the pilgrims and the poor is Rome and its suburbs, about 4 million people. For them the General Audience is not a highlight, but a weekly occurrence.  They carry on with their normal routines, working and shopping, not experiencing the excitement in the Square, perhaps indifferent to it. But there…

Your Stories of Holy Objects Surviving Storms, Fires, and Floods

…They had never treated anyone with such severe burns before. They learned a lot from treating him and were able to save many children in the fire of Our Ladof the Angels School fire in Chicago. Of all our belongings, the only things not damaged were the Family Bible, a Crucifix and a wall picture of…

Advent & Christmas Traditions: The Advent Wreath

…Jesus is significant for Advent because this season is associated with the time of darkness that the world endured in anticipation of the coming Savior. BIBLICAL BASIS OF ADVENT The Catholic Bible passages closely associated with Advent are found in the Old Testament book of Isaiah: "The people that…

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The Lenten Program: How To Prepare For Your Most Fruitful Lent Yet!

…last batch of Christmas cookies we ate? We generally have no problem knowing when Easter and Christmas are coming, because we have weeks of preparation beforehand, with the help of Lent and Advent. Read More: Lenten Season 101 In order to prepare ourselves to celebrate the most sacred mysteries of…

Not Having a Good Lent So Far? Try This.

…Lent is long enough (six weeks!) so that we have time to pick up and start again when we drop off through our own weakness, forgetfulness, or carelessness. If you struggle to make the big heroic sacrifices, here are simple things that you can do each day of the week to help prepare your soul…

Why Do Christians Fast? Three Reasons Explained by St. Thomas Aquinas

…is related (Daniel 10) of Daniel that he received a revelation from God after fasting for three weeks. 3. Thirdly, in order to satisfy for sins: wherefore it is written (Joel 2:12): "Be converted to Me with all your heart, in fasting and in weeping and in mourning." The same is declared by Augustine…