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  1. 7 Secrets Of Confession

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7 Secrets of Confession - Study Guide

…Sacrament of Confession. A perfect companion to  7 Secrets of Confession , this chapter-by-chapter study guide is a great resource for: individual use, discussion groups, CCD classes, RCIA formation, and more. You’ll learn how to personalize each “secret,” gain fresh insights…


7 Secrets of Confession

…His other popular books include  7 Secrets of the Eucharist  and  21 Ways to Worship .  7 Secrets of Confession A sacrament that is not just a means to an end Discover the real beauty and value of the Sacrament of Confession Never approach confession with fear and dread again!


7 Secrets of Confession DVD

…new way of going to confession, and inviting you to begin an exciting personal journey to healing and holiness. This talk is based on Vinny's widely acclaimed book,  7 Secrets of Confession . 7 Secrets of Confession (DVD) Based on the acclaimed book Approach Confession in a whole new way…


How to Get More Out of Holy Communion & 7 Secrets of Confession (2 Book Set)

…dynamic encounters with the living God! 7 Secrets of Confession Flynn, author of the best-seller 7 Secrets of the Eucharist (200,000 copies sold), presents a similar approach to the Sacrament of Confession in this new book that reveals 7 key "secrets" or hidden truths about the great…


Seventeen Steps to Heaven & 7 Secrets of the Eucharist (2 Book Set)

…study groups, book clubs, and theological studies,  7 Secrets of the Eucharist  will rekindle the "Eucharistic amazement" called for by Pope John Paul II.  Seventeen Steps to Heaven 8 x 5½ inches 7 Secrets of the Eucharist 8 x 5¼ inches Two book set Seventeen…


The Seven Sacraments: Elementary Edition (For Teachers)

…the Faith Biblical memorization Age-appropriate  Catechism  memorization suggestions   Lessons What Is a Sacrament? What is the secret and joyful realm of the Sacraments? Why are Sacraments effective whether we feel them or not? The Institution of the Eucharist Why is the Eucharist…

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Beautiful! Vinny Flynn, author of our be...

Beautiful! Vinny Flynn, author of our be...

Beautiful! Vinny Flynn, author of our best-seller books Seven Secrets of the Eucharist and Seven Secrets of Confession, shares a #CatholicPilgrimage photo of Assisi, Italy. Check out his Facebook page for more photos!