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  1. 99 Questions To Complete Your Examination Of Conscience

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How to Make a Good Confession

…are returning to the faith or require more spiritual guidance during confession) contact your local parish priest. In order to be forgiven one must be complete these steps: 1. Examine your conscience. Check out this helpful guide, 99 Questions to Complete Your Examination of Conscience , based on…

99 Questions to Complete Your Examination of Conscience

to get caught in the middle of your examination when it is your turn to go in to the confessional. If you don't regularly examine your conscience, it may take awhile before you are fully prepared. Next time you go to confession, consider preparing before you go; for one should not simply just go to

Six Lies the Devil Wants Us To Believe

to distort the truth and his attempts at convincing us to question God's word have not ceased and neither should our efforts in combating him. It has been said that the devil will use 99% of the truth to float one lie. This is true because he cannot create, which leaves him with only the ability to