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  1. A Little Hope Personalized Journal

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"A Little Hope" Personalized Journal [Black]

…bright colors and floral-inspired images. Add “A Little Hope” to your life with this vibrant blue and purple Catholic Company Exclusive design. A personalized journal creates the perfect inspiration for spiritual journaling or for note-taking at retreats. Perfect to help women…


"A Little Faith" Personalized Journal [Black]

…Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company    Black leather journal with name personalization Cheerful design to encourage faith Inspiration for spiritual journaling or for note-taking at retreats From our God Notes "Little" Collection Designed and produced exclusively at The Catholic Company…


Improve your Prayer Life with a Home Prayer Corner

…on a little desk with the crucifix on the wall above it. My home prayer corner is next to my bed and serves as a consistent reminder to pray and make Jesus Christ the most important part of my life each day. Your prayer corner should include things that speak to you personally. For example,…

3 Reasons This Mom is Grateful for the Sacrament of Baptism

…about my children, there are three reasons why I can rest in the hope of the seal of Baptism on their souls: 1. By sanctifying grace, Baptism enables my children to believe in God, to hope in Him, and to love Him. Faith, Hope, and Love. These are the theological virtues. They are bestowed on…

Fasting: The Benefits For Body, Mind, And Soul

…OF FASTING Recently fasting has gained popularity outside of its religious and spiritual applications.  There was an article in the Wall Street Journal in February 2017, and a number of books have been written about utilizing fasting as a means to a healthy lifestyle. It should not surprise us that…