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  1. Acts


Ignatius Catholic Study Bible - The Acts of the Apostles [1]

…Version - Catholic Edition, this fourth volume in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible series leads readers through a penetrating study of the Book of Acts, using the biblical text itself and the Church's own guidelines for understanding the Bible. Ample notes accompany each page, providing fresh…


Acts of the Apostles (Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture)

…of Acts, grounded in the original Greek but keyed to the NABRE for liturgical use. This volume, like each in the series, relates Scripture to life, is faithfully Catholic, and is supplemented by features designed to help readers understand the Bible more deeply and use it more effectively. Acts of…

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The Navarre Bible - Acts of the Apostles Texts and Commentaries

Part of a 12 volume set of the New Testament with extensive explanations of the meaning of the scriptural text and its implications for everyday life. The commentaries draw on a rich variety of sources - Church documents, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the work of…

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Do Small Things Flour Sack Dish Towel [White]

Even the smallest tasks in the kitchen can turn into acts of love when we live by St. Teresa of Calcutta’s advice to “Do small things with great love.”  Hang this towel in your kitchen as a reminder to make daily tasks into moments of prayer and offering. Pair with other…

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The Catholic Comic Book Bible: Acts of the Apostles

…makes it easy—and entertaining—for everyone to discover Acts of the Apostles: the story of Jesus and the His Apostles as they formed the early Church. Younger children can become familiar with the adventures of Acts of the Apostles by following the story through vibrant illustrations,…


Little Acts of Grace

…in a bright, cheerful style that children will love, and is divided into three major categories: Little Acts of Grace for Jesus and His Church; Little Acts of Grace at Mass; and Little Acts of Grace in Prayer. And it doesn't just explain these little devotional customs — it makes the children want…


The Navarre Bible - Gospels and Acts

Gospels and Acts - Readers Edition combines the first five books of the New Testament: St. Matthew , St. Mark , St. Luke , St. John , and Acts of the Apostles into one convenient volume. Includes extensive commentary on the scriptural text and its implications in everyday life. Like the entire New…

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Faith in Action:Word Puzzles from the Book of Acts

…of the New Testament Book of Acts with itty-bitty Faith in Action Word Search Puzzles. These 40 puzzles, based on the Acts of the Apostles, will keep you challenged and entertained for hours. Have fun! 40 fun puzzles!! A great sampling from the Book of Acts A terrific avenue for kids learning…

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The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide To The Daily Acts That Make Up A Catholic Life

…this book promises to be a resource that individuals and families will turn to again and again. The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide To The Daily Acts That Make Up A Catholic Life Written by a mother-daughter team A romping, delightful read A guide to truly living the joys of Catholicism concretely…


Act of Contrition Pocket Pouch with Lamb

Perfect for a pocket or purse, this small pouch features the Act of Contrition along with a gentle lamb figurine. A great companion for daily or sacramental reconciliation with Our Lord. Prayer for pocket or purse Act of Contrition Penitential companion Approx. 2.5” square Clear pocket pouch…


Devotions of the Blessed Virgin Mary Act of Consecration to Mary - Prayer Card

Durable and everlasting laminated holy prayer card that contains a color image of Our Lady of Grace on the front, and devotional prayers on the back. Card measures 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch. Back of card reads: O Most holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, although most unworthy of being thy servant, yet…


Grace Bear - The Confirmation Bear [Red]

From the original Holy Bears collection. Adorable bear comes with his own Bible verse - Then laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost. Acts 8:17 Approx. 8-9"H, for ages 3 and up.

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Saint Teresa of Calcutta Small Things Cross [Brown]

…one of a kind cross.  Mother Teresa's beautiful, timeworn hands cradling a beloved rosary captures an important truth... small acts of love ARE great acts.  Mother Teresa quote wall cross Striking and meaningful household piece  Cherry finish wood richly complements any home decor…


St. Christopher and Our Lady of the Highway Visor Clip [Silver]

This rosary clip is ready to hang and features two wonderful saints for protection while driving, St. Christopher and Our Lady of the Highway. Acts as a simple reminder for us to keep our hands steady and our eyes on the road. Two medal visor clip Auto visor clip Made in the USA Lead-free pewter


Saint Therese Little Flower Mug [Black]

…path to holiness was not filled with giant acts of heroism, but rather little sacrifices. Countless millions have been touched by her words and her “little way”. This coffee mug features a delicate rose,as a gentle reminder to do little acts of charity throughout our day, and recalls her…

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St. Therese Sacrifice Tenner [Black]

…designed so that you can pull the beads one by one towards the cross as you perform small acts of service and sacrifice. Perfect to use especially during Lent, the Therese chaplet reminds us to perform small acts quietly, purely for love of God.. A practical gift of devotion for children and adults…

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Quatrefoil St. Therese Enamel Pendant w/ Chain [Gold]

…an Italian crafted medal. A stylish reminder for daily life, the physical memory of the Little Flower supports you in performing acts of kindness and charity throughout the day. Quatrefoil shaped gold color medal is complemented by deep red enamel that enriches a petite color…


Stations of the Cross Bracelet

…participate in the Stations during Lent, or anytime throughout the year for meditation. Wearing this bracelet will help keep you focused on the supreme acts of love offered for us by Our Lord. Unique Stations of the Cross bracelet Fine detailing highlights Our Lord's Passion A meaningful Catholic…


Thankful For You Trinket Tray

…clean white design with golden accenting makes this an elegant gift for any home. A memorable gift showing family and friends that you see their acts of love and sacrifice on your behalf, both large and small.  Petite gold and white tray "Thankful for you" in gold leaf Sweet gift of love and…


Scatter Kindness Wood Block Sign [Multicolored]

…farmhouse look and a meaningful message that will bless your home. The printed "scatter kindness" serves as a reminder to practice small acts of joyful self-giving on a daily basis. The small size and sweet glitter design makes this wooden standing plaque a great teenage bedroom…


Lay Saints: Ascetics & Penitents

…of heart. Find a role model from among these saints as Joan Carroll Cruz explores: the acts of charity that you can imitate ascetical practices that lead us closer to God stories of conversion effective acts of penance to atone for prior sins the stories of pilgrims who spent their lives searching…


Ecce Homo Sacrifice Tenner Rosary [Multicolored]

…towards the cross as you perform small acts of service and sacrifice. Perfect to use especially during Lent, the earthy, jasper beads remind us of Christ’s hidden time of prayer and fasting in the desert. The chaplet calls us to do small acts quietly, purely for love of God, and the…

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Little Catholics Book Set

…in a bright, cheerful style that children will love, and is divided into three major categories: Little Acts of Grace for Jesus and His Church; Little Acts of Grace at Mass; and Little Acts of Grace in Prayer. And it doesn’t just explain these little devotional customs — it makes the…


Just Like Mary

…be pleased to see that they're learning solid Marian doctrine, presented in a way every child can understand. The authors who brought you Little Acts of Grace know how to make important religious ideas not only comprehensible but also appealing to young children. As they get to know Mary, children…

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