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  1. Alabaster Crucifix

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Ornate Crucifix, 18"

Ornate Crucifix, Hand-Painted Ceramic, 18". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 9'' (W) x 3'' (D) x 18'' (H)


Baroque Crucifix, 14"

Baroque Crucifix With Hand-Painted Alabaster And Resin Corpus & A Wood Cross, 14". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 8'' (W) x 3'' (D) x 14'' (H)


Jesus on the Cross Porcelain Crucifix

This exquisitely-crafted porcelain crucifix is a powerful reminder of Our Lord's sacrifice as it turns our hearts and minds toward His love, mercy, compassion, and submission to the Father. As Catholics, a crucifix is reverently placed in our homes as it gracefully captures our attention and…

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Alabaster Crucifix - 15 inch

A classic crucifix design! Generously sized for home, office, or classroom, this striking crucifix is crafted by artisans in Italy with a handpainted alabaster corpus placed on a richly stained wood cross.  Approximately 15" High, 10” Wide, by 2.5” Deep    


Crucifix 15''

Crucifix In Alabaster And Resin With A Dark Cross And Antiqued Corpus, 15". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 10'' (W) x 2.5'' (D) x 15'' (H)

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Santini Crucifix, 11.5"

Santini Crucifix, Hand-Painted Alabaster, 11.5". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 6'' (W) x 2.5'' (D) x 11.5'' (H)

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Crucifix with Hand-Painted Corpus - 41 inch

A beautiful large Crucifix with a hand-painted alabaster corpus looking to Heaven and a wood cross. The crucifix is 41" tall. Made in Italy.


Cherry Crucifix with Alabaster Corpus

…stained crucifix features a detailed alabaster corpus and INRI accent for a traditional appearance. A classically styled crucifix that is  reverent, inspirational as it draws us near to meditate on our Lord's passion and His love for us.   Cherry stained crucifix Italian alabaster


Large Crucifix 20''

Crucifix, Hand-Painted Alabaster Corpus, Wood Cross, 20". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 10.5'' (W) x 3.5'' (D) x 20'' (H)

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A True Church Cross Holy Water Font - Antiqued Alabaster - 12 Inches

A beautiful True Church Cross Font in antiqued Alabaster, finely crafted with attention to detail. The font is 12" tall. Made in Italy. Holds approx. 4 ounces of water

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Antiqued Crucifix, 9.5"

Crucifix In Antiqued Alabaster And Resin, 9.5". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 4.5'' (W) x 2'' (D) x 9.5'' (H)


Santini Crucifix, 46"

Santini Crucifix, Hand-Painted Alabaster, 46". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 30'' (W) x 5'' (D) x 46'' (H)

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True Church Cross, 6.5"

True Church Cross, Antiqued Alabaster, 6.5". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 3.25'' (W) x 0.25'' (D) x 6.5'' (H)


Baroque Crucifix, White, 14"

Baroque Crucifix With A White Alabaster And Resin Corpus And Wood Cross, 14". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 8'' (W) x 3'' (D) x 14'' (H)


Alabaster Crucifix by Ado Santini - 16 Inch

Crucifix in fully hand painted alabaster, 16". Made in Italy.

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True Church Cross, 12"

True Church Cross, Antiqued Alabaster, 12". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 6'' (W) x 0.5'' (D) x 12'' (H)