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  1. Alabaster Mary Statue

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Lady Of Grace Statue, 16.5"

Lady Of Grace Statue, White Alabaster & Alabaster Base, 16.5". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 8.5'' (W) x 5'' (D) x 16.5'' (H)


Alabaster Our Lady of Grace - 12 inch

Our Lady of Grace in hand painted alabaster with a blue robe and gold details, 12". Imprinted on the base is the word "MIRACOLOSA", the Italian word for miraculous. Made in Italy.


Lady Of Grace Statue, 8.5"

…conveys a sense of peace and hope that brings beauty and grace to any home, office, classroom or chapel.    A beautiful and lasting tribute to the Mother of our Lord Classic reverent statue Highly detailed features 8½" H x 4"W x 2.5"D Made in Italy Hand-painted alabaster and resin


Rose Of Mystica Statue 11.5''

Rose Of Mystica, Hand-Painted Alabaster And Resin, 11.5". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 4'' (W) x 3'' (D) x 11.5'' (H)

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Our Lady of the Rosary Statue 10" [Blue]

This stunning member of the Veronese Collection is hand painted and crafted of alabaster, a smooth fine-grained gypsum rock that give it an old world look. This intricately crafted statue will be an attractive and inspirational addition to any setting. Our Lady of the Rosary was a title given to the…


Virgin Mary Holy Water Font, Antique White

…pot began.  This exquisite Miraculous font is made of alabaster, and has an old world patina look.  Antique white Holy Water font Features the Blessed Virgin Mary From the popular Pelligrini collection Made & imported from Italy Made of alabaster Approximately 5  inches in height

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Our Lady Of Smiles Statue, 16"

Our Lady Of Smiles, White Alabaster & Resin, Wood Base, Made In Italy 16". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 8'' (W) x 4'' (D) x 16'' (H)


Madonna & Child Statue, 4"

Madonna/Child, White Alabaster, 4". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 2.5'' (W) x 3'' (D) x 4'' (H)

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Our Lady Of Czestochowa Bust, 7.75"

Our Lady Of Czestochowa Bust, Hand-Painted Alabaster And Resin, 7.75". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 4'' (W) x 2.5'' (D) x 7.75'' (H)


Lady Of Grace Statue, 13"

Lady Of Grace Statue In Hand-Painted Alabaster And Resin, 13". Made in Italy. Dimensions: 7'' (W) x 5'' (D) x 13'' (H)


Antique White Mother & Child Holy Water Font [White]

This Holy Water font features Mary and the infant Jesus.  Beautifully formed and graceful in its simplicity this Mother and Child font would make a meaningful gift for someone with a special Marian devotion.  Perfect size for placing on a wall in your home.  Made by the popular…

Our Lady of the Rosary Alabaster Statue

Our Lady of the Rosary Alabaster Statue

…Our Lady of the Rosary statue is hand-painted and crafted in Italy, and reminds us of Mary's powerful intercession when we pray the beautiful rosary prayers. She is adorned in brilliant blue robes and holds a rosary along with the baby Jesus. The statue if made of alabaster and measures 11 inches…

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