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  1. Anxiety


St. Dymphna Anxiety/Depression Decade Rosary & Card

…mental illnesses. A meaningful gift of prayer and healing for anyone who is distressed, especially those with serious difficulties like chronic anxiety or depression. A neutral design for men or women, perfect for slipping in a pocket or keeping on a bedside table.  © Copyright 2018…

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Unworried: A Life Without Anxiety

Anxiety. It's practically an epidemic. Twenty percent of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders, and millions more wrestle with worry and stress on a daily basis. For us as Christians, all that worry gets mixed up with a lot of guilt. After all, Scripture tells us, Have no anxiety at all (Phil…


God's Healing Mercy: Finding Your Path to Forgiveness, Peace, and Joy

…Virgin Mary. Also contained in this book are scriptural spiritual exercises for healing: From unforgiveness to forgiveness From fear to trust From anxiety to peace From shame to mercy From pride to humility From powerlessness to prayer From sin-sickness to the Eucharist From spiritual weakness to…

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Teen Prayers by Teens

…for prayer. But take the time to develop a relationship with God, and you will find in Him a life-long friend - a confidant who listens to your anxieties, your dreams, and your deepest feelings, who loves and supports you no matter what. Teens searching for a deeper connection with God in their…


Calm in Chaos: Catholic Wisdom for Anxious Times

In these brilliant essays the renowned writer and churchman Fr. George Rutler addresses our current causes of anxiety and our never-changing, ever-new reasons for hope. His writings on the issues of our day are neither pessimistic nor optimistic, because they are infused with the confidence that God…

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A Worrier's Guide to the Bible: 50 Verses to Ease Anxieties

Ever wished for a way to stop worrying? That fears or anxieties would leave you? When you listen to Scripture, do you wonder if it is even possible not to worry? Gary Zimak writes that anxiety can be a blessing. If you think this sounds just crazy, then this is the book for you. Consider what the…

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Peace of Soul

Timeless wisdom on finding serenity and joy by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. The topics include: Frustration The Philosophy of Anxiety The Origin of Conflicts and Their Redemption Is God Hard to Find? Morbidity and the Denial of Guilt Examination of Conscience Psychoanalysis and Confession Sex and…

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Mothers' Manual: Prayers and Advice for Catholic Mothers

Prayers and directives for the mother and the expectant mother. A true companion, inspiration and comfort in her joys, hopes, sorrows, loves and anxieties.  Mothers' Manual: Prayers and Advice for Catholic Mothers Beautiful, hardbound cover Full of prayers and encouragement Perfect gift for new…


Searching for and Maintaining Peace - A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart

…itself in our spiritual as well as our secular life. In our search for God and holiness, in our service to our neighbor, a kind of restlessness and anxiety take the place of the confidence and peace which ought to be ours. What must we do to overcome the moments of fear and distress which assail us…


Make My Life Simple-Bringing Peace to Heart and Home

…it all, armed with a killer to-do list and an up-to-date calendar. But those on the outside couldn't see that Rachel was a mess, a bundle of anxiety and exhaustion. She was present physically to provide for her husband and kids, but far from present emotionally or spiritually. She stared down…


St. Dymphna - Depression and Anxiety Prayer Card [Multicolored]

…asking for the saint's intercession and Our Lord's help. A thoughtful gift for someone suffering from a mental illness, like depression or anxiety, this particular healing prayer card asks for St. Dymphna's intercession for the gifts of serenity, healing, and hope.  Front Text: St.…


Overcoming Sinful Anger: How to Master Your Emotions & Bring Peace to Your Life

…behavior, ways to heal painful memories, and how to deal well with your hurts and humiliations. You’re not likely to overcome blowups and anxiety through willpower alone. You need tools that help you cultivate the habits that lead to virtuous action. You’ll discover here simple ways to…


Getting Free: How To Overcome Persistent Personal Problems

…from persistent sinful habits — once and for all!  Simple willpower isn’t enough when you’re struggling against anger, anxiety, addictions, sexual temptations, and other common problems. Bert Ghezzi, author of this engaging and practical guide, insists that the power of…

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Peace of God Handheld Comfort Cross

…Designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, this foam-rubber comfort cross is soft yet sturdy, perfect for squeezing during moments of anxiety, fear, or worry. Relieve stress, let go of frustration, and take comfort from the Scripture artfully printed on the front of the cross. …


Comfort Cross & St. Dymphna Anxiety Healing Card [Brown]

This sweet gift set includes a prayer card of St. Dymphna with her medal and a prayer of healing from anxiety and other emotional ailments. This particular olive wood cross, called a “Comfort Cross” was specifically designed with a smooth finish and rounded edges so you can hold it…


I Thirst Pamphlet (50 pack)

…Taking 10 minutes to immerse oneself in the spirit and calling of Mother Teresa can help anyone let go and let God take over - no matter what their anxiety level. I Thirst: A Guided Meditation with Mother Teresa Author: Joseph Langford, MC Learn to immerse oneself in the spirit and calling of Mother…


Praying For Those With Addictions & Peace of Soul (2 Book Set)

…hope. Peace of Soul Timeless wisdom on finding serenity and joy by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. The topics include: Frustration The Philosophy of Anxiety The Origin of Conflicts and Their Redemption Is God Hard to Find? Morbidity and the Denial of Guilt Examination of Conscience Psychoanalysis and…

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How God Hauled Me Kicking and Screaming Into the Catholic Church

…into a “double major in beer and billiards” soon followed by uncomfortable run-ins with pious students, failing grades, increasing anxiety, a missing night—and the startling realization that some fellow students actually attended Mass the morning after a party instead of sleeping…

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"Don't Worry" Padre Pio Watercolor Print [White]

Replace anxiety with thoughts of peace with this framed watercolor saint quote. Fill your home with wisdom and encouraging words from St. Padre Pio, "Hope, pray, don't worry." An attractive gift that softly administers a medicinal dose of hope for hard times and rainy…


St. Francis of Assisi "Be Peaceful" Unframed Print [Ivory]

…original, watercolor saint design  Accompanied by a practical daily virtue Adds a touch of saintly inspiration to any room Turn to St. Francis in moments of restlessness or anxiety Designed and produced exclusively at The Catholic Company Heavy ivory card stock 8" x 10" print 9" x 12" chipboard

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St. Dymphna Mini Triptych

A special reminder of the intercession of St. Dymphna, the patron saint of anxiety, worry, stress, nervousness, and mental afflictions, this mini pewter triptych is a thoughtful way to let someone know you are thinking of them and offering prayers for their needs. Handmade in USA. Gift boxed with…

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Thy Will Be Done! (Letters of St. Francis de Sales)

…problems we all face! Solutions to common troubles . . . Family problems — how to keep calm, and even use troubles to improve your family Anxiety about the future: your job, your children, anything at all. It can be overcome! Your flaws — the right response to them. Plus, ways to bear…


St. Padre Pio Mini Triptych

Replace anxiety with thoughts of peace with this mini pewter triptych as it will serve as a reminder of the encouraging words of St. Padre Pio, "Hope, pray, don't worry." An attractive gift of faith for those times of despair. Handmade in USA. Boxed with a history card.  Handmade…

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Storm at the Sea of Galilee w/ Dark Ornate Frame

Storm on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt. This beautiful picture depicts the anxiety of the apostles and the serenity of Christ in the midst of human frailty. Framed in a beautiful dark ornate frame. Comes in three sizes. 8x10 (2222226), 12x16 (2222227), 16x20 (2222228)

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