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  1. Auto Rosary Men'S

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6X8 Black Auto Rosary [Black]

This auto rosary measures 7 9/16" long. The beads are a 6 x 8mm black wood with a clasp for easy hanging. Silver oxidized crucifix and center.

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St. Christopher/Son Visor Clip [Silver]

St. Christopher Visor Clip depicts St. Christopher on one side and a Guardian Angel on the other side. The Cross is in the center over the banner" Son please drive safely" A perfect and inspirational gift for the new driver!.


Black St. Benedict Auto Rosary [Black]

This "St. Benedict" auto rosary measures 7 1/4" long with a clasp for easy hanging.  The crucifix and center are silver oxidized with enamel in the crucifix.


Pewter St. Joseph Visor Clip [Silver]

This St. Joseph visor clip has the St. Joseph medal on the bottom and the Motorist's Prayer above. The prayer reads: "Lord grant me a steady hand and watchful eye that no man may be hurt when I pass by"

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St. Christopher & Miraculous Medal Visor Clip

You just need a little space on your visor for this convenient clip. Visor has both St. Christopher and Miraculous Medal images which are surrounded by raised circle designs. This modest clip on a car's visor can be a gentle reminder of St. Christopher’s protection to young drivers and…

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Copper Paracord Rosary

…card featuring the 20 mysteries of the rosary and which days to pray them.  © Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Copper Paracord Rosary  Genuine military grade 550 paracord  Durable and compact rosary is perfect for daily pocketing and tough enough…


St. Michael Tenner Rosary

A substantial and sturdy piece, this Catholic Company exclusive St. Michael Tenner rosary is perfect for taking on the go and keeping in a pocket or car compartment. Hemalyke decade beads and square/round spacer beads give it a masculine feel, and large nail crucifix makes a powerful…

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Personalized Saint Christopher Waxed Canvas Soccer Bag [Brown]

Minimalist look features distinctive, simple embroidery putting performance and person in the strong hands of Saint Christopher, the Patron Saint of Athletes. Reinforced for shape, with heavy-duty waxing that helps protect from rain and mud. Throw it in the car for practice or pack it for an…


Black and Gold St. Benedict Crucifix [ Gold]

…ONITU NOSTRO PRESENTIA MUNIAMUR” ("He defends us in death with his presence").  St. Benedict Crucifix-Medal Golden plating with black enamel  Does not come with a chain  Great large size for men  Add chain to wear as a pectoral crucifix  Crucifix: 3.15" (H)

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101 Surprising Facts About Church History & St. Peter's and the Vatican (2 Book Set)

…Church History:   The Catholic Church is the longest-standing and the most universal of all institutions. The contributions made by Catholic men and women over the past 2000 years are most impressive, from a properly functioning calendar to the inventions of many things that we all take for…

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Grace Rosary

Grace Rosary

…"I will make you fishers of men", as well as the fish being a common identifying symbol of Christians in the early Church. The Hail Mary beads are purple tiger-eye gemstones. The multi-bead style of this amethyst rosary will make it stand out from other rosaries. At approximately 16 inches in…

The Technical Side of Choosing the Right Rosary

…a men's rosary, usually with larger-sized brown or black beads. The larger beads are better for a man's large hands to manage, and the earth-tone colors are more masculine. If you're giving a rosary to a child, choose a children's rosary that is fun and colorful with smaller beads. Baby rosaries

Our Sunday Visitor's Cardlinks - Patron Saints | The Catholic Company

Our Sunday Visitor's Cardlinks - Patron Saints | The Catholic Company

…Our Sunday Visitor's cardlinks features 48 saints and little stories about each that have been chosen to engage young children in the lives of these men and women of the Church who devoted their lives to God. A great way to inspire your children with the life of the saints in a fun format to take a…

Highlights from Pope Francis’ 2nd Day in the USA (DC & NYC)

…at St. Patrick Cathedral with clergy as well as men and women religious. What beautiful vestments - he looks just like St. Patrick! "This beautiful Cathedral of Saint Patrick, built up over many years through the sacrifices of many men and women, can serve as a symbol of the work of generations…

Covert Tactics to Convert Your Loved Ones

…resemblance to the sacraments: they signify effects, particularly of a spiritual kind, which are obtained through the Church's intercession. * By them men are disposed to receive the chief effect of the sacraments, and various occasions in life are rendered holy. * Thus, for well-disposed members of…

Get to Know Your Guardian Angel and the Angels of Your Loved Ones

…angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life. Already here on earth the Christian life shares by faith in the blessed company of angels and men united in God [CCC 336]." Opus Sanctorum Angelorum, the Work of the Holy Angels, is an international movement within the Catholic Church, and…

Man Gets Pulled Over for Speeding, Gives State Trooper a Saint Bracelet

…imagine." I came to find out my ticket was voided... so I'll be donating the money to the Palmer Home for Children charity in Mississippi." Two "men, of different color, careers, upbringing, and journeys, who had never met before, sitting on the side of the road in Mississippi tearing up over how…

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