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"Thank God for Beer" Pilsner Glasses - Set of Two [Clear]

This set of Pilsner glasses celebrates the love of craft beer with a subtle ode to Saint Brigit of Kildare (who wrote a poem that begins with the words, "I'd like to give a lake of beer to God." Yes, she did.) Pour a glass for yourself and those close to you and toast the old Gaelic…

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"Thank God for Beer" Green Beer Apron [White]

…of the kitchen better than the Irish. This apron is the perfect expression of merry gratitude for many blessings. Delight guests as you grab a glass and entertain your way through the seasons!    © Copyright 2017 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company Perfect kitchen accent for…


"Thank God for Beer" Apron [White]

A natural harvest scene of golden wheat and barley embellishes a glass of its famous offering: brewed beer. This apron will be a hit with guests as you grill and cook your way through the seasons. Your home will benefit from its message: that any blessing we enjoy comes from God. Copyright 2017…

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The Wonder of a Catholic Priest: Writer Spends the Day Wearing a Cassock

…not take its eyes off me. A priest, striding north. "And so, in a what-the-hell moment, I lifted the glass, nodded to Jeff the barkeep, and took that long good swallow. Only as I put the glass back in its ringlet of condensation did I notice a woman who'd maneuvered herself to some pass-through…