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  1. Beginning Bible


The Navarre Bible - St. John Texts and Commentaries

…Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition. Each volume is self-contained with extensive introductions and notes to Old Testament prophecies. The Navarre Bible commentary is considered by many to be the best Catholic commentary on the Bible available today. See our entire selection of Navarre Bibles.


Outburst® Bible Edition

Outburst® Bible Edition is an uproarious party game filled with challenging and entertaining Bible topics. Each topic has 10 target answers. How many can you get? The fun begins as your team draws it's very first topic. It could be "Names For Christ," or "Animals In The Bible," or "Sons of Jacob."…

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Beginning Apologetics Super Set

…Verse-Finder ("Bible Cheat Sheet") and study guide for Beginning Apologetics 1. Package Contains: Catholic Verse Finder Beginning Apologetics 1 Beginning Apologetics 1 - Study Guide Beginning Apologetics 2 Beginning Apologetics 2.5 Beginning Apologetics 3 Beginning Apologetics 4 Beginning


The New Catholic Illustrated Bible

…with the great heroes and stories of the Bible. From the beginning of Creation to the Last Judgement, from Noah and the Flood to the Exodus from Egypt, from the Annunciation of the Lord to His glorious Ressurection, The New Catholic Illustrated Bible tells the story of salvation in a way that…


Easter Story: Bible Activity Book

…a new way to help your 4 through 7-year-olds actively encounter Jesus in the Gospels? Give them the  Easter Story Bible Activity Book  and let the fun begin! Children will discover the story of Easter by way of bright illustrations, age-appropriate puzzles, word searches, and activities.…


Bible Stand with Silk-Screened Verse

Bible Stand is made of the finest Maple hardwood. The stand adjusts to 6 levels and is finished in a low-sheen varnish. The verse:In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God; and the Word was God-John 1:1; is hand silk-screened onto the back of the stand. Adjustable Wood Bible Stand…

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My Baptism Bible Catholic Edition

…picture Bible is the perfect boy's or girl's Baptismal gift book for a child up to age 4. Opening with a gift dedication page, the child will always be reminded of who shared in celebrating his or her special day. To forever cherish baby's birth and Baptism, there are various beginning

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Catholic Bible Stories for Children

Catholic Bible Stories for Children presents the inspired word of God in a lively yet reverent tone that captures the imagination and the spirit of a child. Introduce your young Catholic to these lessons necessary for faith formation. Lifelong learning begins with these stories of witness, worship…


42 Bible Stories For Little Ones: From Creation to Pentecost

…Kids will love the delightful and engaging illustrations. Suitable for young children, this collection of Bible stories can also be enjoyed by children who are beginning readers. 42 Bible Stories For Little Ones: From Creation to Pentecost Wonderful illustrations Fun and easy to read  42…


A Catholic Introduction to The Bible - The Old Testament

…the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. He is the author of Bible Basics for Catholics . For decades, Catholics have needed an up-to-date Introduction to the Bible that is both readable enough for anyone to pick it up and begin to study but also in-depth enough to serve as a textbook for…


My Daily Catholic Bible: 20-Minute Daily Readings

…two!   Note:  The Bible readings used in the current missals & lectionaries & LOTH use an older version of the NAB translation that has now been updated in all the new NAB Catholic Bibles currently being printed.  For this reason, this NAB Bible will be close (but not exactly…

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The Donkey That No One Could Ride

Bestselling author Anthony DeStefano begins his creative telling of the beloved Bible story of Christ’s triumphant entry by introducing the young donkey who has yet to realize his important mission. The lowly creature believes he can do nothing noble, but that’s before he meets the…


Apologética Elemental 1: Cómo Explicar y Defender la Fe Católica

Cómo Explicar y Defender la Fe Católica Padre Frank Chacón y Jim Burnham Da contestaciones bíblicas claras a las objeciones más comunes que hacen a los Católicos sobre su fe. Le ayuda a explicar su fe claramente, a defenderla caritativamente, y a compartirla…


Set of 12 Artist Colored Pencils

…a set of colored pencils with a journal, Bible, or coloring book and let the reflective creativity begin. Made of incense-cedar wood. Richly pigmented pencils. Set of 12.  Artist quality coloring pencils Set of 12 richly pigmented  For your Bible journal and coloring books  Creatively…

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The Apologetics Of St. Thomas Aquinas (CDs)

…you how to defend the faith by beginning like St. Thomas "with what you can agree on." So if you are debating a Protestant, you will learn to begin with the Bible. If you're talking to a Jew you'll begin with the Old Testament. If you're debating a Muslim you'll begin with the truth that there is…


Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Todays Tough Moral Issues

…need—appropriate to their age and maturity level—to meet the world's challenges. Their secret lies in an approach that begins not with the Bible or Church teaching but with the natural law. In kid-friendly ways, Miller and Horn help you communicate how the right way to live is rooted…

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A School of Prayer - The Saints Show Us How To Pray

…advanced-will be enriched by this spiritual masterpiece. Benedict begins considering what we can learn from the examples of prayer found in a wide range of cultures and eras. Next, he turns to the Bible's teaching about prayer, beginning with Abraham and moving though Moses, the prophets, the…

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The Story of the Bible: Vol. I - The Old Testament

…Help the children in your life come to know and love the Bible through this groundbreaking new series,  The Story of the Bible . Their encounter with Scripture will never be the same. Text Book Volume I, The Old Testament, begins the journey. In these pages children will: •  Visit…


Holy Water and Its Significance for Catholics & Signs of Life (2 Book Set)

…daily spiritual life. In these pages, you’ll also learn: The time that God Himself commanded the use of Holy Water (Do you know where the Bible tells this story?) Why God chose water as the means to impart so many blessings – even before He created man and woman! Did you know that Holy…


Saints With a Past:A Study of Conversion in the Lives of Eight Notorious Saints [DVD]

…were able to leave their wicked old lives behind and take the first steps toward becoming truly holy. Conversion is a life-long process that only begins with that initial recognition and rejection of sin. Pope Benedict XVI, speaking on the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, said " we can…


Proving the Catholic Faith is Biblical: From Priestly Celibacy to the Rosary

…veteran apologist Dave Armstrong carefully walks you through the key teachings of the Church, revealing how each is rooted in Scripture. He begins with several essays on tradition before moving into Ecclesiology, explaining the basis of a single Church, why priests are called “father,”…

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A Biblical Defense of Catholicism

…Church), Armstrong begins his comprehensive examination of each of these disputed issues with an authoritative explanation of what the Catholic Church actually teaches. Then, with skill and tenacity, he subjects each Catholic teaching to microscopic scrutiny, measuring its conformity with the Bible.


The Story of Job

…and children explore the question:  Why does God allow good people to suffer? Job has always loved God. And he thought God loved him. But then, terrible things begin to happen to Job. Why is God letting this happen to his friend? Is there and answer? The Story of Job Measures: 5.83" x 8.27"


A Father Who Keeps His Promises: God's Covenant Love in Scripture

…high adventure of God's plan for the ages, beginning with Adam and Eve and continuing down through the generations to the coming of Christ and the birth of the Church. You'll discover how the patient love of the Father revealed in the Bible is the same persistent love he has for you. A…