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  1. Bibles For Teenagers

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Freedom: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation

…isn't just about conquering sexual addictions; it's about saying yes to real love. Unlike other books that simply present God's design for human sexuality, Freedom guides a young man on his journey to sexual purity and freedom in Jesus Christ. Topics include: The crisis of manhood facing…


Holy Goals for Body & Soul: 8 Steps to Connect Sports with God and Faith

…Fear Frustration Failure Fortitude Faith Friendship Family Fun Holy Goals for Body & Soul: 8 Steps to Connect Sports with God and Faith Inspires teens and young adults to find the spiritual in the world of sports A must-read for athletic teenagers A truly unique book 5½ x 8½ inches

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Father McBride's Teen Catechism

…Catechism is to open up the Catechism to our teen-age members. This book is not a substitute for the Catechism, but is an introduction. It will help young readers acquire a sense of the meaning, the inner coherence, and the direction the Catechism offers for becoming a knowledgeable, practicing and…


Fight the Good Fight (DVD)

…responsibility for their own actions. In clear and easy to understand language, Jesse's simple message reveals a genuine vision for the crucial teenage years. Now teens can learn that they are "three-dimensional people" made up of body, mind and spirit. Using examples from the Bible and popular…

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Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible, NAB-RE | The Catholic Company

Prove It! The Catholic Teen Bible, NAB-RE | The Catholic Company

…Catholic Bible designed just for Catholic teenagers. 25 tabs spread throughout the Bible give answers to some of the biggest questions teenagers have about life, faith, and much more. Affordably priced for parents to give to their kids and for parishes to hand out to their teenagers in Faith…

Confirmation is Not the End!

…faith after Confirmation, here are some ideas for continuing involvement in the parish or diocese: * Connect with parish youth groups, or organize your own activities for young people. * Join a Catholic Bible study, or start a Catholic Bible study for your age group. * Join a parish ministry in an…

Personalized Damask Bible: Red NAB-RE | The Catholic Company

Personalized Damask Bible: Red NAB-RE | The Catholic Company

Bible -- Revised Edition comes with gilded page edges, extensive notes, commentary, and cross-references for those looking to dig deep into the scriptures. The Damask Bible is one of our most popular gift Bibles as it can also be personalized for a special touch. Especially ideal for teenagers

Your Stories of Holy Objects Surviving Storms, Fires, and Floods

…except for my statue of Virgin Mary stood at the same spot in front of my yard and didn't even move." "There was a huge grass fire near the UMary campus in Bismarck, ND last spring. The monastery's cemetery where the sisters are buried was left unscathed!" "A fire was set by a teenager at St. Mary's…

Six Lies the Devil Wants Us To Believe

…as they are.  If I can feel that way as a 50-year-old mother, how do my children who are teenagers feel? Sharon Johnston, a friend of mine who has led a Bible study for young women and young mothers for almost 10 years, suggests occasional "fasts" from social media.  She tells the women she counsels…

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