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  1. Blessed Mother Statue


Our Lady of Grace Heavenly Protector Statue 10.25" [Multi-Colored]

Our Lady of Grace is our protector, our refuge, our mediator, our heavenly mother. This finely crafted reminder of her love, from the Joseph’s Studio line, is placed on an ornate gold base with a little drawer, to perhaps hold your special prayer intentions. 10.25H, lightweight resin/stone…


Our Lady of Grace Statue 10.25" [Multi-Colored]

…at 10.5" and designed by the artisans at Joseph's Studio. A wonderful gift idea for anyone with devotion to Our Lady! Our Lady of Grace statue Thoughtful addition to any space Beautiful cascading blue garment Finely crafted, richly colored Resin/Stone mix Measures: 10.38"H 4.25"W 2.5"D…


Mary - 26"

statue of Mary is styled to look like Our Lady of Grace. This product is cast in solid fiberglass resin, a durable polymer with the look and feel of ceramic. Resin statues feature finer detail and greater strength than other materials. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Marian Statue


Madonna of the Streets Statue 9.25" [Multi-Colored]

…era. Feruzzi called the painting "Madonnina", but it is better known today as "Madonna of the Streets." This magnificant statue comes from the popular Joseph's Studio Collection, and stands 9.25 inches high. Made from resin and stone. Resin/Stone mix Measures: 9.25"H…


Our Lady of Grace Figurine

This little Our Lady of Grace statue features delicate details and gentle color. Its size enables easy transport and display. Makes a very thoughtful gift idea! Patrons & Protectors Collection Small statue


Miraculous Mary Statue 5"

statue of the Blessed Mother features her under her title “Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.” Hand-painted in beautiful white, blue, and gold, both sides of the Miraculous Medal are displayed here. A beautiful, graceful design. Inspire a spirit of constant prayer by keeping this statue


Mary Undoer of Knots Figurine

This statue of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, is beautifully designed and painted in rich color. Devotion to the Blessed Mother under this title is beginning to grow, and our Holy Father, Pope Francis, loves this devotion as well. Since this figurine is nice and small, it is very easy to transport and…


Our Lady of Fatima Statue 8 inch

…sinners. This statue has been beautifully designed, and includes the three children of Fatima—Lucy, Jacinta, and Francesco—kneeling before the radiant Mother of God. Richly detailed and carefully hand-painted. Our Lady of Fatima Statue 8" Florentine Collection Statue Lovely name plaque


Praying Madonna Antique White Statue, with base [White]

On a recent buying trip to Italy, we found this stunning antique Praying Madonna statue. Nestled in the hills above Lucca, Italy, the Pelligrini family of artisans delicately handcrafts each statue with meticulous detail. Makes a wonderful RCIA gift or a unique treasure to your home, office or…


Pieta Statue

In the 15th Century, a 23 year-old sculpted the now famous Pieta, located in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Young Michelangelo Buonarotti presented a timeless example that exhibits near perfection – a divine work of art -- one that has not been replicated since. This version from…

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Our Lady of Grace Figure - 6" [Multi-Colored]

This uniquely carved figure of Our Lady of Grace was crafted by the artisans at Joseph's Studio. Made from resin/stone mix. Measures 6". Resin/Stone mix Measures: 6"H 2.88"W 1.5"D Joseph's Studio


Madonna & Child w/ Lily Carved Statue

…long recognized for creating quality religious art lovingly displayed in Catholic homes everywhere, and this Madonna and Child statue is no different.  The Blessed Virgin Mary is depicted with eyes closed as she gently lowers her face towards the Child Jesus, whom she cradles in her right…


Our Lady of Fatima Statue - 8"

The three shepherd children listen attentively to the Blessed Mother's call to conversion through prayer, penance, and hope through in this colorful Our Lady of Fatima statue. Let this be a visual reminder to unite your prayers with Mary and Jesus as you respond to the Father's will through…


Immaculate Heart of Mary 17" Statue

…the Blessed Mother into your life and unite your heart with hers. Immaculate Mary large scale statue Reverent Marian design with thoughtful attention to detail Foster devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary  Adorned with touches of gold for an elegant style for your Catholic home Statue:


Our Lady of Grace Statue 10"

Tender in its depiction and warm in its expression of love, this statue of Our Lady of Grace has been crafted in Italy. A beautiful way to foster devotion to the Blessed Mother. Our Lady of Grace statue Beautiful, traditional design Feminine and graceful Made in Italy Base Size: 60 x 60 x 10mm Base…


Infant of Prague Children's Statue

…way for children to learn about the Child Jesus and the statue associated with this ancient devotion.  Great for Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, and birthdays.  Collectible statues for kids Adorable Infant of Prague mini statue Share this popular Christ Child devotion 4.25" (H) Resin…


Madonna & Child Statue 5"

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is our mother too! Her tenderness and gentleness are perfectly expressed in this statue. Clothed in queenly blue garments edged with gold, she presses Jesus lovingly to her heart. The original figure was sculpted by a master artisan, and each one is painted by hand. A…

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Mary Help of Christians Statue 5" [Multi-Colored]

Devotion to the Blessed Mother under the title “Mary, Help of Christians” goes back to the year 1571. This statue has been faithfully designed and painted by hand. Featuring rich colors and gold accents, it is a beautiful Madonna and Child figure that is perfect for home altar or office…


Madonna and Child Italian Statue

…The perfect model for peaceful daily living. Stone-resin mix on wood base. Made in Italy. 12”H. Italian stone-resin statue Clean white finish and sturdy wood base Tender image of mother and child Beautiful piece to bring serenity to any room 12" (H) Stone-resin with wood base Made in Italy


Child's Touch Mary and Baby Jesus Figure 10"

…is nestled in His Mother's embrace, and He reaches up a tiny hand to touch her face. This statue would make a wonderful gift for any mother! Mary and Baby Jesus figure From the beloved Joseph's Studio collection Beautiful, tender image Perfect gift for a new mother Resin/Stone mix Measures:…


Our Lady of Lourdes Statue - 31"

…full of grace, this gently aged statue depicts Our Lady of Lourdes as she is traditionally depicted in her classic white and blue color palette. Mary, in all her splendor radiates with love in this stunning larger sized 31" statue.  Antique-style Marian statue Aged finish lends a time worn…


Our Lady of Lourdes Statue 16"

Devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes has spread all over the world. This beautiful statue is a fitting way to express love to Our Lady. The colors are soft and graceful, and the attention to detail is exquisite. Our Lady of Lourdes statue Exquisite detail Beautiful color Made in Italy


Our Lady Of Grace Statue Color 10" [Multi-Colored]

A Veronese Our Lady of Grace statue in full hand-painted color. Perfect for bringing a Marian touch to home or office. Our Lady of Grace statue From the Veronese collection Beautiful, tender design Dimensions: 10" (H) x 4.5" (L) x 2.5" (W)


Kingdom Of Mary 25" [Realistic Color Finish]

Marian statue with Mary standing on tom of the starred globe, hands outstretched, gazing downward. This product is cast in solid fiberglass resin, a durable polymer with the look and feel of ceramic. Resin statues feature finer detail and greater strength than other materials. They are suitable for…

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