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  1. Book Of Numbers


Numbering My Days: How the Liturgical Calendar Rearranged My Life

…his life, and his relationships, became more meaningful and fruitful.   Numbering My Days tells the story of one man's renewal, and it offers an authentic model of spiritual development for anyone. Numbering My Days: How the Liturgical Calendar Rearranged My Life Is everything a priority…

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Mother Teresa Book and Rosary Gift Set

…to God. Indeed, you’ll learn how to be an everyday missionary of Christ’s love in the ordinary activities of your daily life. (Item number: 1002794) Olive Wood Miraculous Rosary:  Rosary is crafted from genuine olive wood. This unique rosary is constructed with durable cording in…


Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? & The Case for Jesus (2 Book Set)

… and  Risen , and books such as Bill O'Reilly's  Killing Jesus  raise many questions about one of the greatest controversies in history--what really happened to the crucified body of Jesus of Nazareth. Using a popular question-and-answer format, this book examines the…


The Beatitudes Explained

…province-Perugia, Italy-and holds a degree in modern literature from the Theological Institute of Assisi. She is the author of numerous books for children as well as a number of volumes of scholarly and educational material. Along with her husband, Antonio Vincenti, Silvia founded the Sycamore…


My Baptism Bible Catholic Edition

…the Author: Jan Godfrey is an experienced storyteller who has written a number of children's books including Ten Christmas Sheep , The Road to Christmas Day , and The Road to Easter Day , all published by Pauline Books & Media. She is a former schoolteacher and has four children, many…


Baltimore Catechism No. 3

…edition begins with a section of classic Catholic prayers, including the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Act of Contrition, and more. This book is numbered to correspond with the fourth volume which is the Explanation or Teacher's Guide: Baltimore Catechism No. 4 . See also: Baltimore Catechism…

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I Pray the Stations of the Cross

…means for children to deepen their love for Jesus and all God's people. To see a sample of the inside of the book, click on the image shown and then click on one of the numbers on top of the image to see a different view. I Pray the Stations of the Cross offers brief prayers that relate…


Novena Prayers and Devotions

…Jesus, Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Saint Joseph, and a host of devotional novena prayers to a wide variety of saints, including Saint Jude, Saint Gerard Majella, and St. Anthony. Perfect for personal use, and inexpensive enough to purchase in larger numbers for groups.


Divine Mercy (chaplet) - Folded Prayer Card

…cover is the popular chaplet prayers for the Divine Mercy devotion. Made in Italy! To see additional views of the folded prayer card, please click on the image shown. When the pop up window opens, there will be numbers at the top of the image. Click on these numbers to see different perspectives.


Through the Cross to Victory

…Litany for a Happy Death. Several pages of quotations of Our Lord, Our Lady, and 33 Saints on the advantages of suffering in union with Jesus Christ. To see a sample of the inside of the book, click on the image shown and then click on one of the numbers on top of the image to see a different view.


Children's Way of the Cross

…for “Imagine” and “Listen” exercises. Children’s way of the Cross is a perfect book for children during Lent and the Easter season. Ages 7-11. To view a sample of the book, please click on the image shown and then on the numbers above the image in the pop-up window.


Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary (CD & Book)

…voice that lifts your spirit to the heavens. I've had the good fortune to speak with Susan on a number of occasions and her passion about her faith and her work are palpable. If you purchase nothing else this year to explore the depths of Jesus' life, this should be it." Cheryl Dickow, Bezelel Books

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Holy Spirit - Folded Prayer Card

…Dimensions & Specifications Full color Glossy finish Printed and imported from Italy 3 1/8 inch wide by 5 1/4 inch tall To see a copy of the inside of the brochure and the back of the card as well, please do click on the image shown then click on the numbers above the image in the pop up window.


Pope Francis Wood Rosary

…San Damiano cross is used for the crucifix as a connection with Saint Francis of Assisi. The reverse side has Scripture verse in Latin from Numbers 6:24-26: "I pray that the Lord will bless and protect you, and that he will show you mercy and kindness.   May the Lord be…


The Navarre Bible - The Pentateuch

…given to the first five books of the Bible. Genesis deals with the origin of the world, of man and of the people of Israel. Exodus is an account of the epic journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land. Leviticus deals with ritual holiness and worship. Numbers takes it's name from…


Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls in Purgatory

…The Stations of the Cross dedicated solely to those who languish in Purgatory. To see a sample of the inside of the book, click on the image shown and then click on one of the numbers on top of the image to see a different view. The Way of the Cross for the Holy Souls in Purgatory Author Suzanne…


St. Anthony Laminated Prayer Card - Prayer to St. Anthony

…holy prayer card that contains a color image of Infant Jesus in St. Anthony's Arms on the front, and a prayer on the back. Card measures 2 1/2 inch by 4 1/2 inch. Made in Italy!  To see the back of the prayer card, please click on the image shown and select the multiple view number 2.


My First Communion Bible - White Cover

First Communion keepsake Colorful Bible story book Inspiring and engaging design Personalization option available Details A delightful Bible Story Book to commemorate his or her First Holy Communion, specially designed with features that include a Communion Record page and a marvelous two-page…


Easy Noah's Ark Sticker Picture Puzzle

…Stickers Help Load the Ark with beautiful animals Details A colorful picture puzzle shows Noah and his animal friends greeting the sun. Just put the numbered stickers in the proper places on the inside covers to create a beautiful picture of this classic adventure. Demensions & Specifications 7…


Can a Catholic Be a Democrat?

…will win elections tomorrow. You can help. Order Carlin's book today, and buy extras to give to your undecided relatives and friends. Can a Catholic Be a Democrat? (How the Party I Loved Became the Enemy of My Religion) A book that isn't partisan: it's Catholic Get answers to questions you've…


A Prayerbook of Favorite Litanies [Hardcover]

…for specific needs and petitions. This book has been given a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. "The word "litany" comes from the Latin "litania" or "letania". It stood for a form of responsive prayer which involved a number of invocations or petitions grouped around…

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Saintly Women of Modern Times

Most female saints familiar to Catholics today belonged to religious orders and lived long ago. But a number of lesser-known women of more recent times have also achieved exemplary holiness as lay Christians who made an impact on the world. They serve as role models for women today who struggle with…

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The Hope of the Family

…with the family in the Church today, contends Gerhard Cardinal Müller, is not the small number of civilly remarried divorced Catholics who want to receive Holy Communion. It is the large number of Catholics who live together before marriage, who marry civilly, or who do not even bother with…


Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Know and Follow Jesus

…States Only 30 percent of Americans who were raised Catholic are still practicing Fully 10 percent of all adults in America are ex-Catholics The number of marriages celebrated in the Church decreased dramatically, by nearly 60 percent, between 1972 and 2010 Only 60 percent of Catholics believe in…

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