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  1. Book Of Romans


The Navarre Bible - Romans and Galatians Texts and Commentaries

Part of a 12 volume set of the New Testament with extensive explanations of the meaning of the scriptural text and its implications for everyday life. The commentaries draw on a rich variety of sources - Church documents, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the work of…


Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: The Letter of Saint Paul to the Romans [1]

…and themes. An outline of the Letter to the Romans and several maps are also included.   “Once a generation a truly unique Bible tool is given to the Church. The Ignatius Study Bible is a gift for our generation. This is the most important book since the Catechism of the Catholic Church.…

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Roman Missal Ritual Edition

Presenting the third edition of the Roman Missal, produced with beauty, quality, and affordability. The full-sized Ritual Edition of the Roman Missal features: A rich, durable deep-red cloth cover embellished with Christ enthroned, rendered in a distinguished, bold style and foil stamped in gold and…

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Daily Roman Missal Third Edition

The Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition, durable and beautiful with a deep burgundy padded bonded leather cover and 6 ribbon markers, is both a tool and a treasure for any Catholic who wishes to learn about, love, and live the Mass more fully.The Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition presents the…

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The Roman Catacombs & The Witness of Early Christian Women (2 Book Set)

…question.   Dimensions & Specifications:   The Roman Catacombs   5.5" x 8.5"   Softcover 176 Pages  The Witness of Early Christian Women 5.5"x 8.5" Softcover 160 Pages 2 Book Set The Roman Catacombs: A History of the Christian City Beneath Pagan…

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Daily Roman Missal 3rd Edition [Black]

The hardback edition will be available in burgundy (Item# 1111711) and black (Item#1111712). The new Daily Roman Missal (according to the Roman Missal, Third Edition with the new English translation) includes prayers and readings to all Sunday and daily Masses in one volume. It is a complete source…

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Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite

…Eucharistic processions, celebrating vespers in a parish, eucharistic ministries and the laity, the location of the tabernacle, etc. However, Ceremonies is primarily a book to be used; a practical manual for clergy, MC's, sacristans, liturgical committees and all planning worship in parishes.

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Pius XII: Under the Roman Sky-DVD

…in Rome - more saved than in any other occupied city. Even among the Nazi officers were those who opposed such savagery and, thus, under the Roman sky, both the saved and the lost, the victims and the executioners, shout the Pope's cry with their lives: Nothing is lost with peace. Everything…


St. Joseph Sunday Missal: Complete Edition in Accordance with the Roman Missal

…sewn binding and magnificent four-color illustrations. In accord with the third typical edition of the Roman Missal. St. Joseph Sunday Missal: Complete Edition in Accordance with the Roman Missal Includes Sunday, Sunday vigil, and Holy Day Masses Complete 3-year cycle Complete Edition People's…

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Jeremiah Prayer Book

…of His mercy and love. Lovely cross accent adds a special touch to the vintage style design. Inspiring scripture design Tabletop display Unique vintage book style Encouraging gift for anyone Measures: 6.5” (W) x 4.75” (L) Easel back Resin crafted Cross on chain is for decoration only


The Roman Catacombs: A History of the Christian City Beneath Pagan Rome

Enter into the shadows of the Roman catacombs where early Christians attended Mass and hid in fear from Roman soldiers seeking their death for refusing to renounce the Christian Faith.   You’ll read dramatic acts of faith and courage as Fr. James Spencer Northcote, the world-renowned…


The Catholic Prayer Book

…rich tradition of the Church, The Catholic Prayer Book is a treasury of Catholic worship from ancient times to the present day. Now with the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, and the new translation of the Roman Missal, this edition still contains your favorite personal,…


The Pieta Prayer Book

Also known as The Little Blue Prayer Book, this prayer book is an effort to present the beautiful truths and devotions of our Roman Catholic Faith, in order that those who use these prayers devoutly may obtain greater grace to better serve God. The book draws particularly on that gigantic source of…

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The Book of the Gospels

…The Book of the Gospels from gathering to altar and from altar to ambo is an important part of the liturgical celebration. As the most visible book to the assembly, The Book of the Gospels is meant to convey the power of the word of God to our communities. Using traditional Roman design, The Book of…

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The Order of the Mass: The Missal of Pope St. John XXIII - Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

This booklet, ideal for parish use, is not only a guide for those acquainting themselves with the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (popularly known as the Tridentine Rite), but also a resource for those already familiar with this rich liturgy. Beautifully typeset and illustrated,  The Order…


The How-To Book of the Mass

…every Mass A handy study guide for individual or group use ·        Includes 2011 Roman Missal Translation changes. The How-To Book of the Mass An easy-to-understand guide to the meaning and structure of the Mass Helpful for anyone wanting to understand and…


First Communion Prayer Book For Boys

…this “My First Communion” boy’s prayer book is filled with 132 pages of traditional prayers. Updated version features the Revised Mass. A popular, timeless gift selection for young Catholics. My First Communion book Traditional gift for boys Perfect Mass companion Popular selection…


First Communion Prayer Book For Girls

…First Communion” girl’s prayer book is filled with 132 pages of traditional prayers. Updated version features the Revised Mass. A popular, timeless gift selection for young Catholics.           Girls First Communion book Traditional gift for girls Perfect Mass…

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No Turning Back & Under the Mantle (2 Book Set)

…on the edge of your seat as a former "Deadhead" and drug-addict candidly shares how he was unexpectedly led to the Roman Catholic Church and eventually into a Roman collar as an ordained priest. An incredible odyssey of faith, Fr. Donald Calloway's radical conversion can be compared to…

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The Creed & Understanding "Our Father" (2 Book Set)

…Softcover Language:  English Pages:  146 2 Book Set The Creed: Professing the Faith Through the Ages A powerful lesson on the importance of the Creed Understanding "Our Father": Biblical Reflections on the Lord's Prayer A book helping to plumb the depths of the beautiful prayer Jesus…


What Catholics Really Believe & Proving the Catholic Faith is Biblical (2 Book Set)

…The Spirit World and Superstitions "With erudition, wit, and charm, Karl Keating explains some of the most common misunderstandings of the Roman Catholic Church. I highly recommend this work to Catholics seeking better to understand our Faith." - Cardinal John O'Connor , Archdiocese…


Unbelief: Its Causes and Cures & Answering Atheism (2 Book Set)

…remedy one that is sure to bring to Christ any reasonable person who honestly employs it. No wonder the great Cardinal James Gibbons treasured this book, I consider its value beyond price, and highly recommend it to all, especially in these days of doubt and denial. Among the things you will learn…


Hail, Holy Queen: The Mother of God in the Word of God

…Lamb’s Supper . In  The Lamb’s Supper , Catholic scholar and apologist Scott Hahn explored the relationship between the Book of Revelation and the Roman Catholic Mass, deftly clarifying the most subtle of theological points with analogies and anecdotes from everyday life. In …


Baptism Book-Style Photo Frame

A unique frame is the perfect way to display a cherished photo from your little one's Baptism day! This one is shaped like an open book, featuring a place to hold a 3" x 5" photo on one side, and a beautiful prayer on the other. Also a delightful gift idea if you are attending a…

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