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Sacred Heart of Jesus Scapular with Brown Cord

…all the gifts which it contains. He promised also, to imprint his love on the hearts of all those who would wear this image on their persons and that He would destroy in them all disordered movements." - from the book, The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - Fr.John Croiset, S.J. Made of…


Mary in Her Scapular Promise

What is the scapular? Why do we wear it? What promises did the Blessed Mother give regarding this devotion? This book can answer all your questions and more. It comes highly recommended by Fulton Sheen, who provides the preface for it. This is the most complete book on the subject we have seen. It…

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Marian Consecration for Children-Bringing Mary To Life In Young Hearts and Minds

…True Cross. • The history of the Miraculous Medal and the Brown Scapular. • The miraculous account of the priests who saved Mary’s veil from a fire in Chartres Cathedral.. • How St. Louis de Montfort’s book True Devotion to Mary was almost lost forever. • Various…

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Our Lady of Mount Carmel: 6 Famous Carmelite Saints

…time, and so does the Brown Scapular given to St. Simon Stock by the Blessed Mother. Mary gave the scapular to St. Simon during a time of great challenge and difficulty. Read How to Use the Brown Scapular She made specific promises to the faithful who wear her Brown Scapular and live a life of…

Nine Ways to Celebrate the Month of Mary

…prays for you while blessing the scapular; if not, you can find it at the link immediately above. 8. READ A BOOK ABOUT MARY The best way to increase your devotion to the Blessed Mother is simply by reading more about her. There is no shortage of great Catholic books on Mary that unpack the mysteries…

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