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  1. Book On Women Saints


The Book of Saints

This best-selling book is about saints remembered in the calendar of the Catholic Church. Apostles, martyrs, bishops and missionaries, holy men and women who loved God and his people in a remarkable way. Some died for their faith in Christ; others served the poor, upheld the cause of justice,…


Saintly Women of Modern Times

…number of lesser-known women of more recent times have also achieved exemplary holiness as lay Christians who made an impact on the world. They serve as role models for women today who struggle with the difficulties of everyday life in secular surroundings. In Saintly Women of Modern Times ,…

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Girlfriends And Other Saints: Companions on My Journey of Faith

…"girlfriend" saints, as well as several male saints. She shows us that the saints are alive and well in heaven and are always ready to listen to us and intercede on our behalf. As she relates how these heroes of the faith have worked in her own life, we are encouraged to go to the saints


Communion of Saints Coloring Book

…by modern favorites such as Thérèse of Lisieux and Padre Pio. Each lovely image is accompanied by a brief and educational description of the saint's life. Communion of Saints Coloring Book Hours of coloring and enjoyment A wonderful way to learn about the saints 11 x 8.2 inches

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My First Book of Saints

…sacramental gift, this hardcover edition will excite, educate, and engage children ages 5-8.   My First Book of Saints Children's book on the lives of the saints Fun stories and colorful images Includes life applications & prayers Teaches children about saintly virtues 5 1/2" x 7 3/8"


Lay Saints Series (4 Book Set)

Saints listed on page 2 Index of Saints Bibliography   Lay Saints: The Noble and the Humble In Lay Saints: The Noble and the Humble , Joan Carroll Cruz guides you through the lives of sixty-one lay men and women who achieved the heights of sanctity. These inspiring biographies present saints,


100 Holy Hours for Women & When Women Pray-11 Catholic Women On The Power of Prayer (2 Book Set)

…When Women Pray-11 Catholic Women On The Power of Prayer Here is a book that can inspire the new outpouring of the oil of prayer for healing and holiness. Inspired by the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matt 25: 2-13), this work proclaims the wealth of grace entrusted to praying women. In personal…


100 Holy Hours For Women & The Witness of Early Christian Women (2 Book Set)

…understanding of women and their roles, especially in a pagan society that viewed them as little more than property. The variety of women here is striking: poor widows, consecrated virgins, heroic martyrs, but also businesswomen, the wealthy, and an indomitable traveler on a world tour. Each…


Saints - Lives and Illuminations

…men and women who have provided spiritual examples to Christians from the very beginning of the church up to the present day. In addition to well-known saints like Patrick and Francis of Assisi, this volume also explores the lives of such lesser-known figures as Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha and Saint

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When Women Pray: 11 Catholic Women on the Power of Prayer

…Prayer Leads to Service Intercessory Prayer: The Present Role of Women Six Fruits of Prayer The Relationship Between Personal Prayer and Liturgical Prayer Prayer is Essential to Health When Women Pray: 11 Catholic Women on the Power of Prayer Inspired by the gospel parable of the Ten Virgins 

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Courageous Love - A Bible Study on Holiness For Women

…by saints, popes, and theologians. At the end of each chapter is a suggested Bible verse to memorize. Nihil obstat: Rev. James M. Dunfee, S.T.L. Imprimatur:Gilbert I. Sheldon D.D., Bishop of Steubenville. See also: Courageous Virtue - Bible Study on Moral Excellence for Women Courageous Women - A…


A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

…for the saints is contagious in A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. Building on the success of her first book, A Handbook for Catholic Moms, Hendey continues her work of nurturing hearts, minds, bodies, and souls—this time through the rich tradition of the Catholic communion of saints. With…


The Politically Incorrect Guide to Christianity & What the Saints Never Said (2 Book Set)

…He is also the author of Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour.   What  Saints Never Said:Pious Misquotes and The Subtle Heresies They Teach You Preach the gospel always; when necessary, use words. In What the Saints Never Said , Trent Horn ( Why We’re…


The Roman Catacombs & The Witness of Early Christian Women (2 Book Set)

Women 5.5"x 8.5" Softcover 160 Pages 2 Book Set The Roman Catacombs: A History of the Christian City Beneath Pagan Rome Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the catacombs The Witness of Early Christian Women: Mothers of the Church Features concise biographies of women who…


Lives of the Saints 2-Volume Boxed Set

Introducting a two-volume set of the ever-popular "Lives of the Saints." They contain a series of lives of saintly men and women for each day of the year. Volume I is a handy, popular, modern, beautifully illustrated version with short, inspiring biographies for each day of the year. It…


Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints

…courage, patience, and love. In Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints , Colleen Swaim examines the lives of eight young men and women who were set fire with the Spirit and set free to live lives of extraordinary virtue. All became saints for the outgoing, against-the-current heroism of their teen…


The Witness of Early Christian Women

…of these women on the Church, then and now. Their stories will enthrall you. Their writings will inspire you. Their witness will empower you. The Witness of Early Christian Women Explores the impact of women’s influence on the church then and now Features concise biographies of women who are…


Saints Behaving Badly: The Cutthroats, Crooks, Trollops, Con Men, and Devil-Worshippers Who Became Saints

Saints are not born, they are made. And many, as Saints Behaving Badly reveals, were made of very rough materials indeed. The first book to lay bare the less than saintly behavior of thirty-two venerated holy men and women, it presents the scandalous, spicy, and sleazy detours they took on the road…

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Saints vs. Scroundels- Debating Life's Greatest Questions

…your Catholic Faith. You may be no saint, but I’ll bet you’d like to give those scoundrels a run for their money! If so, Saints vs. Scoundrels is the book for you! Saints vs. Scroundels- Debating Life's Greatest Questions A great book that puts you in a ringside seat - witnessing …

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Saints With a Past:A Study of Conversion in the Lives of Eight Notorious Saints [DVD]

…lecture highlights the work of grace in the sinner's soul From scoundrals to saints! The conversion process is never easy Cultivating the most difficult virtues Details How bad can you be and still become a saint? The short answer is: Pretty awful thoroughly wicked, even. With Professor Thomas…


Saint Philomena

…and miracles being granted that she was raised to sainthood by Pope Gregory XVI -- becoming the only person recognized by the Church as a saint solely on the basis of her powerful intercession, since nothing historically is known of her except her name and the evidence of her martyrdom. A great…


Mom's Cards: Tips and Inspiration for Mothers From the Saints and Other Moms [Multicolored]

saints. Give a lasting gift of inspiration to the mothers in your life!  © Copyright 2018 Trinity Road LLC/The Catholic Company    A deck of 40 written pearls of wisdom for Moms of all ages Each prayer card has a corresponding saint quote  Tuck them away for strength on

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St. Gerard of Majella - Mini Lives of the Saints Folded Prayer Card

on the inside, and a popular prayer of intercession on the back cover.  This "Mini Lives of the Saints" prayer card offers readers an artistically crafted, informative reference into St. Gerard's life. St. Gerard of Majella is known as the Patron Saint of pregnant women,


Saint Gerard Novena

…healing, especially for expectant mothers and their unborn children. On one occasion he interceded for a woman facing serious complications in childbirth, and the crisis passed and she gave birth to a healthy child. Many women received graces for themselves and their children through Gerard’s…

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