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  1. Books About Saints


The Book of Saints and Heroes

…ones about the Christian saints. Some were true, others improbable, and many simply fantastic. In the ones we include here, you'll meet the saint who spent seven Easters on a whale's back and the amiable lion who was St. Jerome's friend. You'll see St. George fight the dragon, and you'll read about

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Encyclopedia of Saints Second Edition

…is just curious about the lives of the saints, this is the Encyclopedia for you! Now in its second edition, Our Sunday Visitor's Our Sunday Visitor's Encyclopedia of Saints, Second Edition puts massive amounts of information at your fingertips, including:  patron saints a calendar of…

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Mother Teresa: An Authorized Biography (Revised and Updated)

…written and unfailingly inspiring, Kathryn Spink's book should be, after Mother Teresa's own writings, your first resource for understanding one of the greatest saints in Christian history." Kathryn Spink is the author of several book on the work of Mother Teresa and her co-workers, as…


The Letters: The Untold Story of Mother Teresa (DVD)

Based on her true story, The Letters explores the hidden & public life of Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and soon-to-be saint, Mother Teresa, one of the greatest humanitarians of all time. Her selfless devotion to helping the poor everywhere changed hearts, transformed lives and inspired millions…

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How to Be Holy: First Steps in Becoming a Saint

…only one tragedy: not to have been a saint."  – Léon Bloy The ever-popular and prolific Peter Kreeft says that the most important question he has written about is how one becomes holy; or to put it another way, how one becomes a saint. This question is central to all the great…

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Lay Saints Series (4 Book Set)

…who went about their work giving praise to God.     Lay Saints: Models of Family Life   Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to achieve, but the foremost and overarching goal for every Catholic, and the only one that brings true happiness, should be to become a saint and enjoy…


Saint Francis of Assisi

The most insightful book about Francis of Assisi ever. Ideal for gift-giving, this beautiful edition offers all of G. K. Chesterton insight, humor, and wit as he uncovers the real meaning of the life of the worlds most popular saint. Saint Francis of Assisi A classic work by G. K. Chesterton Fresh,…


Why I Don't Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace

…of the earth. Part memoir, part philosophy about reality, and part a practical guide for living chastely, Mattson draws lessons from his own fight for chastity, sharing wisdom from his own failures and successes. Relying on the rich deposit of the saints for wisdom, Mattson provides practical steps…

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My First Book of Saints

…sacramental gift, this hardcover edition will excite, educate, and engage children ages 5-8.   My First Book of Saints Children's book on the lives of the saints Fun stories and colorful images Includes life applications & prayers Teaches children about saintly virtues 5 1/2" x 7 3/8"


Picture Book of Saints

…pages. The glorious, full-color illustrations are strikingly beautiful and marked by their fine detail. Click here to view sample pages. (PDF)   Picture Book of Saints Beautiful illustrations Gorgeous padded hardcover edition Wonderful way for kids to learn about the saints 6" (W) x 9.5" (H)


John Of The Cross

…•    Rags-to-spiritual-riches story of a great saint •    Includes questions for discussion and reflection •    Takes its place in the popular Saints By Our Sides series About the Author: Father George P. Evans has been a priest of the…


Miniature Stories of the Saints: Book 2

Saint Charles Borromeo Saint Catherine of Siena Saint Christopher Saint Catherine Laboure Saint Dominic Saint Edward Miniature Stories of the Saints: Book 2 Written in simple language for children to easily understand Fun stories with colorful images of beloved saints Teaches children about saintly

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My Confirmation Book

…part teaching book, this small volume is filled with inspiration, encouragement, and reflections to ponder for 4th graders and up. Through simple text, it explains the privileges and responsibilities imparted through the sacrament of Confirmation. Compelling stories about saints and children their…


Twenty Tales of Irish Saints

Saints have over the years inspired many tales that go beyond what we know about them. These pious fictions are delightful and can even be instructive. For the lovely legends of the saints that have come down to us reflect not only the holiness but also the gaiety of the saints. These Irish legends…


The Life and Glories of Saint Joseph [Qty. 1]

…to Mary and Jesus; why he has been named by Pope Pius IX "The Patron of the Universal Church;" and so forth.  The Life and Glories of Saint Joseph A beautiful book about the "Forgotten saint" Perfect way to learn about the Patron of the Universal Church Many beautiful insights


Relics from the Crucifixion & Relics: What They Are and Why They Matter (2 Book Set)

…and relics of all sorts from 75 favorite saints, such as St. Mary Magdalene, St. Agnes, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Maria Goretti, and many more! Relics is a unique collection of years of dedicated research about the lives of the saints and the mementos they left behind, to…

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The Marian Option: God's Solution to a Civilization in Crisis & The Love of Mary (2 Book Set)

…Until now, books on the Virgin Mary have generally focused upon one apparition or various theological elements of this mysterious woman. But the scope of The Marian Option is far greater. Drawing from a vast array of dogmas, Vatican approved apparitions, and writings of the saints, Dr. Gress has…


What the Saints Said About Heaven: 101 Holy Insights on Everlasting Life

…an abundance of detail about the nature of heavenly existence. Another source of insight and hope can be found in the writings of the saints throughout history. What the Saints Said About Heaven: 101 Holy Insights on Everlasting Life  combines Scriptural passages, saintly writings, and prayers…

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My Daily Visit with the Saints

…for just a few moments My Daily Visit with the Saints or turn to it anytime you can carve out a moment or two for God. Therein you will find prayerful meditations, sure protection against sudden temptations, and lucid answers to sharp questions about the Faith. In a word, this one rich volume will…


Coloring Book About The Saints

A fun and creative way for children to learn about the lives of some of the best-loved Saints.


The Truth About Saint Joseph Book & St. Joseph Wood Bead Rosary Set

…1" (H) Approx. 15 3/4" (L) Material: Wood beads   2 Piece Set The Truth About Saint Joseph: Encountering The Most Hidden of Saints This beautiful and edifying book unearths hidden truths about St. Joseph St. Joseph Wooden Rosary Reflects the humility and holiness of St. Joseph


The Truth About Saint Joseph: Encountering The Most Hidden of Saints

…best the saint to turn to •    Four reasons St. Joseph particularly deserves your devotion today •    And much more!   The Truth About Saint Joseph: Encountering The Most Hidden of Saints Learn about the "forgotten saint" Amazing, eye-opening book Perfect…

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Hints of Heaven & What The Saints Said About Heaven (2 Book Set)

Saints Said About Heaven 5½ x 8½ inches 244 pages ISBN 9780895558725 Two Book Set Hints of Heaven Learn the hidden meanings of the Scripture’s 24 parables and how they guide us on the road to eternal glory What The Saints Said About Heaven Combines Scriptural passages, saintly

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32 Courageous Catholic Saints Coloring Book

…Therese of Lisieux 32. St. Thomas Aquinas 32 Courageous Catholic Saints Coloring Book A fun way to help teach about the saints and their heroic lives One of the first coloring books to feature St. Teresa of Calcutta! A coloring book that kids will love and learn from 8.5 x 11 inches