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  1. Books On Spirituality


The Contemplative Rosary & Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare (2 Book Set)

…Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare  ISBN: 9781681920214 Pages: 160 Format: Paperback The Contemplative Rosary Additional text and prayers to unite the Rosary more closely to the official liturgical prayers. Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare  A Book you need to share with…


Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality

…hope, this little book is sure to transform your life in a big way. Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality How to find God’s Will in your life How to pursue inspirations fearlessly How to make sense of pain and suffering How to spiritually overcome personal…


Feeding Your Family's Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality

…children’s faith formation for "another time" or relying on others to teach their children.  This book is uniquely suited to come to their rescue.  Feeding Your Family’s Soul: Dinner Table Spirituality  is a vital tool to enable parents to transform a regular…


The Navarre Bible - Wisdom Books

…the works of prominent spiritual writers, particularly St. Josemaria Escriva, who initiated the Navarre Bible project. This volume includes the book of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Wisdom, and Sirach. (the book of Psalms is sold as a separate volume - item# 1001701) The books of the Bible usually…


Meditations on Mary & Everyday Meditations (2 Book Set)

Meditations on Mary:  Spiritual meditation is the surest way to grow in holiness, and Our Lady is truly an example of perfection. This combination makes Meditations on Mary a spiritual powerhouse that will lift your soul to God and help you along the path to heaven. It features twenty-four…

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Live Today Well & On A Mission (2 Book Set)

…x 8½ inches 224 pages Softcover On a Mission 5½ x 8½ inches 160 pages  Softcover Also available separately Two Book Set Live Today Well St. Francis’ five spiritual exercises to help you reach a higher level of holiness On a Mission Learn practical techniques for…


Vision of Fatima & Meditations on Mary (2 Book Set)

…of Fatima, and the spiritual meaning of the apparitions. There is no more fascinating and insightful book than this first-hand account of the Dominican priest who worked under the direction of a poor Portuguese nun who saw and spoke to Our Lady. Meditations on Mary: Spiritual meditation is the…

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The End: A Study on the Book of Revelation [CD]

…interpret this mysterious Biblical book How to understand the numerous "time indicators" contained in Revelation Why the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a truly foretaste of heavenly worship   The End: A Study on the Book of Revelation Who wrote the Book of Revelation according to both…

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YOUCAT: Youth Prayer Book

…them. Now YOUCAT: The Youth Prayer Book , helps them to live their faith and deepen their spiritual lives. The book includes modern, new prayers, along with traditional prayers, and the time-honored prayers of Holy Scripture. It also gives a lot of practical advice on how to pray: in the morning, in…

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Leather Prayer Book Cover

…This is the perfect piece to protect your Liturgy of the Hours book, Christian Prayer Book or some Bibles.  *Your bible measurements should be equal to or less than: 7.25” (L) x 5.25” (W) x 1.5” (D)     Leather Book Cover Prayer Card Slot on Front Zippered Closure


Spiritual Manuals: Marian Devotion, Spiritual Warfare, & Adoration (3 Book Gift Set)

…Pages: 122 Manual on Spiritual Warfare 4¾ x 6¾ inches Premium Ultrasoft charcoal-colored cover Two-tone sewn binding Ribbon marker ISBN: 9781618906533 Format: Softcover Pages: 336 Author: Paul Thigpen 3 Book Gift Set Includes 3 spiritual manuals UltraSoft…


Spiritual Warfare Bible & Manual For Spiritual Warfare (2 Book Set)

…Teaching About Spiritual Warfare  • Words from the Saints about Spiritual Warfare  • Spiritual Warfare in the Lives of the Saints  • Prayers for the Battle  • Spiritual Warfare Topical Index Paul Thigpen, Ph.D., is the editor of TAN Books and the best-selling…


The Pieta Prayer Book

…as The Little Blue Prayer Book, this prayer book is an effort to present the beautiful truths and devotions of our Roman Catholic Faith, in order that those who use these prayers devoutly may obtain greater grace to better serve God. The book draws particularly on that gigantic source of God's…

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Catholic Book of Novenas

The Catholic Book of Novenas offers more than thirty of the most popular Novenas specifically arranged in accord with the Liturgical Year on the Feasts of Jesus, Mary, and many Favorite Saints. By popular author, Rev. L.G. Lovasik, S.V.D., this Catholic Book of Novenas has a tastefully embossed tan…

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St. Patrick Prayer Book

…a unique record of his life. Discover St. Patrick's relevance for the 21st century through his Confesio, and the beautiful discourse of Pope John Paul II given in Drogheda. Pray with St. Patrick in a newly composed Novena based on early Irish sources. 144 pp. Green flexcover, can be personalized.

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The Spiritual Combat & A Treatise on Peace of Soul

…everyone under his spiritual direction. Salvation and spiritual perfection should not be sought haphazardly; a strategy is needed to win the battle for our souls. Vigorous, realistic, and full of keen insight into human nature,  The Spiritual Combat & A Treatise on Peace of Soul…


Saints Who Battled Satan & Manual for Spiritual Warfare (2 Book Set)

…  Manual for Spiritual Warfare: A fierce war rages for your soul. Are you ready for battle? Like it or not, you are at war. You face a powerful enemy out to destroy you. You live on the battlefield, so you can’t escape the conflict.  It’s a spiritual war with crucial…


An Exorcist Explains the Demonic & Manual for Spiritual Warfare (2 Book Set)

…Author:  Paul Thigpen 2 Book Set An Exorcist Explains the Demonic: The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels Powerful, eye-opening book on the deadly antics of Satan and his fallen angels and spiritual remedies for such things Manual for Spiritual Warfare A guide to help you recognize,…

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St. Joseph Gems: Daily Wisdom On Our Spiritual Father

…an intercessor, his sublime sanctity, and his relevance as a model and a helper in our everyday lives. This is the perfect book to help you rediscover the second-greatest saint in the Church, after the Blessed Virgin Mary! St. Joseph Gems: Daily Wisdom On Our Spiritual Father Measures: 5.25" x 6.25"

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Meditations On Mary & Prayers and Heavenly Promises (2 Book Set)

Meditations On Mary: Spiritual meditation is the surest way to grow in holiness, and Our Lady is truly an example of perfection. This combination makes Meditations on Mary a spiritual powerhouse that will lift your soul to God and help you along the path to heaven. Meditations on Mary features…

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Catholic Woman's Book of Prayer

…and struggle to find time for prayer. She is currently filming a new series for EWTN based on her previously released title Feeding Your Family's Soul. This book will affirm women on their journey while celebrating the strength, dignity, and specific gifts of women in the context…


Catholic Prayer Book (Large Print)

…Print Catholic Prayer Book also features: An introduction by Father Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R. Background information on each prayer The Church’s imprimatur   Catholic Prayer Book Large print for easy reading Featuring classic, beloved prayers Beautiful binding Book size is approx. 5"…


Fulton Sheen's Wartime Prayer Book

"This prayer book is for soldiers, sailors, marines, coast guard, for all fighting forces at home and abroad - on land, on the sea, and in the air - and for civilians at home: for all who live in a world at war, that through our prayerful lives God may grant us victory and give to the world His…

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Patience & Humility: A Handbook for Christians & The Spiritual Combat (2 Book Set)

…6½ inches ISBN: 9780895551528   2 book set Patience & Humility: A Handbook for Christians Learn how the self-surrender in humility and patience is guaranteed to bring you lasting peace and happiness The Spiritual Combat and a Treatise on Peace of Soul Short chapters that shows the…

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