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  1. Brother Francis Sacraments

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Brother Francis: The Sacraments [DVD]

…enlightening and fun episode, "The Sacraments," children will learn the fundamentals of the seven sacraments and the blessings given to us through them. Brother Francis: The Sacraments [DVD] Great tool for children to learn the fundamentals of the 7 Sacraments Beautiful and joyful lessons…

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Brother Francis: The Sacraments Coloring & Activity Book

…to color as they learn about the Sacraments. It's the perfect way to teach our littles ones the fundamental aspects of their Catholic faith! Brother Francis: The Sacraments Coloring & Activity Book Perfect companion to the Brother Francis Sacraments DVD Delightful, high-quality coloring…

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Brother Francis - Bread of Life (DVD)

Join Brother Francis in the delightfully inspirational and instructive presentation that teaches children all about the sacrament of the Eucharist! This episode contains: "The Last Supper": animated presentation of Jesus instituting this blessed sacrament "The Story of Blessed Imelda…

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Brother Francis: Forgiven DVD

…presentation, Brother Francis reminds old and young alike about the great gift of God's forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Entertaining and instructive, "Brother Francis: Forgiven!" is a joyous way to help children understand God's love through the Sacrament


Pope Francis Children's Statue

…Pope Francis doll is a fun way for children to learn about the life of the Successor of St. Peter, pastor of the universal Church on earth. Great for Easter baskets, Christmas stockings, sacramental celebrations, and birthdays.  Collectible statues Hand-painted doll for children Pope Francis

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Forgiven:Coloring and Activity Book

…the Brother Francis "Forgiven" DVD Friendly faces and characters   Details Have fun while reinforcing the principles taught on the Brother Francis "Forgiven!" DVD. This coloring & activity book explores the gift of God's forgiveness through the Sacrament of…

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In Conversation With God - Vol. 3 - Ordinary Time, Weeks 1-12

…circumstances of the day. Topics include: First Week in Ordinary Time: The Calling of the First Disciples Children of God Prayer and Apostolate Sacramental Communion Human Virtues and Apostolate Getting on with all the people around us Second Week in Ordinary Time: The Lamb of God Purity and the…


The Bread of Life: Coloring and Activity Book

Brother Francis "The Bread of Life" DVD. This coloring & activity book is full of activities that help prepare children for their first Holy Communion. The Bread of Life: Coloring and Activity Book Helps children prepare for their First Holy Communion Companion to the Brother Francis

Brother Francis - Bread of Life - Catholic Kids (DVD) | The Catholic Company

Brother Francis - Bread of Life - Catholic Kids (DVD) | The Catholic Company

To purchase the Brother Francis - Bread of Life (DVD) from The Catholic Company, click here: This adorable Catholic children's DVD features fun cartoon images of St. Francis of Assisi as he takes little ones on a journey to…

Get to Know Our New Holy Father: Pope Francis

…Jorge Mario Bergoglio, today elected Supreme Pontiff by his brother Cardinals, has taken the name Pope Francis.  It has been confirmed by a Vatican spokesman that this name is chosen for  St. Francis of Assisi (and not St. Francis Xavier, the amazing Jesuit evangelist to Asia; although Xavier…

A Pilgrim's Reflections on the Pope's Visit to Philadelphia

…who wanted to share her reflections on her experience with the estimated 900,000 pilgrims for Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia. We hope you enjoy! I began my journey to see Pope Francis not sure what to expect. I was prepared for big crowds, lots of standing, and a very long day. My husband…

Tips for a Holier New Year: Day 5 – Expect Temptations

Bottom Line Up Front: Expect Temptation Saint Francis de Sales implored his flock not to be surprised when faced with temptations. In his Sermon on the First Sunday of Lent he said the following regarding temptations:  “We make a mistake if we assume that in this Christian walk we can avoid…

Eucharistic Miracle in Poland Tested & Confirmed by Bishop

…Announcement of the Bishop of Legnica, Msgr. Zbigniew Kiernikowski, on the Eucharistic Miracle in St. Jack Parish, translated from Polish. Sisters and Brothers in Our Lord Jesus Christ! As The Bishop of Legnica I hereby announce to the public and inform about an event that took place in the parish…

Three of the Most Misunderstood Saints of All Time

…that Saint Francis loved animals mainly because they reminded him of God, their true origin, not because of cuteness or friendliness toward humans. For Saint Francis, animals were 'sacramentals,' whose mere existence innocently and unconsciously pointed toward God. ...Whenever [Francis] saw a little…

Mary Untier of Knots Prayers

…couples with your grace; renew their sacramental covenant, increase God's love in them, and strengthen their bond of peace so that, with their children, they may always rejoice in the gift of your blessing. Mary, Undoer of Knots, pray for us Pope Francis' Prayer to Mary Undoer of Knots Holy Mary,…

Lenten Season 101: A Guide for Everything You Need to Know

…as they enter the liturgical season in mind and heart. You can read Pope Francis' message for 2017 in its entirety at the link below. This year's theme is: "The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift." Dear Brothers and Sisters, Lent is a new beginning, a path leading to the certain goal of…

Three Popular Novena Prayers to St. Therese of Lisieux

…of Lisieux is famous for her habit of sending roses to her devotees as a sign that she has heard their prayers and is interceding for them. Pope Francis himself has a devotion to St. Therese, and has described how he has received roses after calling on her for help: “I have the habit, when I don't…

12 Catholic Gifts for Pope St. John Paul II Lovers

…with your faith and generous in the service of your brothers and sisters, be active members of the Church and builders of peace. To succeed in this demanding project of life, continue to listen to His Word, draw strength from the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Penance. The Lord wants…

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It's Universal Guardian Angel Appreciation Day!

…every man. From the beginning until death human life is surrounded by their constant protection.” And in a previous homily for today's feast Pope Francis has remarked, “Ask yourself this question today: How is my relationship with my guardian angel? Do I listen to him? Do I say good morning to him…

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