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  1. Catholic Childs Baptismal Bible

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A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible

…little gift bible for the special gift from God has a padded cover with gold stamping and page edges. This book contains bible stories with large pictures - perfect for little ones. Includes Baptismal Certificate page. Gift boxed.  A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible Features bible stories will…

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A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible

This beautiful little gift bible for the special gift from God has a padded cover with gold stamping and page edges. This book contains bible stories with large pictures - perfect for little ones. Includes Baptismal Certificate and Presentation page. Gift boxed. Measures 6.5" tall by 4.5"…


My Baptism Bible Catholic Edition

…children's picture Bible is the perfect boy's or girl's Baptismal gift book for a child up to age 4. Opening with a gift dedication page, the child will always be reminded of who shared in celebrating his or her special day. To forever cherish baby's birth and Baptism, there are…

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A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible (Guardian Angel)

This beautiful little Baptismal gift Bible has a padded cover with the popular Guardian Angel art work. This special baptismal Bible also features gold stamping and page edges. This book contains bible stories with large pictures - perfect for little ones. Includes Baptismal Certificate page. Gift…

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Your Child's Baptism

…through the experience of their child’s baptism. Your Child’s Baptism is a useful resource for reflecting on baptism. This full-color booklet explains the meaning of the rite and provides a step-by-step guide of what to expect during the baptismal ceremony. Through this book, parents…

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Catholic Parent Know-How: Preparing Your Child - Baptism

…eye-catching magazine format featuring short, clear, practical articles. It brings together solid Church teaching with inspirational ways to make God's presence and love known to parents and godparents preparing for the baptism of a child. Included are practical pointers, scripture, and more!


My Baptism Remembrance Book

…preserves important life moments for the special child in your life to look back upon as he or she becomes curious about life as a Catholic child. This illustrated remembrance book contains: Fill-in-the-blanks for recording details of a child's Baptism, developmental stages, first holidays, and…


Baby's First Little Bible - White

Classic Bible stories with striking 19th century chromolith illustrations. It makes a lovely keepsake for parent and child at a baby shower, birth, or Baptism. Features a leatherette cover. Hardcover  Baby's First Little Bible Classic bible stories with charming pictures Lovely gift for any of…


My Rhyme Bible Time for Little Ones

…inspire a lifetime love of the Bible while becoming your child’s most asked-for bedtime storybook. A wonderful gift, especially for Baptisms!   Brightly illustrated, rhyming Bible storybook Beloved characters come to life Inspires a lifetime love of the Bible  Wonderful gift for…


Personalized Silver Bible My First Rosary Keepsake Box - 3.5"

Here is a beautiful and unique 3.5" x 2.75" keepsake box for a child's first rosary. It is designed in the shape of a bible, featuring a cross on front along with the words, "My First Rosary." Velveteen-lined, it has lovely detailing inside and out. Best of all, it comes…


The Catholic Children's Prayer Book

This beautifully illustrated Catholic Children's prayer book is the most complete offering of Catholic prayers for children. The Catholic Children's Prayer Book is a wonderful First Communion, Baptism or birthday present. The prayers are conveniently broken down into categories for easy reference.…


Catholic Parent Know-How: How to Be a Godparent

Catholic Parent Know-How: How to Be a Godparent will give you practical pointers, Scripture, and more. Not only will you discover what Godparents are, but the Sacrament of Baptism will be explained, you will find out what Godparents do during the Baptism, what they do after the Baptism, and how…


Catholic Parent Know How: First Communion Revised Edition (Spanish)

A child's First Communion is a significant and exciting milestone in the life of a Catholic family.  As the first and most important teachers of their children, parents present their Children for Baptism and guide them toward Christ as they are initiated into the Church community. But…


First Steps Baby Journal

…the child’s significance as the fruit of their love; the meaning of Baptism as the child’s “spiritual birthday”; signs of the child’s spiritual growth, year by year; and the critical role of parish life in raising the child in the Faith. Created especially for Catholic

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Before I Was Me & Personalized Pillowcase (2 Piece Set) [Multi-Colored]

…be the same! Let your child's sleepy head rest on this personalized pillowcase as you read a poignant yet lighthearted story about God's loving plans for each child He creates. You'll want to buy a set for your family and one to give at a Baptism or birthday celebration.…

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Everything is Sacred

…my child go to hell, limbo or purgatory if—God forbid—he or she dies before baptism? • Why are so many baptisms done during the Mass these days? • What's the role of the godparents? Do they have to be Catholics? Christians? Believers? These are questions from good Catholics

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A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible

A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible

Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible is a lovely bible containing biblical stories with large colorful pictures - ideal for young children. A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible is covered with gold stamping and page edges and also contains a Baptismal Certificate and presentation page. A Catholic Child's

A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible | The Catholic Company

A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible | The Catholic Company

Find this A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible at The Catholic Company here: A thoughtful gift in honor of a child's baptism, this Baptism Bible can be personalized on the front of the white padded cover. Features gold stamping,…

My Baptism Book

My Baptism Book

…children about their baptism day and an appropriate gift for babies all the way up through children 8 years of age. So no matter what age a child receives the Sacrament of Baptism, this gift is a good choice! To view The Catholic Company's full selection of baby baptism books, click here:…

My Top 5 Baptism Tips

…and the faith of their fathers. Enjoy these tips on Baptism and I hope that some of them speak to you. Remember that getting your child the right baptism gift is important as well. A children's rosary or a children’s bible could be the perfect gift for your child. Have a great baptismal celebration.

How to Choose the Best Gift for a Baptism

…Children's Bible for a few years, it will more than likely be one of the first Bibles they read and you can always read them stories out of their Children’s Bible.  The Children’s Bible is a traditional baptism gift which many, like myself, still have decades years after their baptism. Baptism Bears…

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Why Do Catholics Choose A Saint’s Name At Baptism?

…beautiful tradition as to why Catholics do present a saintly or biblical name for their child at Baptism, and why those who convert to Catholicism may choose to take an additional name when they are baptized. The Choosing and Changing of Names in the Bible The Bible gives us many vivid examples of…

Our 2016 First Communion Gift Guide Video

…a Catholic child's life aren't the little league championship or the big dance recital ... they are the Sacraments they will receive initiating them into the divine life of Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church. The Sacraments are something to honor and celebrate! After a child’s baptism, through…

Confirmation is Not the End!

…in the parish or diocese: * Connect with parish youth groups, or organize your own activities for young people. * Join a Catholic Bible study, or start a Catholic Bible study for your age group. * Join a parish ministry in an area you are passionate about. They need young people! * Help out…