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  1. Catholic Heroes Of The Faith


Kidnapped By The Vatican? The Unpublished Memoirs of Edgardo Mortara

…his parents to enroll him in a local Catholic school, in 1858 Pope Pius IX had the boy taken from his family in Bologna and sent to a Catholic boarding school in Rome. There the child grew in faith and eventually responded to the calling to become a Catholic priest. The Mortara case reverberated…

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Catholic Heroes Of The Faith- The Story of Saint Perpetua (DVD)

…of Catholic Heroes of the Faith presents one of the most influential, true stories of the Early Church. Catholic Heroes of the Faith is a series of animated programs for youth ages eight and older, presenting the lives of true-life heroes of the Catholic Faith. This episode of Catholic Heroes of the…

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Pier Giorgio Frassati: A Hero for Our Times

…Pier Giorgio, the young heir of Senator Alfredo Frassati, founder of the newspaper La Stampa, makes his own choice for the social doctrine of the Catholic Church, seeking not so much to solve general problems but to make Christ and the Church more present to those in need. That was the motivation…


Cultivating Virtue & 365 Saints: Your Daily Guide to the Wisdom and Wonder of Their Lives (2 Book Set)

Cultivating Virtue: Self-Mastery With the Saints On every page  Cultivating Virtue  imparts the true spirit of the Catholic Faith. This book takes 12 Christian virtues—one for each month, with a reading for each day of the year—and shows you how to master each one. Featuring…

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Avoiding Bitterness in Suffering: How Our Heroes In Faith Found Peace Amidst Sorrow

…psychological abuse, abandonment, and rage Four ways you can turn to Christ in times of temptation Avoiding Bitterness in Suffering: How Our Heroes In Faith Found Peace Amidst Sorrow Answers the most basic answers to why God allows us to suffer Learn why pain is the road into the heart of…


Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon

…the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (Vatican City) " Champions of the Rosary is an extremely insightful, pious, and scholarly work on the rosary. Father Calloway's insights and contributions into the history and heroes of the rosary will not go unnoticed or unappreciated."…

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The Crusader Genesis - A Hero to Believe In

…to help foster your child's love of the faith while also presenting them with a fun, exciting and entertaining story in comic book format. The Crusader: Genesis tells the origin story of Scott Bishop a Catholic young man trying to live his faith in a turbulent modern world. Scott has been…

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Catholic Saints for Children

At a time when our children desperately need authentic heroes,  Catholic Saints for Children  holds up well-known giants of our faith for young readers to be inspired by and imitate. Simple, engaging texts highlight these saints' fascinating lives. Accompanied by memorable watercolor…


St. Benedict Blessings in Faith Bracelet [Black]

St. Augustine wrote, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of faith is to see the blessings of what you believe.” Wear this Blessing Bracelet to remind you of the blessings you have already received, and to inspire you to reach out towards those awaiting you. Handwoven in…

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The New Catholic Illustrated Bible

…and a faithful re-telling of Scripture by acclaimed author Amy Welborn, here is a Bible story book that you and your loved ones will turn to often, now and for years to come. Open its pages and discover why The New Catholic Illustrated Bible is a treasure that belongs in every Catholic home.


Girlfriends And Other Saints: Companions on My Journey of Faith

…that the saints are alive and well in heaven and are always ready to listen to us and intercede on our behalf. As she relates how these heroes of the faith have worked in her own life, we are encouraged to go to the saints with our own needs. They are our friends and will never betray us or…


Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know

…by God to save his people and give new life to our culture and his Church Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know  is essential reading for any Catholic who wants to understand the history of our Faith. But it will give you more than knowledge: you'll close this book with renewed confidence…

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Celebrating Saints and Seasons: Hundreds of Activities for Catholic Children

…special people of the calendar year and the church's liturgical year. She offers hundreds of activities, rituals, and prayers to make living our faith tangible, spiritually enriching—and fun! Activities include a New Year's campout, morning prayer for Christian Unity week, a Lent poor…

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Mary Zitnik - Totally Catholic CD - Fun Songs for Kids

Totally Catholic, the debut solo album by Mary Zitnik, was inspired by and written for kids but is enjoyed by young and old alike. Written and performed by Zitnik, Totally Catholic is a divinely inspired journey through the Catholic Faith from Sacraments to Scripture. Mary Zitnik is an accomplished…

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Dictionary of Quotes From The Saints

…topics that are fundamental to Christian faith and experience. Profound and challenging, whimsical and inspiring, these readings will open your eyes, expand your horizons, and challenge your thinking.  What did the great heroes of the Catholic faith have to teach us about God? Christ? The…

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How to Be a Hero: Train with The Saints

How to Be a Hero: Train with the Saints explores the saints' superpowers (better known as virtues) that will help children ages 9 to 11 build a strong faith that will last a lifetime. Share positive reading material that encourages a life of Christ rooted in the virtuous lives of the saints.…


The Shadow of His Wings:The True Story of Fr.Gereon Goldmann,OFM & Abandonment to Divine Providence (2 Book Set)

…the diabolical persecution that he and his fellow Catholic soldiers encountered on account of their faith. What emerges is an extraordinary witness to the workings of Divine Providence and the undying power of love, prayer, faith, and sacrifice. Discover other miraculous “coincidences”…

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Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur

…diary and spiritual writings (all included in this one volume) map out for you a path to marital harmony and greater love for God — especially if you love someone who stands outside the Faith. Let Elisabeth’s two great loves, and her faith and perseverance, inspire you now.


Lay Saints: Martyrs

…martyrdom and suffering, heroically endured, encourages the faith of others In this volume are people from all walks of life and time periods who lovingly embraced the opportunity to die for their refusal to renounce the True Faith. While many people may never get the chance to forfeit their lives…


The Shadow of His Wings: The True Story of Fr. Gereon Goldmann, OFM

…the diabolical persecution that he and his fellow Catholic soldiers encountered on account of their faith. What emerges is an extraordinary witness to the workings of Divine Providence and the undying power of love, prayer, faith, and sacrifice. Discover other miraculous “coincidences”…

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Mother Angelica - The Remarkable Story of a Nun (Audio Book)

…and become a cloistered nun. She expected to spend her life hidden from the world. But Rita's faith compelled her to unlikely endeavors, accomplishing what the highest echelon of the Catholic Church could not. Raymond Arroyo was given unprecedented access to Mother Angelica's letters,…

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Unmasking Mother Teresa's Critics

…militant atheists. Their strong embrace of socialism is another conspicuous characteristic. What they abhor about Mother Teresa is her strong faith and her altruism. Mother Teresa's conviction that life begins in the womb, and that abortion is a violent act, does not sit well with her atheist…


Mother Teresa of Calcutta

…This lavishly-illustrated book for children 9 years and up tells the inspiring story of her life and how this one small,simple woman, with deep faith and love, made a huge impact on the world for good. With Mother Teresa as our model and intercessor, we can reshape the world in which we live by…

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The Roman Catacombs & The Witness of Early Christian Women (2 Book Set)

  The Roman Catacombs: A History of the Christian City Beneath Pagan Rome You’ll read dramatic acts of faith and courage as Fr. James Spencer Northcote, the world-renowned 19th-century expert on the catacombs, relates the intense belowground life of the catacombs. For over three…

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