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Sublime Chant - The Art of Gregorian, Abrosian and Gallican Chant

An exquisite recording from The Cathedral Singers and Richard Proulx, featuring Gregorian, Ambrosian, and Gallican chant. A must-have recording! Contents include: Mass of the Angels Kyrie Eleison Gloria in Excelsis Sanctus Amen Agnus Dei Ite, Missa Est Simple Mass Kyrie Eleison Gloria in Excelsis…


Mary and Her Son: Gregorian Chant from St. John's Abbey CD

…Liber Hymnarius for the Divine Office, that honor Our Lady and her Divine Son. It comes with extensive liner notes, and English translation of Latin chants. Mary and Her Son: Gregorian Chant from St. John's Abbey CD Featuring the Gregorian Chant Schola Beautiful, ethereal chant music

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The Chants of Angels CD

chant and for seasoned scholars,  The Chants of Angels  allows listeners to simply close their eyes, and be surrounded by these songs of prayer and comfort -- just as they are surrounded by angels. "I've been writing about the angels for many years. When I listen to The Chants of…

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The Chants of the Holy Spirit

…me to pray when the words just won't come. Their glorious chants, songs and melodies are a regular part of my spiritual life." -James Martin, SJ The Chants of the Holy Spirit Artist: Gloriæ Dei Cantores Schola Gregorian chant - the liturgical music of the Roman Catholic Church Features…


The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy (DVD) [DVD]

…Filmed in the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA, the day after Mercy Sunday 2006, this Chaplet features the traditional chanted melody used by the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy at Saint Faustina's convent in Poland. It replaces the original version filmed 10 years before-now…

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Benedicta: Marian Chants from Norcia(CD)

Inspiring, beautiful music of Chant at it's very best, by the beloved Benedictine Monks of Norcia, Italy.   Benedicta: Marian Chant from Norcia  is a glorious recording of 33 tracks of Gregorian chant that transports the listener to the Monks’ idyllic monastery in Italy. The…


The Chants of Mary CD

…your journey that leads you closer to Jesus through His Mother Mary Details Gloriæ Dei Cantores Men's Schola sings these Gregorian chants of love and devotion to Mary, the Mother of God, the Theotokos, the Star of the Sea. While our names for her are as varied as the traditions that…

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The Chants of Easter CD

…that sense of personal renewal and joy.  The Chants of Easter  includes the Propers of Easter Day and Gregorian chants for the octave of Easter---daily services that are part of the week-long celebration of the Easter miracle. These chants are conveyed with careful attention to subtleties…

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The Office of Compline- Night Prayer

…in Latin and English, according to the novus ordo of the Roman Catholic Church, with Gregorian Chant settings. On the facing pages for the Latin, the official English text is also arranged for chanting, using simple English tones. New translations have been made for the official hymns of the Office,…


The Proper of the Mass for Sundays and Solemnities

The Propers of the Mass  book contains English chant settings for the Entrance and Communion Antiphons given in  The Roman Missal , 2010, as well as suggestions for the Offertory Antiphons, following the pattern of the  Graduale Romanum ,1974. For most antiphons, four levels of…

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Mater Eucharistiae, The Dominican Sisters of Mary CD

…original compositions written by the Sisters that reflect their Dominican spirituality, along with a selection of modern and ancient hymns and chants in English and in Latin. Singing both a capella and with the accompaniment of organ, trumpet, and chimes, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother…

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Chaplet Of The Divine Mercy CD

This Chaplet of Divine Mercy CD features the traditional chanted melody used by the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy at Saint Faustina's convent in Poland. It replaces the original version filmed 10 years before - now airing regularly on EWTN at the 3 o'clock hour. Experience this powerful…

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Easter at Ephesus

…Grammy Award-winning producer Christopher Alder for their newest release of glorious Easter hymns. This album features an array of beautiful chants and exhilarating hymns for Eastertide with the lovely voices of the nuns that have inspired audiences throughout the world. The 25+ track selection…

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Thou Art My Refuge: Psalms of Salvation and Mercy CD

…the Psalms of David. Gloriæ Dei Cantores provides a wealth of experience in the communication of the rich texts of these psalms, having chanted the psalms for nearly three decades in worship services. Perfect for contemplative listening at any place or time,  Thou Art My Refuge  will…

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The Way of a Pilgrim

…peasant of the nineteenth century sets out to seek the truth, attempting to follow St. Paul's command to "pray without ceasing." By chanting the Jesus Prayer ("Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me"), he attains a greater intimacy with God. Generations of readers, including…

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The Navarre Bible - Psalms and Song of Solomon

…Catechism teaches that the Psalms, “whether hymns or prayers of lamentation or thanksgiving, whether individual or communal, whether royal chants, songs of pilgrimage or wisdom-meditations…are a mirror of God’s marvelous deeds in the history of his people, as well as reflections…

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Chaplet of Divine Mercy [CD]

This traditional chant, sung on EWTN by Vinny Flynn and his daughters Erin and Colleen, has become increasingly popular (over 65,000 copies sold) for people who want to pray the sung Chaplet on a regular basis, either at home or in their cars. Recorded live at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy…

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Splendors of the Magnificat

…artists and composers. Audio CD contains 11 of the most inspiring musical renditions of the Magnificat from the 13th to the 20th century. (Gregorian chant, Gabrieli, Gibbons, Telemann, Mozart, Gounod, Stanford…). An elegant, easy-to-use volume will accompany you into the world of art, music,…

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Catholic Classics CD - Volume 6 - Catholic Marian Classics

…Heaven LINGARD/HEMY The Joys of Mary At the Cross Her Station Keeping DA TODI/PETTI On This Day, O Beautiful Mother (Instrumental) Ave Maria (CHANT) Nova, Nova Como Estrella en Clara Cielo CHAVEZ-MELO Ave Maria BRUCKNER Mary the Dawn CROSS/NESTOR Mary Immaculate, Star of the Morning WEATHERELL/BACH…


St. Gregory Medal with Chain, Handmade Pewter [Silver]

…of musicians and singers because of his promotion of liturgical music: he was so influential musically that a branch of music (the Gregorian chant) is named for him. He is the patron of teachers largely because his written works set out clear instructions for pastoral care and teaching. Gregory…

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St. Clare of Assisi: Light From the Cloister

…founded in 2004. He is also an FAA-licensed pilot and has logged more than 3,500 hours of flight time.  Bret is partial to Latin, Gregorian chant, and incense, and he spends his free time reading classics, hiking, or biking anywhere not on asphalt. He currently lives in Loreto, Italy, with his…


The Chants of Christmas CD

…Gregorian chant lifts us out of the ordinary stresses of life and invites us to contemplate the timeless and unchanging love of God.  The Chants of Christmas  presents four Gregorian-chant Christmas masses and two forms of antiphons (medieval Christian responsory chants) to the blessed…

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