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Personalized Varsity Confirmation HW Bottle [Clear]

…a bold and simple vessel for holy water and a memorable gift for Confirmation. The sporty design incorporates varsity style lettering and a thoughtful shield accent. This Catholic Company exclusive piece with the recipient’s name and year of Confirmation will encourage his faith life…


Personalized Confirmation Holy Water Bottle

Decoratively framed, this Confirmation Holy Water Bottle features a dove- symbolic of the Holy Spirit- at the center. Surrounding the dove is the name, date, and inscription "Confirmed in Christ". Ideal gift for confirmants.  Holy Water Bottle Ideal confirmation gift Personalization…


Personalized Confirmation Sponsor Holy Water Bottle

Decoratively framed, this Confirmation Sponsor holy water bottle features a dove in the center, symbolic of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Thoughtful way to express your gratitude to such an inspirational person in your life. Holy water bottle Ideal Confirmation sponsor gift Personalization included…


Personalized RCIA Holy Water Bottle

This RCIA Holy Water Bottle features a shell, a chalice, and a dove.  The shell signifies baptism, the chalice represents Holy Communion, and the dove symbolizes confirmation.  A great gift for that special RCIA recipient! Holy water bottle Ideal RCIA gift Personalization included Glass…


Confirmation Holy Water Bottle [Red]

The life-long practice of using holy water is a special part of Catholic Church tradition and is especially symbolic of receiving new life through the Sacraments. Mark the important milestone of Confirmation with a personalized holy water bottle that is cheerful, meaningful, and timeless! This…

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Holy Spirit Holy Water Font

This Holy Spirit Confirmation Holy water font with descending dove can be wall mounted. A special gift that encourages daily blessing with holy water and a Confirmation piece that will be treasured for a lifetime.   Holy Water font with dove motif Rustic look Reflective, faith-filled piece for…


Personalized Boho Floral Confirmation HW Bottle [Clear]

…makes a lovely vessel for holy water and a memorable gift for Confirmation. The "boho" design incorporates scripted lettering and vibrant bursts of color. This Catholic Company exclusive piece with the recipient’s name and year of Confirmation will encourage her faith life…


Personalized Tiny Round Holy Water Bottle with Monogram

…easy screw on top, this bottle was created to hold holy water. Each bottle has a hand-sandcarved monogram on the front in an elegant script. A thoughtful gift for anyone, and always perfect for baptisms and sacramental celebrations. Holy water bottle Convenient petite size Personalization included…


Personalized Holy Water Bottle with Cross and Initials

…Baptismal water or holy water for a home blessing. It's versatile design allows it to be given for a variety of reasons. Catholics are called to use holy water and the Church urges us to use it. A simple but meaningful budded cross appears at the top, above your initials.  Holy water bottle…


Holy Spirit Italian HW Font

…made Holy Water font showcases a golden accented dove: classic symbolism for the Holy Spirit and the peace He brings. Makes the perfect addition to the main entrance of your home, or to the bedroom of someone who has just received the sacrament of Confirmation.  Sturdy, Italian made holy water


Gifts of the Spirit Personalized Confirmation Prayer Cards

During the Rite of Confirmation the bishop and the priests who are administering the sacrament lay their hands upon those who are to be confirmed and say: “All powerful God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, by water and the Holy Spirit you freed your sons and daughters from sin and…


Brown Antique Crucifix Font [Brown]

…look, Italian holy water font makes the perfect piece for the entrance to your home. Invite your family and friends to come and go under Our Lord's protection in a special way. Also makes a thoughtful sacramental Confirmation or wedding gift.  Unique Italian made holy water font Serene,…


Madonna Rosary Holder - Hand-Painted [Multi-Colored]

…base of the statue can also be used as a holy water font for your home. Perfectly sized for a bedside table or desk. "Pray the rosary daily to obtain peace for the world"- Our Lady of Fatima. Madonna Rosary holder May also be used for Holy Water Hand-painted design Approx. 6.25” tall…


Catholic Words Card Matching Game, Vol. I

Confirmation. Volume I set includes:  Altar,  Altar Bells,  Altar Candles,  Ambo,  Baptismal Font,  Baptismal Shell,  Book of the Gospels,  Chalice,  Chasuble,  Ciborium,  Confessional,  Crucifix,  Cruets,  Holy Oils,  Holy


Holy Spirit Glass Holy Water Bottle, 4.5X3.25"

Holy Spirit Glass Holy Water Bottle. Made in Italy.  Holy Spirit Holy Water Bottle Holy Water not included


What Happens at the Rite of Confirmation: The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Explained

…the "Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit" and what do they mean? During the Rite of Confirmation the bishop or priest who administers the sacrament lays their hands upon those who are to be confirmed and says: “All powerful God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, by water and the Holy Spirit you freed your…

How to Write a Confirmation Letter

…confirmandee's confirmation name, then including a prayer to that saint is another great addition to a personal letter. And I always say a prayer to the Holy Spirit before I begin. See also 30 Inspirational Saint Quotes for the Sacrament of Confirmation ENCOURAGING WORDS ABOUT CONFIRMATION FROM THE…

After Pentecost: Catechesis on the Holy Spirit from the Saints

…of Confirmation we are sealed with the Holy Spirit and receive from Him these seven gifts which help us to live out our Baptismal promises. These supernatural gifts will increase in strength within us as we deepen our prayer life and grow in virtue. Although the distinct Third Person of the Holy

Eucharistic Miracle in Poland Tested & Confirmed by Bishop

…unique. We experience a Eucharistic miracle at every Mass. Every Holy Communion that we receive into our bodies is the same miracle. We just can't detect it with our senses, but by faith and effect we know it to be true. And it is a holy and fearful thing. As reported by CNA/EWTN News this week: A…

A Catholic Wedding Gift Guide

…every room to serve as a constant reminder of our faith. HOLY WATER FONTS Like crucifixes, another staple for Catholic homes is a holy water font. A couple who develops the habit of blessing themselves and their children with holy water daily will receive spiritual protection throughout their lives.…

St. Philomena the Wonder-Worker: Her Story in Her Own Words

…the frenzied Emperor dashed at me, commanding a guard to chain an anchor around my neck and bury me deep in the waters of the Tiber. The order was executed. I was cast into the water, but God sent me two angels who unfastened the anchor. It fell into the river mud, where it remains no doubt to the…

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My Photo Journey Through the Easter Triduum

…three times in preparation for those who are about to be baptized with that water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our whole RCIA group at the foot of the altar about to receive their Confirmation. Those who have just been baptized are holding their lighted baptismal candles…

Everything You Need to Know about the Divine Mercy Devotion

…the Divine Mercy Novena THE HOLY HOUR Jesus also told St. Faustina that the hour He expired on the cross is the hour in which to especially implore the attribute of his Divine Mercy, because at that moment his saving mission was accomplished and his blood and water was poured out on the cross for…

Day 16: Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

…us. Holy Spirit, Who proceeds from the Father and the Son, enter our hearts. Holy Spirit, Who art equal to the Father and the Son, enter our hearts. Promise of God the Father, have mercy on us. Ray of heavenly light, have mercy on us. Author of all good, have mercy on us. Source of Heavenly water,