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  1. Crucifixion Triptych

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Crucifixion Triptych

…which means "fold". A triptych is simply a piece of artwork that has been divided into three sections or panels. The panels are connected with a hinge so the piece can be folded up. Historically, triptychs have been used to decorate altars. This beautiful triptych of "Crucifixion with the Virgin" is…


Crucifixion Triptych 8''

Crucifixion Triptych, Antiqued And Hand-Painted Color, 4X8". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 4'' (W) x 2.5'' (D) x 8'' (H)

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Crucifixion Triptych 8''

Crucifixion Triptych, Lightly Hand-Painted Cold Cast Bronze, 4X8". From the Veronese Collection. Dimensions: 4'' (W) x 2.5'' (D) x 8'' (H)

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Triptych Crucifixion Scene - Della Robbia Style

…the blue and white color scheme is particularly striking. A powerful piece to display on a table, mantle or shelf.  Stunning triptych style display of the Crucifixion In the style of Italian "Della Robbia" artwork  Incredible meditation piece Display in a prominent place  Closed: 7"…

Crucifixion Scene Triptych

Crucifixion Scene Triptych

The Crucifixion Scene Triptych is a stunning crucifixion scene art piece by Joseph Studio. This resin triptych is 12.25" tall and measures 11'' across when open. The figures are carved in relief and are beautifully illustrated with bright, vivid colors. This Crucifixion Scene Triptych is like having…

Making a Place For Prayer in Your Home

…[caption id="attachment_24998" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Our Lady of Grace Statue, 10.25"[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24978" align="aligncenter" width="680"] San Damiano Cross, 10"[/caption] [caption id="attachment_24999" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Crucifixion Triptych[/caption]  

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12 Inspiring Religious Paintings & Their Meanings

…Belgian artist Roger van der Weyden. The Descent from the Cross is an early Flemish painting, with almost life-size figures, and is a 86.5× 103 inch triptych located in Museo del Prado, Madrid. This masterpiece depicts the grief experienced by the Virgin at the suffering and death of her Son. Joseph…