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Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite

…ceremonial actions, the deacon, ministering the Eucharist to the sick, children's liturgy, Eucharistic adoration, Eucharistic processions, celebrating vespers in a parish, eucharistic ministries and the laity, the location of the tabernacle, etc. However, Ceremonies is primarily a book to be used; a…

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Catholicism Series Leader's Kit

…through Jesus Christ and His Church. It is comprehensive and faithful, appropriate for: RCIA Adult lay formation Training adult catechists Deaconate and other ministerial training Mature high school or college/university course-work   The Catholicism Study Program Leader's Kit includes:…


Personal Deacon Journal

…to the journal's spine. Back inside cover contains a sleeve to store pages. A great accessory for any deacon. Genuine Leather Journal Embossed Deacon Stole Cross Perfect gift for new deacons Rich cherry color Organizational accessory Genuine leather design 8" (L) x 6.5" (W) Sleeve holds 3.5" x…

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The Roman Catacombs & The Witness of Early Christian Women (2 Book Set)

…their dead in often elaborate crypts hollowed out for them underground by fossors — designated diggers whose status was just below that of deacons and priests.   The Witness of Early Christian Women The Witness of Early Christian Women: Mothers of the Church  demonstrates the…


Father Augustus Tolton: The Slave Who Became the First African-American Priest

In these fascinating pages, popular author and speaker Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers tells the gripping story of Augustine Tolton, who valiantly overcame a series of seemingly insurmountable challenges birth into slavery, his father's death, abject poverty, and even being denied acceptance by every…


Pastoral Care of the Sick: Rites of Anointing and Viaticum

…resource for chaplains and other ministers who care for the sick.   Pastoral Care of the Sick: Rites of Anointing and Viaticum Convenient compact design Ideal for Deacons & Priests Personalization available 4 X 6 1/4 inches Green imitation leather Flexible cover Personalization available


Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary (CD & Book)

The Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary is a beautiful 6" x 9" 48-page full color book which includes a totally sung rosary on CD. The book contains scripture verses for each Hail Mary, sheet music for the sung prayers, and beautiful icons, paintings and stained glass windows to aid…


The Priest Barracks: Dachau 1938-1945

…to the heroic voluntary confinement of priests in the barracks of those dying of typhoid, to the moving clandestine ordination of a young German deacon by a French bishop. Never in the course of history have so many priests, monks and seminarians been murdered in such a small area: 1,034 lost their…

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A Ritual for Laypersons

This book gathers in one place those rites at which a layperson may preside in the absence of a priest or deacon. They are gathered from Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass, Pastoral Care of the Sick: Rites of Anointing and Viaticum, and Order of Christian Funerals. By…


The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

…to join with her so that more darkness is dispelled. This book is wonderful for Catholic moms (and others) to experience the Light burning inside as well as around Lisa Hendey. She is a gift to people of faith and journey." - Deacon Tom Fox , Columnist and Podcaster at…

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Through Death to Life: Preparing to Celebrate the Funeral Mass

…liturgical texts needed for planning a Catholic funeral Mass. This accessible, easy-to-use liturgical aid provides a practical tool for priests, deacons, and lay pastoral ministers as they help grieving Catholics plan the funeral of a loved one. Families can select the readings and prayers that they…

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Dictionary of Quotes From The Saints

deacons, and other teachers of the Faith. About the Author Paul Thigpen , Ph.D., is an award-winning journalist and the bestselling author of more than forty-five books, including  A Year With the Saints  (Saint Benedict Press, 2013),  Saints Who Battled Satan  (TAN Books, 2015)…


How to Serve: In Simple, Solemn, and Pontifical Functions

…positions of acolytes, Thurifer, Master of Ceremonies, Sub-Deacon, and Deacon. Includes servers responses for the 1962 Latin Mass.   "How to Serve is a brief and clear manual from 1934 that is simply the best book of its kind. It will once again become the standard reference for acolytes,…

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Meditations on the Passion of Christ [DVD]

…all-new twenty minute "mini-documentary" featuring Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald, A Medical Perspective of the Crucifixion . An award winning medical doctor, practicing psychotherapist and permanent Deacon of the Catholic Church, Deacon Bob is uniquely qualified to examine the mental, physical…

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Be A Man! - Becoming the Man God Created You to Be

…in holiness, and inspires men to become loving servants of their wives, families, and the Church.” — Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers Be A Man!  - Becoming the Man God Created You to Be A book that should be read by every Catholic man Solid, practical wisdom Powerful and life-changing

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The Roman Catacombs: A History of the Christian City Beneath Pagan Rome

…their dead in often elaborate crypts hollowed out for them underground by fossors — designated diggers whose status was just below that of deacons and priests.   With scores of maps and illustrations in these pages, you’ll see that the architecture of many crypts was as elaborate as…


Ordination Card w/ Monstrance Token

…in me shall never thirst." A thoughtful and unique card with plenty of room to write your own message and prayers for the newly ordained deacon, priest or bishop. The monstrance token will serve as a moving reminder of where the ordained take their strength to serve: the Eucharist. …


Priest Appreciation Card

…will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Appropriate as a thank you or retirement card for priests, deacons, other clergy. Priest Appreciation Card A great way to show your priest he is appreciated 5 x 7 inches White envelope included


St. Lawrence - Mini Lives of the Saints Folded Prayer Card

…informative reference into St. Lawrence's life. St. Lawrence is known as the Patron Saint of cooks, school children, seminarians, deacons, armourers, archivists, cutlers, comics, students vintners and poor people. Feast Day: August 10 Dimensions & Specifications Full color Glossy…


Behind the Book: The Soul of the Apostolate by Jean-Baptiste Chautard

…Himself, His life within us and fidelity to His teachings. The Soul of the Apostolate is a book, which not only shows how this is possible, but the way it is to be accomplished.  No commentary on this book would be complete without a word about its author. Jean-Baptiste Chautard was born in the…

Pope Saint Leo the Great and the Persuader

…although he was still a deacon. * He strongly advocated the spiritual and corporal works of mercy throughout his life and is remembered for his charity. * Popular devotion to him usually includes St. Leo Medals which includes his typical representation with a book, as Doctor of the Church,…

Christmastide: The Celebration Has Just Begun!

…forward to, followed by some ideas on how to celebrate it with your family: Christmastide December 26th – Christmas Octave – Feast of St. Stephen, Deacon and First Martyr December 27th – Christmas Octave – Feast of the St. John the Evangelist December 28th – Christmas Octave -  Feast of the Holy…

Sacrament Spotlight: Holy Baptism

…yes, a non-baptized person can indeed baptize (CCC 1256).  However, the typical ministers of baptism are priests, bishops, and, in the Latin Rite, deacons. -QUESTION:  Can someone be baptized more than once?  ANSWER:  No. Baptism leaves an indelible spiritual mark and gives us “the seal of the Lord”…